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Hey Handsome!

I'm Rachel, and I've been around the block, the park, the car, the dance floor and the phone for a while now :) My tastes and turn ons are varied and fun. Taboos are delicious to talk about, and can really get me going.

I'm a down and dirty girl with a mean streak a mile wide. Most men love me for it. Let me pull out my Mistress voice and show you. Or, let me just tease you and laugh at or with you while you do the silly games I create for my amusement. Let me pull down your panties and see what kind of a mess you've made in them already. That is a big mess! It'll be even bigger before we're done, then I'll let you suck them clean for me. Sometimes, though, I might not let you come at all. I'll tell you no, and if I'm feeling *extra* mean, I'll make you listen to at least one of mine and still not let you come. *grins*

Now, I'm more than a mean voice and a great ass. I love role plays too. Yours or mine. Let me be your naughty minx, turning you on with a look across the smoky bar over my shoulder. Buy me a drink and ask me to dance. Follow me as I lead you back to the bathroom for a quick fuck. We'll meet up back at the car and go back home together, and laugh about how the "strangers in the bar" went and how deliciously dirty it was, then fuck again. Come in for a check up, let naughty Nurse Rachel collect her samples. Will the samples have to be retaken because they are mixed with my juices? Arrest me for indecency and let me off with a blow job. Pick me up from work and lay me out on the kitchen table, dinner is between my thighs. Let me strap it on, and show you what all the fuss is about, how good I can make you feel as you're laying across our bed my thighs rubbing against the back of yours. The only limit is our imaginations. How far can we go?

If you're feeling a bit sadistic, take me to task for my smart mouth. I don't go down easy, but I go down and get off hard when you get me there. Have me be your bitch of a boss and I'll take every thing you'd love to do to her. Show that naughty teenager next door what exactly will happen if she's not careful with her sunbathing outside your window. Slap me, spank me, tell me what a dirty fucking whore I really am deep down inside, underneath my show of mean bravado. I can be an awfully good girl for you when you show me I have to be.

I love shoes, stockings, hose, wife beaters and panties, teasing, denying, cum covered tits, taking your cock down my throat or deep in my pussy (which is waxed nice and smooth), laughing, two girl calls (mmm, LOVE licking and being licked), and most of all, I love a good orgasm!

To get a hold of me, well, pick up your phone! I'm also available on Yahoo and aol as RacyRachelForFun if you'd like to set up your appointment during my availability or to work out a role play. I also have a twitter account, you're welcome to follow me! http://twitter.com/#!/NaughtyRachel

To see when I'm available, drop an email to RachelsWeekly@yourdesires.com If you would like to schedule an appointment outside of those times, OR would like to know if I'm into something you are, my regular email is Rachel@yourdesires.com

I'm purrrrrring in anticipation of the fun we will have!

*Kisses and Bites* Rachel