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Perci’s Fantasies

Punishments aren’t meant to be fun, so I’m really aiming to make him
remember this the next time he got the idea in his mind to disobey an
order. Once he’s taken this monster, I have more planned for him.

Still pushing, almost to the end now, he’s screaming as hard as he can
into his gag. The beast has stretched him much, much farther than he’s
ever been taken before, and I can tell that he’s barely holding himself
together. Good. That’s where I want him to be! Once he’s let go of that
final shred, I can break him into whatever I want him to be. Break him and
mold him.

He’d no doubt have some protestations, and I suppose that’s okay. I just
don’t care! I’m his domme, he had rules, he disobeyed, he can cope with
his fucking punishment.

With one final shove, I push the cock in up to the base. What he doesn’t
know is that this thing is designed to be locked to a body – by feeding a
rope through the space at the base and connecting it to a waist harness,
I’ll prevent him from pushing it out… and that’s just what I do.


He stands in front of me, hooded and cuffed. His chest is heaving with
anticipation, and I can see in the lines of his body that he’s tense with
concern over what’s going to happen to him.

He needn’t worry, he’s going to love everything I do to him.

I start by stepping up to his body so he can feel the heat of my body on
his. Not touching him, not yet, but simply being there so he can sense my
presence. He does notice, and his breathing speeds up. He knows that what
I’m about to do will be fantastic, and he just adores my incredible body.

He gasps as I gently trail my fingers down the side of his body, just
touching the muscles and the skin, letting him get used to my touch.

Then I pull away as he moans, step over to the rack of toys, and select
one of my favorites…

As I pick up the tawse, I feel its weight in my hand, and the smell wafts
its way to my nose. I slap it against my hand a few times, and the
combination of “thud” and “smack” makes his head jerk up and twist towards
me. He mumbles into the gag, and I can tell that he’s desperately trying
to tell me that he doesn’t like this one, but I don’t care.

He’s been bad and he needs to be punished, and punishment works best when
it’s not something that you like. So I pull back from him and lightly
brush it down his chest, and he jerks away in fear. I laugh. His fear
doesn’t matter to me. What matters is that he pays for his crimes.

So I move around behind him and swish the tawse through the air a few
times for effect and then suddenly swing it at his ass. He screams into
the gag and jerks against the restraints.

I swing again and again, hitting multiple spots on his ass, turning it
first pink, then red, then burgundy. Finally some bruises began to show,
and I heard him sobbing and begging through the gag.

I stopped, went and put the tawse down, and gently rubbed his ass. His
gasp of relief echoed throughout the room.

But I wasn’t done with him.

“M… mmmph?”
“Yes, slut?”

He wiggles in his restraints, struggling to get out and get away from any
further punishment.

“Ah, but I’m just beginning here, slave. You were a bad boy and came
without permission, and I have to get it into your mind that this is
something you cannot do! Maybe once I’m done with you today you’ll
remember this for good.”

A moan makes its way through the gag as he sags into the straps and
chains, knowing that he can’t get away and that he is only getting what he

I step back over to the toy shelves and pick up something that I know he
hates/loves, and grab the lube. Taking them back to the center of the room
and placing the toy under my arm while I put some lube on my fingers and
pushed them up his asshole, causing a surprised grunt to emit from him. I
made sure to work three fingers into him, stretching him uncomfortably.
Unfortunately for him, that’s not enough, and I know it.

This is, after all, punishment.

Ripping my fingers out of his asshole, fully spread so as to cause maximum
discomfort, I take the toy and rub it against his ass. He jerks forward,
whimpering into his gag, and tries to rip out of the bondage – but of
course he can’t. I’ve tied him up too well.

He knows exactly what toy it is, and how it will tear him up and hurt so
badly. It’s huge: a good 9″ long and 4″ across. That’s not the worst part,
though. The worst part is the little nubs across the entire thing. They
tickle and pinch and rub and are both pleasurable and not at the same

I give him the one mercy of lubing up the toy before I shove it up his
puckered asshole.

I place the tip of the monster at his asshole.

“Breathe for me. Take in a deep breath. That’s it… nice and deep. Now
let it out.”

As he exhales I start pushing it into him, the slightly tapered tip
wedging him open for the rest of it. I keep pushing as his breathing turns
into a grunting, then a screaming… but I still push. It opens him wider
and wider and wider, each second putting more into him. He’s panting now,
and screaming still. But that doesn’t matter, because this is punishment,
isn’t it?
I’m strapped into a bondage frame, arms and legs spread. Standing upright,
the frame supports and exposes me at the same time. There’s a blindfold
over my eyes and a gag in my mouth, preventing me from doing anything but
hearing and feeling whatever is done to me.

A door opens, then closes, and I hear footsteps all around me. I can’t
tell how many there are, but I know there’s more than one person around
me, just from the sounds. I’m hoping that someone will speak and let me
know what’s going on, but deep down inside I know that won’t happen. I can
hear my breath quicken as the footsteps get closer.

I gasp as a hand runs down my side, going from the top of my breast, over
my nipple, and down my thigh. The pent-up excitement is almost too much to
take. Finding myself humping the air in desperation, I hear someone laugh.
Knowing that they’re laughing at my need, I feel my cheeks getting hot and
yet somehow also getting wetter.

Another hand smacks my ass, and a moan escapes through the gag.

Someone laughs evilly, and I hear something swishing through the air,
someone preparing to hit me with something.

Another hand touches me, but this time instead of simply trailing down my
side, it grabs my breast, HARD, and mauls it for a little bit. Twisting,
pulling, pinching… and all the while this is happening, I hear and feel
my breathing getting heavier. Shallower. Louder. Someone gasps and I’m
surprised to realize that it was me.

“Aww, lookit the poor little victim. Getting turned on by this!” a woman’s
voice says. “Shall we see how deep that extends?”

I moan through my gag, nervous and excited to see what they have in mind
for me. Just as my mind starts wandering through the possibilities,
whoever is playing with the impact toy behind me steps up and swings. I
hear it whistling through the air, then it hits me… I shriek into my gag
as a heavy flogger thuds into me and the pain rips through my ass. It hits
again, and again, the pain melding into pleasure that reaches tendrils
throughout my entire body. On the fifth stroke, as I’m moaning into the
gag, someone steps in front of me and starts pinching and playing with my
nipples. They’ve always been so sensitive, and now even more so when I’m
already so worked up.

I can’t imagine how this could get any better. But it does.

A hand on my pussy, now. Massaging, rubbing, pinching my clit, slipping a
finger over the entrance to my pussy… then suddenly something large is
sliding into me, filling me, I’m getting fucked with it, slowly, softly,
while the person who’s playing with my tits only gets harder and meaner
with them, and the flogging keeps going.

I can’t do anything but moan at this point. I feel the pleasure coursing
through my body coupled with the pain, an orgasm coiling up in my belly
like a dragon coiling up for a strike. I feel myself start humping the toy
in me, and someone croons in my ear.

“Isn’t that nice? Yes? You feel the pain and the pleasure at the same
time… building in you, bringing you closer and closer to the edge…”
Frantically I nod, as both the flogging and the toy speed up, and I’m lost
again in the sensations.

I hear a rhythmic thumping, and I can’t place what it is until the sound
and the toy in me speed up at the same time, and it hits me. I have a
fucking machine inside me! Clearly something about this discovery shows on
my face as there is more laughter around me.

“She figured it out! That’s such a good girl, able to think through all of

A hand runs through my hair, pulling it off of my face, and I moan again
at the feeling. Hands in my hair is one of my bigger turn-ons, and they
apparently know it… as another hand comes into my hair, tangles in it,
and starts pulling.

My head is pulled back and the flogging gets even heavier. The machine
speeds up. I’m simply panting into the gag now, unable to do anything but
moan and squeal, and my orgasm finally rips through me. I scream into the
gag, as the toy in me goes faster than ever, starting to not-so-gently
smack into my cervix as it fucks me. The pain from that and the pain from
the flogging wind into and around the pleasure from the orgasm and the
fucking and I open my eyes underneath the blindfold and see stars…

I’m losing myself into subspace, and I know it, and I don’t care! I want
to arch my ass into the flogger but the machine holds me still… someone
must have seen the motions and pointed it out, as the hits become almost
too much to stand, and another orgasm crashes into me. I can’t even scream
this time, it just takes over my body.

I can’t see stars. I can’t see anything. I only see the deep, rich
blackness of subspace, and I throw myself into it gladly.

The last thing I remember is yet another orgasm… and I fall into
subspace cumming hard.

The end!