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Perci’s Thoughts

B is for Bastinado

Do you know what this is? Not many people do… it’s the art of beating a
sub’s feet. The feet contain a number of nerves, and so are very
sensitive. Imagine… you’re tied up on a couch and your domme is standing
over you with a cane. Your feet are bare. Suddenly, she starts whacking
your feet with the cane, bringing exquisite pain… and pleasure… to

Now think of that going on until each bare foot has been thoroughly
caned… and you have an introduction to bastinado.
A is for asphyxiation

I’m sure you’re wondering how ejaculation denial over the phone could have
anything to do with asphyxiation. Well, let me tell you… it’s something
wonderful! Feeling your air slowly dwindle down and your pleasure get
higher and higher, until you can’t hold it any more…

I want you to call me and talk dirty to me while I tie off your neck and
choke you while making you edge for me. It’ll be the most intense thing
you’ve ever felt, and you’ll cum and cum and cum some more… when I give
you permission!
Upon this dark night, I wonder what wonderful man will sweep me away with
the most wonderful sex on the phone that I have ever had. Will it be like
in the fairy tales, a handsome Prince Charming?

Or will it be a hapless soul turned into my servant as I tease and tease
and deny and lock you up?

Only time will tell…
My lips wrapped around your cock, deeply invested in making you edge.
Bringing you closer and closer to cumming, unable to resist the power of
my tongue, mouth, lips, teeth. But you’re not allowed to cum, oh no.

You have to lay there, tied down, unable to move, as I edge you again and
again, straining against the ropes, while I work you into a torturous
state of arousal.

Isn’t that just an amazing idea? I can give you the finest phone sex
version of this…
Sitting here on my bed, my chest heaving, I wonder how long it will take
before I can move again. My slave is here, I’ve been playing with and
torturing him, and just had the most incredible face-sitting session I’ve
had in a while. He’s locked into the bondage frame on his back, about
waist-high off the floor. His poor lonely tortured cock is there, sticking
straight up… I think it’s the perfect place to use my riding crop next!
Looking at my toy collection, wanting someone to share it with. Seeing
whether or not my fellow girls will join me in roughing someone up.
Prepping the space, laying out the sheet to protect the bed, setting up
the cuffs and collar and blindfold. Wanting to explore every inch of your
body, find all the little things that make you tick.

Wanting to turn you into my sub, my slave… mine. And only mine.
Lounging in my sexy leggings, wanting to play with a naughty little subbie
boy to tease and tease until he’s begging me to cum, and denying that.
Toying with him, driving him higher and higher and denying him more.

Locking him in chastity until the next time we can play…
Looking at my toy collection, pondering having a new subbie who will be
able to take anything and everything that I can throw at them. I mean,
it’s a lot of stuff… dildos, plugs, clamps and clips, vibrators, riding
crops, collars, cuffs, two floggers… a single tail or two… It’s really
a fun set of things to play with!

It’s been a while since I’ve had someone who could take it all…
cultivating a few now, but the more the merrier!
Sitting here listening to “S&M” blissing out thinking of all the wonderful
things I could do to someone. Whips and chains excite me, all right, and I
know they do you!

Standing over someone with a heavy flogger in my hand, music blaring, is
one of the things that sends me to my happy place. Let me take you there
with me.
I’m dreaming of having your cock in me, filling me full, making me cry out
in delight, forcing me further and further into pleasure. Watching you on
top of me, your eyes drilling into mine, arms gripping my wrists and
holding me down… our bodies meshed together in total bliss, reaching
towards orgasm together.