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Age: 26
Cup Size: 36b
Trillian: RavenousRae
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Likes: Role-play, being submissive (experimenting with being dominant), toys, fingering myself to the sound of your voice until I squirt, rough sex with no safe-word, anal sex, double (and even triple!) penetration, the unknown (Hell, I'll try just about anything!), orgies, face-sitting, pegging, bondage, nipple play, hair-pulling, biting, sucking cock, swallowing cum, and so much more.
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Hey, I'm Rae, the new girl at YourDesires, and while I can't wait to learn more about you, I'm sure you want to know all my dirty little secrets. ;)

So, where do I start? Sucking every last drop of cum from your throbbing cock, or riding your face till I cum as you gasp for air? Either way, I'm flexible, in more ways than one! Want to talk for a bit and get to know me? Or just have your way with me, any way you desire? Whatever you choose, I'm happy to be your own little sex kitten... with or without the claws. ;)

I'm very much into making you happy, and get wet at the thought of being your personal plaything. I'm very good at following orders, no matter the task. Just imagine grabbing a fist-full of my hair and forcing me to my knees to take your throbbing cock, over and over, until you shoot your oh-so-hot cum down my throat... Or, perhaps, pinning me down, with my face buried in a pillow, my cheeks spread wide open, as you punish my ass for being such a nasty little girl.

Hmmm, maybe you prefer letting ME take the lead? Lend me the reigns and give up control as I show you my “ravenous” side. I'll take your hand and guide you through my fantasies, one by one, and with your obedience, you can soak my panties in my own cum. And when we've finished, maybe I could even send you those panties as a little something to remember our encounter...

Wanna spice things up? I love using toys! I've always wanted to try one of those remote controlled vibrators that works over the internet. Just imagine controlling it, sending pulsing vibrations to my pussy while we talk. My favorite, though, is the tried and true strap-on. Just the thought of you wearing one and stretching my ass and pussy to their limits gets me wet!

There's a time and place for everything, though, and sometimes nothing beats my own fingers. I would love to listen to your voice as I pleasure myself with nothing but what my momma gave me. I want you to tell me all the naughty things we can do while I massage myself into a squirting frenzy!

Now, I wouldn't be very “ravenous” if I weren't okay with taking risks and going beyond just “rough”, right? So let's throw that safe-word to the side and get as naughty (or downright nasty) as you want to be. Do you have a dark desire you'd like to share with me that might scare other girls away? Let me into your world, and I promise not to judge. I may even share the same desire... ;)

E-mail rae@yourdesires.com for my schedule, or find me on Trillian to say hello at: RavenousRae