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Rachel’s Thoughts

Then you go on to say even more loving things to me:
“ear Rachel……

Yes, yes……and thank you for being so gracious to recognize and accept
my craziness, fear and apology….

Your alluding to hot and soapy makes it all quite clear, that based on
such plans, there is simply no hope for me. You already have more than
suggested enough insight to manipulate the torment and anguish to a
orchestrated frenzy…..the image of it all is just one small notch south of
total mental and erotic frustration. (sigh)

In support of your energy, today, I went out and purchased the large sized
bottle of the dreaded Dr. Bonner’s liquid castile peppermint soap…..the
use of even a small amount (1/4 ounce per quart) always guarantees a very
intense reaction……while a liberal amount, (one ounce or more per quart)
well mixed and shaken to a milky white froth, engenders the most intense
and anguished begging as the lethal combination with hot (115} water does
wicked, transformational deed………something that I sense would more
than delight and empower you…..despite my best efforts to try and remain
strong!! Of course 2 quarts is one thing, 4 quarts quite another, and 5
or 6
quarts, a totally different world entirely…….a choice that is so
profound in its implications for submission and effect, that only Nurse
can determine which might be most suitable for mental and/or physical
cleansing, attitude adjustment, torment, submission or slow, intricate
predicament play or punishment….. (perhaps all of them)..”
Oh, enema lovers. You are so much fun to play with, and you never cease
to delight me with how willing you are to give it ALL to me. Most of you
send me delicious emails with your tricks enclosed. Here is an example of

“Hi, Rachel…..

As promised, here’s a short list of the most powerful and affecting words
and phrases,
along with some further thoughts that should give you an even better
foundation into
Richard’s vulnerabilities…..as ever, anything that does not compute or
puts questions
into your mind…..please feel free to ask for additional explanation,
details or anything
in the way of specifics or alternatives that you might find helpful….

As I feel sure I need not belabor……the greatest impact is to play with
the erotic fear….to
take control and advance the yin yang that results in making everything
submit…mind, body and soul……but, to do so in the wickedest of
ways……slowly, teasing, denying, playing, tormenting…

Another issue is your assuring that the body is placed in helpless,
predicament positions,
as you suggested, picturing me on my side…….this is the classic “Sims”
position…left side, left leg kept straight, right leg bent up
sharply…..making it almost impossible for
the sphincter to tighten up and resist…..while at the same time offering
the solution the
easiest gravitational route for filling the intestines…….. Another
example, would be the
knee chest position, in which chest and head rest on the floor and on a
one knee is bent toward the chest, and the other remains on the
floor……or even worse,
both knees remain on the floor, spread wide, with both legs bent and held
at a tormenting
45 degree angle…….this one especially, can have the most profound
effect in assuring
that the cock head is aggressively or slowly manipulated and tortured to a

As for attitude, words and demeanor, the bottom line is that the softer,
more seductive and seducing you are with me, the greater my loss of control
and total anguish…..Some of the ways this can be advanced includes playing
opposites, against the yin yang…..that is
to say, if I say “Noooo,” You tease back…”Yes.” This type of yin yang
interplay alone is incredibly powerful. Conversely, if I beg ‘Yes…”
Your response can be the opposite…
to tease “Noooo!” Playing against the yin yang can be totally
debilitating for this all too sensitive “patient,” who abhors giving in
to it all….”
Fall has fallen, we had our first windstorm. It’s time for sweaters, sexy
boots and lots of delicious scarves. I’ve been having a good time baking
and indulging.

Some of the things I’ve indulged in:
Sexy panty sets
naughty puppies
teasing with a hefty dose of denial
erotic embarrassment with a side of objectification
exploiting gaping holes
exploring sweet Ava’s body

Wanna help me indulge?
I talk a lot about assignments, here are the results of a couple I have

Dear Mistress Rachel,
Your pet is very sorry that he will not be able to speak with you this
evening. The game you challenged me with yesterday was truly fiendish.
You know your pet has a difficult time with self control and keeping his
hands to himself, or rather off himself. So, after our call, your cuck
quickly unlocked and stroked…briefly. Then, stopped, thought about his
plan and then stroked some more. The plan was to work myself up, as if
that was necessary, until the Lady arrived. Everything was going according
to plan until your cow discovered that Autumn was available, damn it! One
quick call couldn’t hurt, could it? Yes, could and did,
self control out the window. With Autumn’s permission your bitch was
stroking away, making a mess in a few short minutes and only half an hour
before the Lady’s arrival, damn it!

Upon the Lady’s arrival she was amused to find me unlocked, but knew I had
been up to no good. She thought I had spent hours getting off, but your
slave confessed the one brief encounter which to my dismay she would not
add to as the evening progressed. She teased, taunted and warned me for
several hours before having me ice down and re-lock…at her feet.

The night ended with my face buried in the crevice of her beautiful ass,
where it belongs.

Your pet will fill you in on the details.

Thank You Mistress Rachel,
Another from my slutty slutslut:

Dear Mistress Rachel,

Hi Mistress, i hope You had a delightful vacation.

The meaning of Mistress to me is a woman who takes a dominate, powerful
role in a relationship. She is always in control and gives me guidance and
direction on proper behavior as Her submissive. She takes time to
understand my limitations, takes care of me when necessary and expects me
to do the same. She is someone i need to trust and obey without
hesitation. While She is open minded, a good listener and understands my
needs and desires, my pleasure is secondary to Hers. She is a bright,
creative, articulate teacher and encourages me through patient training
and discipline to learn good behavior, be respectful and always remember
my place.

i think a Mistress:

1. Trains and disciplines

2. Teaches proper manners

3. Guides, gives orders and direction

4. Corrects when one is wrong

5. Gives joy, pleasure, pain, satisfaction, discomfort, humiliation, etc
at Her

6. Understands and pushes limits

7. Cares and knows what is best

8. Has slaves and subs to do Her bidding

9. Creates real and fantasy role plays

10. Uses one for Her enjoyment or however she pleases

11. Dominates and controls

12. Excites, motivates and rewards

Thank you for my assignments Mistress Rachel. i enjoyed working on them
and thinking about You each and every day.


So, if you would like to earn an assignment from Me, please don’t hesitate
to be a good phone slut and give me a ring
It was so nice to catch up with so many of you during my surprise
overnight and weekend!

I celebrated a big goal with pantycricket and this is the sweet note I got:

Mistress Rachel,

Thank You Mistress Rachel for allowing Your pet to release from his device
and touch his worthless penis. As always, Your cow is very grateful for
Your time and was very surprised and humiliated that You included Mistress

Thank You for guiding my masturbation to orgasm, Your pet came an
additional five times between our time on the phone and midnight pacific
time at which point your cuckold promptly locked himself back into his
chastity device.

In gratitude and respect,

I tried to get hired for a job, but when he called my references, all they
could do was talk about what a great fuck I am and how tight my mouth is.
He had me show him my skills and my tight little pussy. I hope I get the

Good girl has been working diligently on her assignments. Sometimes they
are really hard for her when I have her come multiple times a day. She is
learning to be careful what she wishes for as well as when you ask your
Mistress for something to make you think of Her all day, that by making
you sore when you walk is a sure way to make Her grin.

“I am nothing without you.” “Do it for My smile.” “Yes, Rachel.” A few
of my favorite things.

I taught a boy how nice it is when Mommy takes his ass. Then I took him
to Pride for a lesson on how to take it for Daddy. He made me so proud!
Naughty slut wants to be our biggest little cock lover. Too bad she has a
long way to go to achieve that honor!

Sweet girl got all tucked in for the night with a loving bedtime story
from Sweet Miss Rachel. Lots of sucking on her pacifier and encouraged to
snuggle in close to my breast.

Panty cricket had outdone himself with being naughty. I called in the
help of a Domme close to home to put him in his place. At My feet where
he belongs.

A lovely call with one of my favorite overnight boys who was able to sneak
in a call with me during my hours. I also got to play matchmaker between
him and Robin. Some piss, some oral attention, some backdoor loving.
I’ve missed my brother *so* much.

Another favorite caller answered with the chipper “So, how are you going
to rape me today?” I adore that man. He takes rape to the next level and
always ends the call laughing with me.
Silly sissy is working on her manners. I took her to a dinner party
recently, and that silly slut thought she could use furniture! As if!
So, I bent her over my lap, right there on the couch and gave her 20 firm
spankings. In front of everyone! She was so embarrassed and so turned
on. I sent her out to the car to retuck her clitstick into her hose
properly and had her come back in once everything was hidden. She meekly
came back in and sat at my feet demurely. Once dinner was started, she
was surprised to find a row of dog bowls for the guests of the invited
guests. Talk about a mess.

Panty cricket released without permission and had been denied the pleasure
of speaking to me for the last 2 weeks. Next week we’ll resume our
training and fun stories.

Blackmail boy started a game with Princess Chloe and me, then had to
cancel it. His excuse was pathetic, so in the future will be cancellation
fees built in.

Mommy’s sweet boy got quite the spanking for his birthday. He wasn’t
expecting it to be at the party in front of all his friends!

We always meet up at his office. Now that tax time is over, he has time
again. I come in in my beautiful dresses and suits and look him over to
make sure he still meets my rigorous standards. This time he hasn’t had
as much time at the gym, so I made sure he knew I was displeased.

More skin, more sandals, more short hemlines, more swimsuits!
Sex calls have been a delicious range from meeting on a vacation and
inviting another man to come join a couple and me to saucy teenage Rachel
working at a car wash- more fun happens inside the car. Sprinkle in some
virginity taking (his or mine) at the pool and some issues with bikini
tops not staying tied and asking for help. I adore summer!! Wanna help
me with my sunscreen?
I’m back from vacation, and man, I can’t WAIT to tell you about all the
trouble I got into! Boys, girls, and a super fun merry maid.
One of my favorite things about being here so long is watching how
different women step into their dominance. We have bossy ladies, sultry
seductive women, Goddesses and bratty Princesses. So, if you like strong
willed women or are looking for someone to guide you on being a delightful
jack off boy, try around, you might be surprised!
Sometimes when guys call in, they aren’t sure what adult phone chat is.
The answer is, it’s up to you! Sometimes it’s about your hot role play.
Sometimes it’s about the fantasy world we’ve been creating together for a
long time. Sometimes it’s a quickie over the kitchen table and other
times it’s a long, alllllll day or night tease. Sometimes you call in
with one hard, pressing, throbbing thing on your mind, and others you call
in to see what I’ve been baking lately-I LOVE to cook and I collect
vintage cookbooks and aprons.

So, if you’re wondering, it’s whatever is on your mind! Unless you’re one
of my chastity boys- then it’s Rachel’s Desires all the way!
a lovely assignment from a pet:
10 things that turn me on:
1) The anticipation of our pending call
2) Blue gray eyes that can see into your soul
3) that certain perfume that triggers a hot memory
4) A hot wet nothings whispered in my ear
5) A dominant yet loving Kiss,
6) The soft sound of the sighs made by a woman approaching orgasm
7) The sight of two woman kissing
8) The Sent and taste of an aroused women
9) The thought of being used for a woman’s entertainment
10) Ms Rachel Johnson…very much so

I hope this pleases you Mistress.

I can’t wait for our call

So, this morning I was mooning about thinking about accents. Everyone has
one. Southern drawl… They way someone can say “tiny” or “all pissed
off.” Posh British, speaking about my knickers and thick suspender straps.
Melbourne Australian (different from Sydney Australian) – threatening to
chain me under his desk and feed me lunch off of his boot. Wisconsin and
their “oh Jeeze” as they are getting close to coming. Canadian with their
“I’m a-boot to jizz on your foot” Montreal/Quebec and their lilting
voices describing the scene in the bar that I run.

Sometimes, just your voice in my ear is all I need.
12 Days of Christmas

On the 1st day of Christmas, my Mistress gave to me…
A Small Feather Pillow for my knees.

On the 2nd day of Christmas, my Mistress gave to me…
2 Nipple Clamps and a Small Feather Pillow for my knees.

On the 3rd day of Christmas, my Mistress gave to me…
3 Blindfolds, 2 Nipple Clamps and a Small Feather Pillow for my knees.

On the 4th day of Christmas, my Mistress gave to me…
4 Ball Gags, 3 Blindfolds, 2 Nipple Clamps and a Small Feather Pillow for
my knees.

On the 5th day of Christmas, my Mistress gave to me…
FIVE ANAL BEADS, 4 Ball Gags, 3 Blindfolds, 2 Nipple Clamps and a Small
Feather Pillow for my knees.

On the 6th day of Christmas, my Mistress gave to me…
6 Tubes of KY, FIVE ANAL BEADS,.4 Ball Gags, 3 Blindfolds, 2 Nipple Clamps
and a Small Feather Pillow for my knees.

On the 7th day of Christmas, my Mistress gave to me…
7 Crops a Swinging, 6 Tubes of KY, FIVE ANAL BEADS, 4 Ball Gags, 3
Blindfolds, 2 Nipple Clamps and a Small Feather Pillow for my knees.

On the 8th day of Christmas, my Mistress gave to me…
8 Floggers Flogging, 7 Crops a Swinging, 6 Tubes of KY, FIVE ANAL BEADS, 4
Ball Gags, 3 Blindfolds, 2 Nipple Clamps and a Small Feather Pillow for my

On the 9th day of Christmas, my Mistress gave to me…
9 Candles Dripping, 8 Floggers Flogging, 7 Crops a Swinging, 6 Tubes of
KY, FIVE ANAL BEADS, 4 Ball Gags, 3 Blindfolds, 2 Nipple Clamps and a
Small Feather Pillow for my knees.

On the 10th day of Christmas, my Mistress gave to me…
10 Lords a Whipping, 9 Candles Dripping, 8 Floggers Flogging, 7 Crops a
Swinging, 6 Tubes of KY, FIVE ANAL BEADS, 4 Ball Gags, 3 Blindfolds, 2
Nipple Clamps and a Small Feather Pillow for my knees

On the 11th day of Christmas, my Mistress gave to me…
11 Pairs of Stockings, 10 Lords a Whipping, 9 Candles Dripping, 8 Floggers
Flogging, 7 Crops a Swinging, 6 Tubes of KY, FIVE ANAL BEADS, 4 Ball Gags,
3 Blindfolds, 2 Nipple Clamps and a Small Feather Pillow for my knees.

On the 12th day of Christmas, my Mistress gave to me…
12 Orgasms Screaming, 11 Pairs of Stockings, 10 Lords a Whipping, 9
Candles Dripping, 8 Floggers Flogging, 7 Crops a Swinging, 6 Tubes of KY,
FIVE ANAL BEADS, 4 Ball Gags, 3 Blindfolds, 2 Nipple Clamps and a Small
Feather Pillow for my knees.
Sometimes what I love is a good old fashioned tease. I went to a
burlesque show last weekend, and it cemented to me what fun I have in the
simple act of removing a glove. Did you know I use driving gloves during
the winter? Or that I use fancy fans during the summer? I always have
one in my purse.

Anyway, the slow tease of getting dressed. Starting with exiting from the
shower, drying off doing my hair and makeup, then choosing my lingerie and
perfume. I love long line bras, tight corsets, open bottomed girdles with
garter straps, actual thigh high hose, (I rarely wear pantyhose) and
deciding if I’m going to wear panties or not.

Pin curls, aprons, high heels, necklaces, statement costume jewelry, and
sometimes hats. Adorable coats, scarves and gloves.

I just love being a girl! Are you going to watch me get dressed, or am I
going to dress you? Now we’re having some good old fashioned sex talk!
Some of you were wanting to check in on the panty cricket and his
chastity. Well, here’s his latest assignment: (forgive the weird spacing,
things come through My emails strangely sometimes)

Dear Mistress Rachel,

Your cow hopes you had a wonderful weekend. Some time ago, you requested
that your pet email you with his feelings and emotions concerning being
back in chastity. As you know, all to well, your pet has difficulty
expressing his feelings adequately when it comes to the subject of being
locked. Your whore is working on a chastity journal and will share those
entries with you shortly,but per your request here are my feelings
concerning being relocked.

Our call on September 3 had a very unexpected, but welcome outcome. It
goes without saying and should be of no surprise that when you asked me to
retrieve my chastity device your pet was overcome with emotions. Again,
expressing those feelings is a different story, however your
whore knows that you enjoy the emotional side of chastity as much as knowing
that your pet is locked. In addition to your pleasure, your whore
understands that it is important for you to know how he is coping from a
physical and mental standpoint.

Back to the flood of emotions, fear was definitely first and foremost.
The fear of loss, loss of freedom, loss of pleasure, loss of the ability
to stand to urinate (that seems silly)but elicits a very real, emotional,
fear deep within me. The loss of feeling like a human let alone a male.

Chastity is immediately emasculating and the emotions seem to come in waves.

Unlike the first time, the novelty of being chastised wore off overnight.
When your pet awoke Wednesday morning; pulling at his device while
dreaming (fantasizing) about being in chastity, the realization that your
pet would not be getting off as he had done most mornings prior was a
difficult realization. Somewhat comical in a frustrating sort of way, but
difficult nonetheless, it was at this point that one of the emotional
waves came over your bitch.

Until your cow taps into these feelings further he will describe them as a
type of sadness or depression. It sounds weird (very weird), but to me it
feels like a break up, not the way you feel the day after, but more like the
way you feel a day or two later. Yes, that sounded weird in my head and
looks even more so in type and no the break up part is not some sort of
pun. However, it is a start, your pet is not emotionally detached
(otherwise, what would be the point) and will continue to explore these
feelings and emotions.

In addition to the feelings of loss, my submissive tendencies seem to be
heightened while also experiencing weird feelings of hyper sexuality.
This makes for a rather interesting cocktail of emotions. Due to these
emotions your pet has an overwhelming urge to serve while also wanting to
hump everything. As if these feelings were not enough, there are no less
than a half a dozen reminders a day that sitting to pee is not optional.

Your panty cricket is very grateful for the opportunity to learn from you.
More (lots more) to come (in the way of email, not emissions)…promise!

Oh, so many phone sluts, so little time!

Hard core tease and denial boy got his order of panties and half an hour
and one ruined orgasm later, he’s already thanked me.

Panty cricket is still locked up tight. His girlfriend released him for
some tease time, then readjusted the plug in his ass and tucked him in for
the night. No coming for him any time soon.

Naughty, dirty boy had a birthday and celebrated in style with me and
Bryanne. I think that’s one that he won’t forget!

Fun times with my little girlfriend after school while I was housesitting
for a neighbor. Shockingly, he came home early and caught us in the act!
However, I reminded him that he said no boys over while I was
housesitting, that I *didn’t* bring one over, and a hot little 3 some

Angie and I had some frank sex talk with a lovely married gentleman. He
asked us all about different things he could do to enhance his love making
skills. We were happy to give him lots of suggestions and even taught him
how to do some on his cam! His email back was full of excitement that his
wife enjoyed a couple of the tricks.

Mommy’s little whore bag has been busy with a high school baseball team!
Fucked right up the ass with a bat at the end! Silly slut!

Therapy session went well, I told the good Dr all the things I had been up
to. He’s not too impressed with how I haven’t been making improvements on
how to not be quite so slutty. I’ll just need to try harder!
Oh, man, it’s so good to be back from vacation! I’ve gotten to catch up
with so many of you…

It’s time for me to bring back snapshots of calls, I have heard that
you’ve missed it, thank you for the feedback!

Panty cricket is doing well, back in chastity for the next few days.
Right after he came, I had him ice down and put his device back on for 4.5
days to remind him how lucky he is to have his penis free.

Tease boy has regressed a little on his training, but the begging and not
letting him come should bring him right back into sorts. You know how
much I hate when you guys back slide!

Blackmail boy left me a lovely gift while I was on vacation, as did
contract boy. That was sweet!

I’ve had lots of really amazing assignments turned in over the last couple
of weeks. I love that you are so carefully listening to my assignments
and really putting thought and effort into them while we aren’t on the
phone together!

Purrrrhaps I should start posting some of them?

If you’d like to surprise me with an assignment, please email it to
Rachel@yourdesires.com with the subject “essay” and have at least 3 proper
paragraphs about your favorite role play either one we have done, or one
that we haven’t gotten to yet.
Well hello! I’m back to sexy times! I’ve radically changed my schedule, so please email Rachelsweekly@yourdesires.com to double check when I’m available. Don’t worry if I’m not listed as available when you’re looking for me, drop me an email as I adore appointments, especially you overnight boys, I’ll miss you too much if we don’t get to play!


What have I been up to lately? Well…. My cow is unlocked today for his waxing appointment. I wish they’d do it with tweezers, but alas, slow, cold wax is all I can hope for right now.

Kitten is progressing ever so nicely under her new rules and training schedule.

Blackmail boy is worming his way slowly back into my good graces. Already itching for the next game, even though he lost the last one.

I’ve also been doing lots of pantyhose play, stocking play, ass stretching, you lose, we both win games, wicked homework assignments, clothed woman/nude male play, and my foot fetishists are back out now that pretty toes are being covered for the winter! I’ve been alternating my toes between a pretty berry and a deep cherry with either silver or gold shimmer.

So, what’s your holiday wish? Your holiday fantasy? I’ll be happy to help with your holiday cheer…


Melissa was such a good girl, getting passed around from Libby to Angie to me. She got to me drunk, her legs tied together with her stockings, panties holding her stiff clit, bound by 4 cockrings nice and tight. What was there for me to do but feed her more vodka and use her for my pleasure? 2 more cockrings, panties off, crotchless fishnet body stocking on, pussy hole stuffed tight with a big butt plug, clitty slick with tigerbalm and lube, spanking, moaning, weeping. Drunk and pliable. Just the way I like her best!

Silly blackmail boy is in over his head this time. Way over his head. The real tears in his voice as he tried to “counter offer” turned me on almost as much as the power I have over him. He’s got 4 hours to come up with what he owes me, or else!

Poor baby has a wicked cold, to the point I didn’t even recognize his voice. I know that feeling, as you are aware of my fall allergies, so the best thing to do is make sure he’s well taken care of. Two of my tranny friends hired to come babysit! Because what cures a sore throat? Cum of course! It’s salty, protein packed, and slides down oh so nicely… Just as good as chicken soup.

Teasing and denying. 2 of my favorite words in the world! Stroke, let me hear you count so I can hear the tension in your voice. Ohh, baby, are you *right there*? Stop. Yes, I laugh when you swear because you were oh so close! Turn the vibe up, darling, work your hips and squeeze and release, keep counting! That’s it. Closer, closer, now STOP! Awww, poor baby…


I love words, the way they feel and the weight of them rolling off the tongue, the sensuousness of giving a perfect mental image leaving just enough room for you to insert your own touches as you wallow in the world I’ve created specifically for you. The slight intake of breath, the huskiness of voice as you get more turned on, the satisfaction of giving a great orgasm, the stories, the secrets (god, how I love secrets) the fetishes, the laughter, the recipes (seriously!), the gasps of surprise when I hit just the right thing at the right time (purrrrrrrrs), the repeat caller who wants to hear the next part of the story, the brand new caller who doesn’t know how personal it can be. I get to weave reality into fantasy and fantasy into reality until neither of us knows which is which until the hum of the dial tone.


Mommy’s little boy has been opening a Christmas present each day since the 13th to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. So far are panties, stockings, a sweet little pair of mary jane shoes, new nightgowns, a bottle of lube, and today was his very own little butt plug! What will tomorrow’s pressie be?

I sure enjoy birthday calls! I was a member of a very unusual sorority at college where on your first date, you have to give oral sex to prove that you’re worthy to date us! Things took an even kinkier turn when I brought him back to the house that night and there was a strap-on laying on the bed…

Did you know that the incredible, edible egg makes an excellent incentive for high heel training?


You know what I’ve been thinking about lately??

Bimbo training!

Yes, that’s right, teaching just the right sissy who can’t keep focused, who has more clit than brains, and who has the bittiest bit of sexy upspeak how to be the best bimbo she can be.

Careful not to wrinkle your brow too much by over-thinking this. Really, it’s not about you, but about the men and women you can please with your mouth. Speaking of your mouth, this is where your cock-sucking red lipstick can really come into play! You’ll want to match your long, full nail set in vamp red… 5 inch heels and a short, tight miniskirt to match? You *want* heads to turn when you walk by in the mall or down the sidewalk.

See the sneers from married women and the break-neck speed of the double takes of men? You’re progressing! Maybe, someday, even you can become one of my fuck puppets!! But, you have to learn the way of the bimbo before I can trust you with fuck puppet training.


Mmmmm kidnapping! I want to kidnap you and hold you hostage and possibly end up brain washing you! A nice girl you meet online, then for drinks at a seedy little bar, slipping something in your drink, convincing you to come home with me… Delicious!

((If you catch me in just the right mood, you might be able to trick me the same way, I like lemon drops…*weg*))


Naughty naughty blackmail boy, he’s resisting sending Me My XXXmas pressie! However, the longer he goes, the more it’s becoming. It’s looking like he’ll be spending more on Me than his wife this year. he really is worthless without Me.


His wife drug him in for couples therapy, but I recognized right way what the problem was. You see, she’s gotten a taste for BBC, and he just isn’t what she needs anymore. So, he’s in treatment himself now, and if he progresses far enough in his hole stretching and pussy/cock worshiping, she might just take him back as a 3 holed fuck toy for her and her Bull’s amusement. Maybe.


Clothed woman, nude male… How I love the power and control I can ever so subtly insert. It really doesn’t take much, just a resisting of his will while influencing my own.


I was out shopping for new lingerie for a hot date later that night. I noticed him out of the corner of my eye as I went into Victoria’s Secret. Walking straight into the back, where they keep the naughtiest of delicious panties and bras, I chose a black lace corset to try on. When the sales clerk asked if I’d like to try it on, I said yes, and that my boyfriend would help me lace it. I looked directly at the handsome stranger and he followed me into the dressing room. Thankfully he kept his hand over my mouth as he made me come on his hard cock!


Well, since I’ve taken such a long break from updating you on my fun, I thought I’d discuss something near and dear to my heart.

Morning wood. Yes, that rock hard muscle tenting your sheets, disturbing your stretch and rubbing so achingly against your belly. I absolutely adore morning wood… Rolling over against you, rubbing my thigh along it, followed by my hand *purrrrrrrs*

One of my favorite things about working the overnights is that I get to talk to so many of you experiencing this particular phenomena. One of the things that I really enjoy about it is that it’s so very immediate, needy, and usually the fantasies that satisfy it are intense and to the point. Short, fast role plays just before you head off to work. I love knowing that I’m sending you off with a smile and a set of light balls!

Now, I know you know that I love long, elaborate role plays, getting mine just as much as you get yours, getting to know you, what makes you hot, showing you what gets me wet. But there’s something just so… base… about a morning blowjob, a quickie in the shower, a handjob under the breakfast table. Being that naughty secretary that is always teasing you, purrrhaps that teenager next door who is always getting undressed and dressed outside your window at just the wrong (or right) times… The fast pace and variances of your fantasies keeps me on my toes and my fingers busy!

The other day I had a really quiet call. His wife was in the shower, and he was just dying to get off before she came out. My car was broken down, and he stopped to help me fix my flat. I just HAD to repay him, didn’t I? *winks* Sometimes I’m the girl you saw at the bar last night, that you took home, and since we’re both leaving, might as well have another quick fuck! Other times, Mommy catches you rubbing frantically under your sheets!

I adore scratching that itch! There is something so very sexy about the hoarse whisper, first thing in the morning, the aching need, the very immediacy of the situation that ALWAYS gets me going. I never know what’s coming next, and that’s part of the fun. And it’s not rare that I rub one out myself before the next ring! Wouldn’t you like to be my next call?? *weg*


Last night’s sissy slut called back for more cock. she had to be *very* quiet as hir roommate was home. So, W/we dressed hir up and I took her out on the streets to make Me some money!

My daughter, Autumn was away at college. I found some pics of her on the internet, then some videos. When she came home for winter break, I let her know that I would no longer be paying for her college. She showed me more of her pics, then I spanked her soundly for growing up to become a whore.

There is something so humbling about not being restrained. Just a matter of spreading your legs…

I turned my younger brother into my lesbian lover. A long blond wig, great makeup, 4 inch shoes, panties with everything tucked away, cute skirt, blue blouse. The only thing left was to take her virginity with my strapon!

He wanted a good little cock sucking slut. So, I obediently got down to my knees and took his whole cock into my mouth in one swallow. Pumping my face a few times, I sucked out every last drop!


“i’m a sissy slut, Mistress.” The words were whispered across the lines and a thrill went right through Me! Well, We know what that means! A pink, frilly pair of panties, cock-sucking red lipstick and a cock to practice on!

We went dancing, I picked up this lovely girl, flat chest, huge nipples, cute skirt, nice long legs. We went back to our house and I sat on a chair in our room and watched them make out, then her skirt came off, the panties were removed, and hir lovely cock popped out! Boy, was he in for a surprise! While he slurped hir cock, I strapped it on and took him from behind. A boy must always have proper encouragement!

A continuation of our call from the other day lead to an extreme amount of precum dripping all over my chest, arms and belly! We talked about juxtapositions of sizes, ages, and male/female bodies. Mmmm, amazing what a slow, strong milking will do to cause a huge release!

Our get-togethers are always SO hot after we have a 3some! Aries magic, I tell ya!


The whore/faggot called again, whining about how it isn’t used nearly well enough. it had an assignment to do, and it hasn’t done it. The silly thing came while I was in mid yell about how it needs to do its work in order to earn any privileges.

We talked about Jayson, My big, black lab.


Bryanne put out an ad for couples that are opposite for a book she’s working on. As a photographer, she knows what she’s looking for, and we fit the bill. He’s 6’4″, blond, swimmer’s build, HUGE cock. I’m 5’6″, curvy, looooong brown hair, great tits. We talked for a while about locations and being available to her whenever her muse strikes. Looks like with the stipend that she’s willing to pay, we’ll be able to have the wedding of our dreams!

Autumn and I put him through his paces, she wanted to get back to the basics, first with spanking, moving onto squeezing, then slapping and stroking. We got all the way up to cutting, playing tic tac toe on the head of his cock… I won! hehe

Dirty dirty dirty girls! Autumn and I licked and fucked. Taking turns riding him hard, and then pounding each other. We are a force to be reckoned with!

Was a great day full of 2 girl goodness!! :D


Nasty, raunchy, dirty sissi panty bitch called to see if I was in a bad mood. Upon hearing that pathetic voice, I always am! So, making him be in sissi voice even though the people in the next motel room over could hear him, I had him describe what exactly he was wearing for Me, and what W/we would both rather him be in. Which of course is diapers!

My daughter’s boyfriend was over, waiting on her to be done with rehearsal. I wasn’t expecting him to be home, and I was quite displeased with the mess he’d made of my house. So, after redressing him in much more appropriate clothing, he picked it up. Then, being hot and bothered, I fucked him right on my couch and came just as we heard my daughter drive into the driveway!

He only had half an hour, so we made the most of it, right there in his office. We were both purring at the end!

Chloe and I took him 6 ways from Sunday! That girl knows her way around both hard cocks and wet pussies!

We played our game while he’s waiting on his panty order to arrive. He definitely hit the jack pot!!!!

Slow and deep up the ass. Just the way I like it!

he got on his cam for Me, O/our goal was to see *how* slutty he could be for Me. On all fours, ass in the air for Me, tying up his cock and balls, spanking and clamping, writhing and squirming, it was really quite the show!

he got off the plane with My Major Domo, was given 20 bucks, My address, and parked in his wheelchair (from being bound) at the taxi line. Chris, My Major Domo climbed into a limo and was whisked home. As he was being driven home, he was aware of the meter clicking. he didn’t realize SeaTac was so far from Seattle proper… Realizing that he didn’t have enough money, he started to sweat. Pulling into a very nice, private community, the driver dropped him off at the closed gate. Lifting him out of the taxi and setting him down on the ground, the driver got his carry on bag and left it beside him. he tried to explain to the driver that he only had $20, and that if he could get inside to the house, that the driver would be paid. The taxi driver was having NONE of that, picked up the boy by the coat and shook him like a rag doll. Scared to death, he pissed himself as he was being shook, his very full bladder from the plane ride caching up with him. The driver set him back down on the driveway, took in his sniveling, crying face, and the spreading wetspot on the pavement. Then, calmly walking over to the newspaper box next to the gate, he withdrew an envelope, put it in his coat and drove away. The man sat, in his piss waiting to see what would happen. he couldn’t reach the button on the gate, he couldn’t do anything but wait. After a good, long time had passed, he heard distinct steps behind him. High heels for sure.


A new boy in a hotel room! He asked for dirty, deviant and humiliating… MMMMMMM 3 of My favorite words!

Mommy was having sex with Daddy when he came home from school early. I had seen him at our door watching before, so this time, so, I invited him in to watch up close. He had no clue that I’d been dreaming of being double teamed by him and his dad!!

He buys his daughter all sorts of naughty clothes and we put her in revealing situations so that the neighbors can perv on her. The best one though was when he and her were invited to a photo shoot!

He was sleeping, so I crept into his room with my special mind enhancing incense and hypnotized him into being my girlfriend! There are just so many differences in how women lick pussies than men…

He enjoyed serving at My New Year’s party at My house with My friends, but he wasn’t expecting all the Ladies to use the toilet box so often! Just wait until Valentines day! I’m only inviting the Women who are on Their cycles.


We’re going a completely different direction now. After months of controlling his every move financially and cum wise, he’s ready to submit everything to Me. I gave him his new name, oink, and booked his flight to SeaTac, making sure that he has a looooooong layover in Minn for him to meet My Major Domo. An email sent off to insure he packs correctly (nothing but a book) And a very productive conversation about what he can be expecting once he gets to My house. Let’s just say he won’t be needing his arms for the next 90 days! The contract will be signed and dated for 5 years out. I’m expecting him to have some trouble adjusting to not having his name or any sort of anything that he has previously held dear. he doesn’t think he will.

Ice can be such a delicious thing! It’s amazing how it can burn and freeze at the same time! Rosemary and I had a delightful time tormenting him until he came in his condom, then pouring it out in his saucer, he lapped it up like the starving kitten that he is. And still thanked Me!

I pulled his secrets out one by one. What his cock looks like, how exactly he masturbates, how much precum he produces, what his actual cum is like. When he gave me that cum, I measured it to see, later on in the week when he’s doing his new assignment if that amount changes.


I rang in the New Year with a hot n sexy call. Previously we did a great Santa role play, I needed a “Mother’s Mall Santa” who was a mix of Chippendale and hard cock. Tonight I offered my housecleaning services to help him personally with any …needs… that he might have in his new house!

slave called in to service My needs. Well, I needed to have My own house cleaned, including my numerous ash trays. he was well put to use, while he wore his roommate’s panties over his face!

Then a couple of glasses of bubbly with Mistress Veronica while we shared laughter and touching moments of the past year. Many toasts were had! She’s a terrible influence… If you haven’t experienced those nudges first hand, you simply must!

Daddy let me ease his ache while he cuddled with me.

A strong man needs a strong woman. Riding him in that certain way that I have always seems to end in wonderful fireworks for both of us!

He wanted to share with me his very first sexual experiences. I was more than happy to listen! I love secrets!

Finishing my celebration, he called with 2 flutes of champagne. Getting him hot and bothered and drunk by drinking my half of the bottle and his half, he came into the last glass of champagne and drank it down heartily! He found that while the taste was masked, the mouth feel was not!


Now where the hell has the time gone?!? Needless to say, I’ve been having a lot of fun!

New sissies amaze Me, the things they are willing to do, just for ME! Practicing their cocksucking, lipstick, heels, ball pain, pretty lacy panties, stockings, spankings with wooden spoons, Foot worship… I’m such a lucky Girl!

However, don’t think that I haven’t gotten mine! Candle wax, nipple clamps, fucking, sucking, swallowing, spankings, slappings, all sorts of naughty things!

Ya know, people are always shocked about how switchy I am. The true answer is about 60-40, 60% Mistress/Mommy/Top and 40% sub/bottom/girl. That’s very close to a 50/50. And it’s true! I love being on both sides of the fence at the same time… And you know how much I can never decide when given the choice, because I immediately think of 3 things I want to do to you, and 3 things I want you to do to me! I’m spoiled, I know.

Also, for those of you still reading, make sure you check specials@yourdesires.com to see what’s coming up! Well, besides you of course… *snickers*

Anyway, I promise to be better about this little section, and I know it gives much pleasure, and much fun seeing if you, or one of your unshared fantasies has been written about!

6-30-08 I told him that I wasn’t going to do my homework, so he pulled me over his lap and gave me a sound spanking! Then I was suspended by my wrists, and he inserted a buttplug. After teasing my nipples and clit, he slid his smooth cock into me, enjoying how tight I was with the plug in as well, then, pulling out the plug, he filled my ass until he came!

This naughty boy enjoys shopping for pretty g-string panties to go under his tight tight jeans! I asked him about looks that he’s gotten while shopping, and of course this slut finds the looks and comments fun! So, I took him to the beach in a nice thong for a swimsuit, then right there on the sand, shoved a dildo in place and had him bend to show Me! Needless to say, this attention whore didn’t last long with his ass hanging out for all to see!

MMMMMM, all the fun that can be had with long foreskin! You can pull it, wiggle it, suck it, bite it and fuck with it….

Poor boy, coming over for some fun, until he came into My room and saw Me in My chair, dressed in a corset, full black satin panties with black thigh highs, legs casually draped over the arms of My chair. After greeting Me on his knees, lips pressed to My foot, he worshiped My feet and legs, slowly working his way up My body. When he got to My inner thigh, I slipped a blindfold over his eyes and he heard a clicking sound. When he finally got to My panty covered pussy, he found a large phallus shaped object protruding instead! Undeterred, he worshiped My Cock, then felt Someone slip behind him, caressing his ass and widening it… Then shock of all shocks when a real, throbbing cock began to push it’s way in!

“No pussy for me, just my hand…” and “I heard hand is the new pussy” direct quotes from the fist fucking dick diddler! Now, some of you have been wondering how it’s going with his quest to get pussy before a year is up. I’m sad to say, not very well at all! The countdown is continuing.

A stranger caught me alone at school, serving detention again. He forced me to choke on his cock, then took my pussy and ass!

jerkoff boy came for My birthday! We all had fun making him squirm and wriggle for us!


6-25-08 I wanted to sit on his lap, but his thing kept getting in the way, so I put my hand back to move it from my bottom. When I touched it through his shorts he sucked in his breath… I wanted to see it, but he was hesitant, so I offered to show him mine! He liked it, and I wanted him to touch it, one thing lead to another, and now, he said I need to talk to my mom, ’cause I don’t know when my last period was!

We were having an office party, I was wearing my grey skirt with stockings. My boss asked me to help him in the office, and soon, I was rubbing his thick cock between my stocking clad feet.


40 days and 40 nights left for the dick diddler before he’s gone a year without pussy! He thinks he’ll be able to break it before then, but I have my doubts. He just loves to beat his meat too much!

Lexi and I watched one of my favorite boys fuck himself on cam for us! What a show! We both had our hands up our skirts while watching, it was too hot!

My honey has been working way too many hours! He surprised me by coming home in the middle of my shift just to fuck me! I admired his cock and balls with my mouth and hands, then he carried me to his desk and laid me out for a good pounding. After coming so hard I wet the desk, I rode him until his balls burst through the top of his cock!

He wants to dress me in nothing but a collar and take me to visit some of His friends. After being baptized in piss, I was deemed ready to receive their cocks all over me! But, little did I know that He had had them save up a week’s worth of cum to share with me as well!


6-9-08 My boss had been getting on me about not performing up to expectation at my job. Now, I’ve been there long enough that it would cost him more to fire me than to just keep me on. I’m not about to work harder than I am, I like my cush-y job! So, I made him pay for his cutting remarks by copying his key to his car and waiting for him in his backseat when he was ready to go home. After gagging him with my panties and duct tape, I took him out to the country to a barn that I’ve arranged just for this little…business meeting… Cuffing him to the wall of the barn, I cut his shirt off from the back, slicing the fabric smoothly with my knife. Much debauchery and repayment ensued!


The household masochist called! I had too much fun with Munro teasing, torturing, blood letting, and stuffing his pert ass with various objects! His moans, groans and whimpers are music to My ears! Though, I was shocked when he asked Us for permission to come. US! Munro and I laughed our butts off. Guess what the answer was!

I watched the best movie! It was all about a woman and her sister! The older woman had taught her little sister to smoke and come at a tender age. Now, just the thought of a smoky room, tender lips pursed around a taut nipple, and a sleeping pair of husbands makes her want to circle her fingers right there.

An emasculated boy called with many questions for Me about finding a Mistress who would let him serve Her in the ways he knows best how to serve. he was raised right by learning that Women are always above him on the pecking order, and by doing what We say, he may get his own pleasure, but not in the way you might think!

Mmmm, sexxxy boy called, we’ve been playing some new BDSM games,

stretching his scrotum, and began teasing his pucker recently. So, after dressing him in something a little more appropriate, I was ready to take him as I wished! We played a fun game where I was his student, and I ended up making him take Me home where I topped him!

Coming into the house, seeing me bent over the kitchen table was too much for my honey! My pretty little slit on display for him, already dewy with anticipation. Infact, drawing his finger up my lips was almost too much for him…

Then the masochist called back for more teasing and denying. Cute thing that he is!


6-3 The dick diddler called. He’s thinking about breaking from his hand and actually getting some action here soon. I don’t know if he’s going to be able to though, he may just pop as soon as he SEES a pretty little pussy. It’s been almost a year since he’s actually gotten any, he just much prefers his own grip on the subject.

My sexy lingerie boy called for dress up time! Then we brought Miss Autumn in to play with us! Mmmmm, two VERY hot Women dressing him up and then taking him right back down…


6/2 A crazy hot 3 girl call took place with one very lucky gentleman who got Destinee and I to take a great many of Sadie’s cherries! Lucky girl! We had SO much fun, and I’m SO excited to be able to play with her more!

Where did the month of May go?? I guess I had too much fun coming and not enough recording going on!


My boy came home from school, we went grocery shopping for dinner, and ended up inviting the girl who bagged our groceries over for dinner. When we got home, we put the roast in, and had a glass of wine, he’s allowed 2 fingers of wine in his glass, I filled mine of course *wink*. When Daddy came home, he made Daddy’s drink for him, then we settled down to watch a movie, one thing lead to another, and he ended up with Daddy’s cock in his mouth! He loves his Mommy and will do anything to make her happy! When the girl from the store came for dinner, she brought some friends! However, upon taking her pants down, she was a chick with a dick! What a good little cocksucker I have!

Then, for a respite from work duties, he washed Me up after peeing, with his tongue of course, then I sat on his face while he washed Me *everywhere*! A good hard come from both of us left us giggling as we both returned back to the work day…

Mommy’s sleepy boy crawled into bed with me, after taking Mommy’s hard cock coming up his ass, he decided that it was time for some naughty bathroom play! Silly boy had to clean me all back up again!

He called my escort agency looking for someone who would do *anything* for him and he was willing to pay double! Being in such a tight spot, I was willing to volunteer, though young, and relatively inexperienced, I had no idea what was going to happen. He discovered how much I enjoy pain with sex, and brought me to heights I had never been to!

I had an appointment to look over his paperwork for a loan he wanted to get through my bank. Upon checking his credit, I had to look at his history with his credit card, and WOW, does he buy a lot of pornographically inclined videos! I had to make sure that he wasn’t coping them for distribution, so, I asked if I could go to his house to check things out for myself… He nicely agreed, and I couldn’t help but ask him to put one or two in so that I could see for myself that he wasn’t bootlegging them. I got so hot watching, that I had to do something about it! We struck a deal that in exchange for a copy of one of the videos, his loan would sail right though underwriting!

A nice jackoff boy gave Me a great show! I love the never-ending pussy stroke! Ask Me about it if you’re curious…

And here is the sissy song… he finally sent it to Me: “sissy bawl at the mall”, Mistress Rachel is very stern, she likes to turn me into a groveling worm… She takes me out for all to see, tells her girlfriends i’ll serve as a urinal for their pee… She dresses me up as a sissy whore,takes me to the mall,to the little girls store… there i’m humiliated beyond belief,in my short pink skirt and my pink sissy briefs…

She says i’m not behaving like a proper sissy lass, I need to use my hairbrush on your naughty sissy ass… a crowd of little girls gather round,Mistress takes me over her lap and pulls my pink panties down… Mistress’ first stroke evokes a cry from me,all the little girls they laugh with glee… i cry and beg like a sissy lass, Mistress asks the girls if they’d like to whip my ass… all nine hands went up in a unanimous display, this poor little sissy was having a very,very bad day.


4-23-08 I had a very special appointment this evening! It required some prep work at home, in my kitchen! Requirements: can of whipcream, freshly baked apple pie (cooled of course), slow cooked vanilla pudding in a large mixing bowl, a tarp, and gummy worms! Before he called, I spread out the tarp and set everything out for myself. I could hardly contain my excitement! I’ve always wanted to dabble in sploosh play, and just haven’t had the chance yet! Disrobing quickly, I sat on my bed and waited… At the appointed time, my phone rang, I was breathless with anticipation. After confirming that everything was ready, he had me mix the gummy worms into the pudding with my hands, then in went my feet! I giggled and laughed, feeling the texture between my toes, and the gummy worms added to that, as he knew it would! Out with my feet and in with my breasts, dipping them in and out of the pudding, and wiping them onto the tarp. He had me make a circle around each breastprint with the whipcream, and a dot in the middle for my nipples, and then put my breasts into it, licking the whipping cream off my nipples. Taking the pie out of the pieplate, I got to sit on it and roll around! Now, I know this isn’t everyone’s “thing” but oh, I had SO much fun!

Then My lovely painslut called, 4 hatpins in each nipple and 16 fishhooks right up his cock made for a LOVELY toy! Pulling the strings alternately, then finally tying weights to weigh that hard on down and rubbing it against his bed while rolling his hips against the buttplug so nicely lubed with icyhot!

Next I had a fantastic morning wood to play with! Gentle ball stretching lead up to a most intense orgasm!

Then some hot bathroom play while he had his big, beautiful cock deep inside of me. I came SO hard after sending him some xxx-rated pics of myself and listening to him stroke to yet another orgasm over my pics and my voice!

Another painslut, more CBT was on My plate, tying a shoe around his balls, we weighted it down with his wallet and his keys, then a filled waterbottle. Marching in place lead to bouncing up and down while snapping his balls with a rubberband. Cumming is BAD for this boy!

Then, my baby surprised me while I was blowing up balloons for a party… However, he was shocked by Mommy popping them right after I got them all blown up!

Then my hypnotist called. I’m not really sure what happened, but at the end of the call, I was coming SO hard every time he said my name! I hope it only works for him…

My little boy took Mommy’s cock like a champ, then, surprise surprise, some of Mommy’s friends came over. He learned how to be a great little cocksucker for Mommy!

I got to do heavy bondage with Destinee, binding her breasts, hogtie-ing her legs and arms, muffled with My panties and a scarf, with My stocking wrapped around her eyes, and another ontop of that, then fucking her into mutual orgasm with My strap-on

What a FANTASTIC night!


4-20-08 My favorite heavy Sadist started my morning off with a scream! Skirt hanger applied to my nipples, pulled out and held in place with a grapefruit, fucking myself with the handle of a kitchen knife, then oh then. The electric fly swatter to the clit! Whew! What a morning!

Then My whimpy sissy called in with a new song. Hopefully she will email it to Me for posting! My nieces have been very busy with her, Miss Elizabeth with her spankings, and Miss Sally with her creative mind! Miss Sally turned the sissy into a toy poodle and taught her tricks… Not only sitting and barking on command, but begging and dancing in a circle on her little hind legs, it was quite the show and met with much laughter! The girls have also been taking her to school with signs around her neck saying “whip me” so one of the teachers took sissy into the classroom for a class demonstration of how to treat sissies. I’m sure all the girls in the class took it to heart!


4-15-08 After a hot night of riding around in my convertable, teasing and flashing, I came home to my house, and got onto my bed… My hands wandering to where they will, I was soon rubbing my juicy pussy happily in my own world. Suddenly, a hand slid over my mouth and a knife ripped through my skirt! Unable to see, I could only do his bidding and whimper and plead the best I could. Fucking my pussy with a vibrator, then clothes pins were applied to my nipples, clit and lips! Soon, he was making me fist my own cunt and made me apply oil to my other fist. Burried wrist deep in my own ass, I was senseless with pleasure. I have NEVER done that before, the most I’ve ever taken was 3 fingers! Soon, my pussy was being fisted at the same time, and I came like I’ve rarely come before! Riding wave after wave as my fists were being slid out, I was still in shock over what I had taken. He noislessly slipped out, leaving only a cumstain and some ruined clothes behind.

You would NOT believe what I caught my brother doing! He was having intimate relations with our beloved family dog… The pervert finally fessed up to being the one stealing my panties out of the hamper and being the cause of all the weird sounds that woke me from my precious beauty sleep! Nasty nasty boy!

Sweet honey called me, he was having trouble sleeping. So after a nice, long, smooth, lovemaking session, neither of us had any trouble rolling over and falling asleep in eachothers’ arms!


I had a very sweet slut call, I took her to the nail salon, we got a nice pedicure, then slipped some stockings right up her legs! Then a short, tight dress, a girdle, and a fantastic long “just fucked” wig. Makeup was next… slutty whites and purples, and a hot, red cocksucking mouth! Not that she got to use it long before I bent her over and had my way with her pouting, begging hole…

Then a cam boy took a break from his taxes to spend a little time with Me :D We made a pincushion out of his cock and balls, then OFF OFF OFF they came, then back on! Some spanking games were played with a delightful little wooden paddle, then he couldn’t help himself any longer and came! I was shocked! he’s been in cum training for a while now…


4-11 I was apparently hypnotized this morning! I had a call with Destinee last night, and he called back, his voice so soothing… I thought I was asleep, but the weirdest things kept happening to me! I was dancing, cumming, and getting the most intense massage I’ve ever had. I apologized profusely as I thought I had fallen asleep on him :( But, he explained a little, then put me under again and apparently made it so that I remember.

The rest of my night is still a little hazy :)


Here is the lovely sissy song:

Mistress Rachel is my superior… i’m happy to serve her since i’m her inferior… She likes to exhibit my sissiness for all to see… i become a human toilet when her friends need to pee…

She has me sing songs as a sissy demonstration… the girls all laugh at my sissy humiliation… She dresses me up like a sissy lass… invites her 6 year old niece over and has her beat my ass…

a sissy’s life is hard they say… but sissys are so weak they have to obey.


Since I was home from college for Easter weekend, I went in to wake Daddy up. He was very UP, so, I shut and locked the door behind me, and showed Daddy just what education he’s been paying for *saucy wink*

Then I got to listen to a lovely man tell me about his first few times sucking cock and crossdressing! He came just telling me about it… I love hearing secrets!

Then I got to hear a husband tell me about how much he likes to watch his wife get fucked by another man, he has a nice cock, but she always chooses men who are REALLY hung! Currently, they use condoms, but he’s hoping that someday he can lick her pussy after someone else shoots a huge load of cum right into her!

One of my favorite sissies called, my nieces, ages 5 and 7 whipped him to help them learn that Women are in charge of men. No matter how grown up the men seem, We have the control always. his pathetic little weewee dribbled it’s cummy little drops to much laughter and clapping! he wrote Me a song that I will post here when I recieve the email!!

Then, a new gentleman called with a very illicit fantasy which also happens to be one of mine! Once again, ask at your own peril!

A lovely, escorted, trip to the bathroom was met by much displeasure from the other ladies here… I usually try to warn them before I smell it up like that!


The puppy was sent to the kennel over the weekend while his wife was out of town with her lover. Naughty puppy moved when he wasn’t supposed to and was sedated to assess the damages. he woke finding himself nuetered which worried him as he and his wife had not negotiated this, however, a puppy with such a small cock doesn’t need balls to do his job. A forcefeeding with a rather phallus shaped apperatus was met with resistance on the puppy’s end. So, his teeth were removed to facilitate the necessary forcefeedings, which upset him as well. When his wife returned to pick up the puppy, she advised him that he was to be at her lover’s beck n call 24 hours a day. When the puppy asked Me why his wife’s lover had such a large cock, I laughed and said that God had to make up for giving out such an undersized cock to the puppy!

A very lovely sub called Me, silly boy advised Me that he doesn’t like pain, but adores a good mind fuck. So, melted wax dripped onto his forearms and down his chest were removed with straight edge! Then, I cradled his cock in My hands and poured wax over that too! Silly cock kept jumping as I drew the knife through the wax, I warned him that he had better be careful! After bending him over My chair, I went around infront of him, and pared the candle down at the butt end. I slid the candle up his ass

I had a new neighbor move in next to me at the retreat that my kids and I live at. He believes in natural child raising, is bi, and has a daughter right between my kid’s age. Over a shared bowl, we exchaged pleasantries and got to “know” one another.

Next, hot bathroom talk ensued, afterwords he slid his big cock into me… It felt SO good!

A handsome, cut stroke boy called Me, I dressed him in My collar, admired him flexing for Me, then sat in a chair across from him and guided his strokes for My pleasure. Counting different strokes got him hot and bothered, and by the end, he exploded for Me!

Naughty slut wanted to know what would make Me happy! So, I told her to tell Me all about her racy adventures by the big screen… she was blown and fucked by so many cocks! her mouth and little slutty ass were filled to the brim! Enough so that when they held her little pucker over a glass and told her to push, she pushed out a glass full of cum that they forced her to drink!

I always have sex with the windows open, and he caught me yet again! My neighbor always seems to be home when I have sex! This time, he got an eyeful of one of my lovers fisting me while pounding his cock into my ass! I love it when we make eyecontact with eachother, I always cum so much harder knowing that his load is for me…


Right out of the gate was a verrrry lovely pain slut… Lubed with icy-hot, he started his morning off with a lovely coffee enema, then sealed with a large buttplug. Then, weights to his balls and a lovely spanking carressed with finegrit sandpaper! Some lovely marks were doused with lemon juice, then a beautiful stretching with medical qtips. *purrrrrrr*

Then I had a lovely delayed orgasm, gentle, smooth, caressing, mouths meeting, combined breathing, tasting myself off his finger and his mouth. Then when his cock slid in, I was done for! 4 times over!

A great conversation about kink and sexuality lead to a cum covered face, grinning from ear to ear!

A pissing scene with Miss Lola showering me in her liquids, watched intently by a gentleman while he was stroking for us…

Alas, when you do nothing but stroke your dick all the time, you don’t have TIME for pussy! I had to remind this fella that, but really, I don’t think he cares about the pussy, he loves his hand, and how his hand loves him!

Then, finally, I got to have one of the top taboo of taboo calls, ask me when we talk next, perhaps I’ll share :)


What a night!

Dirty dirty boy! This one gives it ALLLLLL the way… Ass, pussy, nasty nasty boy!

Then I lovingly had my hand held and my belly rubbed while I went to the bathroom!

My brother came home from his date early, his bitchy girlfriend dumped him. As I consoled him, I found strange feelings rising in me, and obviously rising in him! I’m so glad I had saved my virginity for him… He took pleasure in helping me though my first orgasm, penetration, AND anal! Then he lovingly washed me up in the shower with the stern warning that if I ever told, he would go to jail! As long as he keeps giving me those feelings, I’ll NEVER tell!

MMMMM Naughty naughty sissi boy called Me so that I could remind him what a pathetic loser he is! he rubbed his little clitty until he came in his nasty panties!

My hot accounting professer helped me with my homework… Not that this straight A girl needed any help, I was just wanting his big old cock in me! The boys my age just can’t last as long!

Then my husband came home, I was waiting for him with my cunt stuffed full of a younger man’s cum! He was delightfully surprised and ate me out with relish. Mmmm Then I took his cock in me, balls deep, riding him cowboy, then reverse cowboy while he played with my ass… My ass was begging him, so I pulled off of him then he ate my ass so that I was good and lubed! Sliding his cock into my ass was just what I needed from him! I came SO hard, I had to change my sheets!!!

Last, but certainly not least, I got to lick Lisa’s pussy through the beautiful pantyhose that she was wearing last night… It was so hot, and getting to suck her toes through them was wonderful, nice and salty!


Tonight’s delights! light scratching with a pen-knife, some talk about Miss Rebecca’s gifts, a bit of bullying from Miss Rachel, and a happy ending!

kinky bathroom talk online, followed quickly by a call to listen to me… I’m SO glad he didn’t make me wait tooooo long!

Mommy Rachel’s good boy got to go exploring today… Then my jerkoff boy put on a lovely show for me!

Next, my dear husband came home from work to find me ready for him! Sensing his discomfort, I slid my hand around his cock and cradled his heavy balls. Asking him, since it’s our anniversary, will he please come on me? But alas, he came while I was riding him, slowly, smoothly, lovingly, filling my insides to bursting.


Mmmmmmm, desire and naughtiness in one call… On my back, he’s between my thighs, playing with my ass… Not letting me cum until he decided. Then, sitting in V position on his lap, his cock buried deep inside me, I came SO hard, 4 times, and had to literally roll out of the wet spot on my bed!

Unfortunately, the Doctor was out of the office, so Naughty Nurse Rachel had to perform the physical examination on this strapping young lad so that he could try out for the football team. His heart rate was a little high, but after some time, patience and persistence, I found the problem! He passed with flying colors…

The wealthy, widowed Countess married the rich commoner. No one in our social circles knew that he was in fact cuckolded. Bent under the yoke of a vow of chastity, not even given the privilege of having a device to wear to help him maintain, just his sheer will. Bestowing his Countess with gifts of poetry, this poor man was reduced to living in a cell off the Master’s quarters, nothing to furnish but the bits and pieces of Her belongings that he collected. Tissues, broken jewelery, vials of water from Her bath, his Goddess, his Ice Empress, the object of his worship…

A call with Miss Destinee ended up enslaving yet another man! A party was held, and with him being the star guest, who would have thought the drink was drugged?!? By the end of the second drink, My plan was in place, and all was going according to My plan for Miss Destinee to co-enslave the boy to Us! We ended up enslaving him to Her, My turn will come soon!

My final call was a very sweet boi, We play permission games and are still in the early stages of trust building and bonding. She’s such a good boi!


My day started with a lovely lesson in cock sucking from Daddy. I was very anxious to help him feel better by rubbing out the knot in his muscle, then to kiss it better. I was amazed that if I licked it like a melting ice cream cone, it seemed to get even harder, but Daddy said it has to get worse to get better… He sure seemed to feel better when we were done!

Then I got to talk with someone who shares my smoking fetish. I cum over and over and over as I smoke my cigarettes… Watching the smoke dance and curl from the tip, seeing the tip glow as I inhale, the smoke flowing over my tongue, feeling it deep in my lungs and tipping my head and letting it slowly wisp from my mouth… *happy sigh* Do you see why I don’t *want* to quit smoking?!?

The household slut called, and I tormented him with my strap-on, after tying him in frog position on his back, his ass totally exposed, his lovely pucker winking and begging for it. I didn’t even take his panties down, just pulled them to the side! Then we went to a bar, he in his drag queen best, tucked and pulled, me, strapped on… I took him in the women’s bathroom, bent over and hanging on for dear life! his tormented whimpers are some of the best!

After that, I went into my boss’ office to drop off a report that I was typing, and the arrogant jerk had the audacity to comment on my jiggling ass! So, of course I had to show him Who he was dealing with! Now, he is My cuckolded boss, and I am enjoying My privilege over and over again!

My final call was a lovely fantasy told to me about a very feminine woman with a cock and how he would make love to her. Their shafts rubbing together as they kiss passionately, culminating in a dual cum shot, a crescendo of passion, a combination of satisfaction and mutual pleasure!

~Kisses and bites~ Rachel


2-15-08 What a fantastic day after Valentine’s day! I got to fuck a morning wood that came for me 3 times, or was it 4?

Next was a lovely service sub who explored himself and his body in ways that he hasn’t before for My pleasure…

Then, I got to play with jack-off boys! Making them count how many strokes before they almost cum, changing their hand positions to what *I* want them to be, tied up cocks, lightly slapped cocks, burning inner thighs… mmmm, what better?!?

My favorite is having them believe that I’m so sweet and gentle, they question if they want to play with Me, then whip out the Mistress Voice! Amazing how quickly they snap into position!


Then, I got to close my day talking to my favorite pantie sissi… Destinee and I got a chance to make him squirm and blush and then cream into his panties like a good little girl…(someday, he’ll not have to live at home with his Momma taking care of him, a grown man who can’t make it on his own… Then he can call us at more convenient times. What is he going to do the day I refuse to take his call I wonder?)

Nice talks with vacuu-boy and Mommy Rachel’s sexy pantyhose girl… Can’t wait to play with these two again, I have some very, very exciting plans in store!