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Hello, Sexy. Are you ready for me to be that naughty little slut in all
your fantasies? Are you an older, mature man who can teach me and please
me at the same time? If that's the case, then call me Miss Robin. I'm
sweet little temptress that you can have all to yourself. I'm usually
only naughty behind closed doors. I love being a dirty little secret,
being a lady in public but a slut once the door closes behind me. I may be
only 25, but I have been pleasing men and women since I was much younger,
and I have no plans of stopping which is why I am so excited to be your
naughty little slut anytime of day. I am the kind of girl that will be
happily waiting in nothing but an apron with a hot meal, a stiff drink,
and a slow and sensual blowjob to calm you after a hard day.

I have had many women in my life, and let me be honest. I love eating
pussy about as much as I love sucking cock and trust me when I say, I love
sucking cock. What I love about it is the passion I am bringing to another
person, plus the feeling of fingers tangled into my hair pushing and
pulling me closer to make them cum. I also love the sounds, they're so
different from normal sex sounds. There's something so much more intimate
and sexy when there is a thick cock almost down my throat. My moans sound
deeper and so do yours. And yet, there is something so amazing about being
with another woman. I love making a woman moan even more. Interested in a
threesome, or a more-some? I am! I always am! The sound of multiple people
having orgasms is like a symphony of pleasure, and it's one that I am
always willing to attend. Dressed in my finest birthday suit, of course.
Or if you prefer, some sexy or silky lingerie? Maybe slink it up with a
fine pair of sky high heels just showing off my perfect ass? I'll dress up
as fancy as you like it, or I can just be in bed with nothing on but a

I love being told what to do, being tied up or down, and being teased to
the point of begging. I love being bent over and being spanked while
getting pounded deep. I also enjoy being gagged, especially with my own
panties. I will do anything I can to please you, because that's what I
love to do. I love to worship men like gods. I love the feeling of rope
burn and rug burn, especially when it lasts. Walking around in the day to
day, feeling my clothes brush against my tender skin makes me shiver and
smile. The sting of skin on skin is also something I can't get enough of,
and I have learned that only silky fabrics can soothe hard-spanked ass or
thighs. I love getting spanked and whipped, but I love it even more when I
see those pretty red welts rise up on that fine ass of yours. The skin
gets so hot, I just have to touch it and hear you hiss and moan at the

If you are in need of a woman to make you feel like the little bitch you
are, look no further. I get so turned on watching a man put on a pair of
my sexiest panties, especially when I know I'm going to open up that
little cunt of yours with my big, pretty strap on. Trust me when I say
that bending you over and fucking you senseless gets me so wet, I'm just
dripping down my thighs. I love listening to little slaves beg and plead
and moan, crying out "Mistress Robin" when I finally allow you to cum,
that is, if you've done what I've asked. Good boys get rewarded, don't
they? Bad boys get punished. And with my naughty, twisted little mind, the
punishment will be severe and creative.

It is no surprise that I love a sense of danger as well. The possibility
of getting caught is so exciting to me, that I love having sex in
unexpected places. I will admit to having sex in public bathrooms and in
the backseat of a car in hopes that someone would stumble upon us and see
me moaning and writhing in pleasure. I would love to see someone through a
window masturbating as I was getting close to orgasm myself. Seeing
something like that would push me over the edge. It's also a fantasy of
mine to have someone catch me being completely taken advantage of and want
to join us.

Do you have a fantasy? Nailing the cheerleader behind the bleachers?
Having your nurse or doctor give you a more thorough check up? Being
ordered to stay after class for private tutoring or discipline? I can do
all that, and so much more. Maybe we could be fucking wildly on your desk,
and your secretary comes in and wants to join. I also love trying new
things. I know that role play can run far and wide, and I want to explore
them all. I'm sure there is a lot out there that I haven't heard of and I
am more than willing to learn. Tell me your darkest secrets and let's see
if we can't make them as close to real as possible.

I am so excited to talk to you, trust me. Let Miss Robin and her talented
hands take care of you. You can get a hold of me online at RevealingRobin
on both AOL and Yahoo, and on the phone by calling 360-709-0100. Would you
like to see how excited I am when you call? Purchase a pair of my panties,
and I'm sure you'll be satisfied. I know I always end up satisfied, since
you will be able to listen to me have many orgasms during our calls... Do
yourself a favor, and call this little horny slut today!

Until then,