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Likes: Experimenting with new-to-me adventures, masturbating, especially in the shower, giving oral pleasure, orgasm denial or forced orgasms, light BDSM. Anal-it gives me some of my hardest orgasms! My motto in life is to try everything at least three times...
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Hello my sweets, I am Raya.

I was named after the daughter of Greek Earth Goddess, Gaia.
I have 29 years of life experience behind me and an entire future of memories to make! While I am very experienced in many aspects of life and my sexuality, I am always eager to learn new, incredible ways to give and receive pleasure.

I grew up in the South, coming from a very religious family. There were things we just did not talk about in our home and things we certainly did not do. Premarital sex fell under both of these categories. So what did I do? I fell in love (as much as a teenager can love) when I was 15 years old. I was a nervous wreck and shy about everything all around me. Especially regarding matters sexual in nature. My boyfriend at the time, who had been sexually active for a few years and much older than me - a trend I have kept over my life - was more than ready to teach me the ways of sexual exploration.

No one had ever seen or touched my body before so I was nervous and trembling. I was not quite ready for intercourse so he instructed me to give him a "blow job." I had never seen a man's shaft in person before, so seeing his fully erect, hard and throbbing cock in front of me, waiting for me, calling to me, was the single most erotic thing I had ever experienced up until then. Communication was our greatest connection and boy, communicate he did! He told me how to roll my tongue, when to apply pressure, when to lick, where to lick. He instructed me on how to gently graze my teeth occasionally to add excitement. He taught me everything I needed to know about pleasing a man with my hands and mouth alone and I have taken this knowledge with me to all relationships or encounters I have had along the way.

Since oral was my first sexual act, it has been something of a sexual fixation for me. Nothing gets me wetter or more excited than having a man explode all over me. I love the taste of cum, the texture. I love hot, sticky love juice filling my mouth and overflowing from my lips down onto my body. I also get so excited watching cum shoot out, pump after pump all over my face and body. To see a man's excitement so intense, it has to escape his body in a physical way, and to know I created the pleasure - it is a powerful feeling.

Over the course of our 6 year relationship, he broke down all of my walls and barriers. Since he had been my only partner, we had to keep things from getting boring. We explored so much together and he introduced me to a world of pain and pleasure and taught me how to love what I love and to not be ashamed of anything that makes me feel good.

I love being tied up, spanked and whipped. I love turning the tables and taking control. I love ass play more than anything else that can be done to my body as it is what makes me cum the hardest. I have not yet been able to squirt, as wet as I get, however when I finally do, it will most likely be caused from anal penetration. I can hardly wait.

Maybe you know a trick or two that will help me? Give me advice, tell me what to do. If I happen to be wearing panties when I squirt for the very first time, you could even purchase them from me. My first time will only happen once...

This is a new experience for me but I could not be more excited.
You can write for my schedule at Rayasweekly@yourdesires.com and you can chat with me at RadiantRaya on AOL and YAHOO.

xoxoxo Raya