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Robin’s Thoughts

I love my feet, they’re so smooth and soft. I make sure that they get
pampered often, with long and luxurious pedicures. Picking the perfect
shade of polish to match my mood and feeling the complete relaxation as
the man strongly massages my feet. I wear heels so often that sometimes
it’s almost orgasmic feeling those strong fingers pressing into the
delicate arches of my feet, caressing out the tension and relaxing my
whole body. Did you know that there are points all over your feet that
connect to the rest of your body? There’s one spot, right under the ball
of my foot that if you massage hard enough and slow enough, my body arches
and the shock of orgasm rocks through my body. I love it when my feet are
worshiped. My favorite sensation is coming home after a long day, walking
around in my sky high, peep toe heels and sliding my feet into a nice hot
bath. After they’re warm, relaxed and soft, I like to put on this amazing
silky, mint lotion and comfy socks. The tingling of the lotion is almost
better than feeling a hot, wet tongue licking against the pads of my toes.
Or a slight grazing of teeth along the ball of my foot… Gently though,
because I do have very sensitive and ticklish feet!
It’s so much fun having multiple partners. To be more specific, I have two
boyfriends now. And they are both so different. The younger one, he’s a
little queer. He loves sucking cock, and I love to watch him. I love
watching his dick get harder and harder as someone just fucks his pretty
little face. He’s a naughty little bottom too. He loves it when I throw
his legs up over my shoulders and pound into him with my nice thick strap
on. He’s so much fun to play with, he’s a perfect little toy. My other
boyfriend, the older one, is completely different. He loves to tangle his
hands in my hair as my mouth drags up and down on his cock. He loves to
leave me with bruises, in the form of hickeys or hand prints across my
ass. He twists me and turns me and fucks me from every angle imaginable
until I’m cumming so hard, I’m soaking the bed. In a perfect world, I
would get them together. So I could fuck my precious little toy while I’m
getting fucked and spanked, just like I’m a good little toy too…
You’re a naughty boy and you need to be punished, that much is clear. But
what’s the best way to punish you? Do I tie your hands behind your back
and blindfold you, pushing my panty covered pussy into your face over and
over? Or should I just tie you down to the bed and let my pretty nipples
tease your nose, just out of reach of you tongue? In fact, I think I’ll do
both. And I think I’ll tease you and touch you and lick you until you are
literally begging me to let you cum. You want to come for me? You want me
to think you worthy? You want to feel my hot, wet mouth wrapped around the
tip of your cock? Not until you’re so hard, your dick is flushed red and
dripping. Give it to me, you know you want to make Miss Robin happy…
Give it to me.
Do you know what I love? Masturbation Addicts. I love pathetic, weak
minded boys who have spent their lives with their fists around their
dicks, knowing that no pussy can ever compare to your five pretty fingers.
I love hearing you fuck into that sweet little hand pussy, while listening
to me tell you when and where to touch, twist, move, stroke and squeeze.
Most of the time, I do want to hear you cum for me. Shouting out my name
as you pump helplessly into that slick fist. Sometimes, I’d rather hear
you beg, down on your knees, frantically rubbing that prick and biting
your lip because I just won’t give you permission to cum. I know you will
do whatever I tell you to, because that’s what masturbation addicts are.
Pathetic little orgasm sluts who need to be told how to get laid without
ever touching a woman. Before you slide into that hot, wet fist pussy,
call me. I will tease and taunt you, I will play with you for my own
amusement… Just so you can say, “Thank you, Miss Robin.”
Halloween is my favorite time of year! I love being able to dress up like
anyone or anything and find something new and different to fuck every
year. Though, I am having a little trouble deciding what I want to be. Do
you want to help me? You could come over late one night and help me go
through my closet, trying on all my short dresses and asking which one my
ass looks best in. If you didn’t give me the truth, you would end up
getting punished. Maybe some nice hard slaps to your perfect little ass,
or maybe I’ll tie one of my favorite scarves around your hard cock so you
can be in a makeshift chastity belt. Mmm, I could be a good little angel,
or a naughty little demon. The only choice you get to make is which one is
going to be bending you over, shoving your face into the mattress and
fucking you!
I love looking my best, don’t you? Those kinds of outfits that just hug me
in just the right way, making my tits and my ass look absolutely drool
worthy. I love shopping and twisting this way and that in the mirror, just
to make sure I look like the sexy diva I am. But you know what I want to
see even more? I want to use you, my pet. I want to dress you up like my
own little doll and trot you out on the town in a perfect pair of fuck me
heels. I want to squeeze that little clitty of yours into a pair of
panties and try to hide the bulge when you get excited with a pretty
little clutch or maybe a scarf. I want to dress you up and make you look
as pretty as I do, and then I want to take you home and fuck you like the
little bitch you’ve been dressed up like all night long
I do love July, considering it’s my birthday month! And while I will be on
vacation from the 8th-14th, I promise I am going to come back with some
naughty games to play. Do you have a naughty, teasing game you’d like to
play? How about we see how long we can tease you before you’re begging
Mistress Robin to let you empty those balls? Or maybe we could dole out
spankings for every time you do not thank, acknowledge or disobey your
Mistress? If you don’t want to play a game, maybe you finally can’t take
it anymore and need that hot, young thing that makes your coffee in the
morning. Or that jogger you see every Saturday, running by your house.
Let’s build a new naughty xxx phone sex fantasy that you and I can play
together. Make sure you hold onto those ideas, because if you miss me this
weekend you’re going to have to wait! And if you need some naughty
thoughts to tide you over while I’m gone, just think of me skinny dipping
and sunning naked sexy self by the lake, or me getting all sweaty and
dirty while I go hiking! A nice loud fuck in the woods while we watch the
sunset sounds heavenly, don’t you think?
One Year at YD:
Can you believe I’ve been here for a year? Things have been going by so
fast, I almost missed it myself! I’ve been having so much fun catering to
the desires of all you naughty boys over the phone, and I can’t wait to
continue! And my birthday is coming up soon as well! So in this time of
anniversary for Mistress Robin, what can you do? You can call of course,
but I want something different. How about we start out light, 25 spanking
for each of those pretty ass cheeks of yours? Make them all nice and red
and hot to the touch, ready for me to spread apart and push my nice big
strap on inside? Or maybe, 25 spanks right on the head of that hard cock.
Can you hold off cumming for 25 minutes? I’m turning 25 and I’m thinking
of all the sexy ways I can torture you over the phone for my amusement.
What I really want is that naughty stuff we’ve never talked about before,
those secrets you’ve been keeping from me, I want you to lay them all
bare, as bare as you should be when I tie you spread eagle down on the bed
and tease my pretty pussy right over your face. If you don’t want big bad
Mistress Robin, try for some obediant cock sucking Robin. Little Miss
Robin who will do whatever you command, especially if it involved feeling
that cock choking my throat. Call me by July 6th to help me celebrate,
boys! I’ll be waiting! ;)
It’s getting warmer, which means spring and summer are here! I’m finally
pulling all of my little barely there sundresses out of the closet and
making sure that they are as short as ever. Have I told you that I hardly
ever wear panties in the summer? It’s perfect because all you need to do
is slide those straps down my arms, and push the skirt up at the bottom
and I’m your naughty little plaything guaranteed to make you hot hot hot!
I can’t wait to give my creamy skin a little color, let’s just hope those
hands of yours don’t give me naughty tan lines!

It’s a brand New Year! 2013 is going to be so much fun, especially if you
give me a call… I’m staying in my same schedule, but if you’re new and
want to play with me, I’m here Saturdays, Sundays and Tuesdays from
10a-10p and Wednesdays from 9a-4p.

So I’m leaving tomorrow for a sunny and sexxxy beach vacation in Maui! I’ll be back on the 26th of October though, so don’t worry, we’ll still get to play. I can’t wait to have all the boys stare at me in my bikini… hopefully I’ll be able to find some cute boys (or girls) and take them home so we can play! I’m sure I’ll have plenty of stories to tell when I come back! Mmm, hopefully one where I go skinny dipping and meet a hot boy toy who can’t take his eyes off me…

I’m getting excited already, I better calm down before I find a guy on the plane ride over to just fuck senseless in the bathroom! Won’t be the first time I join the Mile High Club! <3 ------------------------------------------------- I just found out that I get to go to Maui soon! I am so excited to stretch this pretty little body out on the sand and get a tan! I'll just be sad knowing I won't be here to be a little phone slut for a whole week! Knowing my kinky little brain, I will come back with a load (or two) of amazing stories and fantasies that I won't wait to share! And of course, I'll be dying to play with all my little slaves when I get back! ------------------------------------------------- I've been thinking about all my little pets that I have collected lately. It's almost more pleasurable hearing "Yes, Goddess!" than it is to hear my own name anymore. I love having control and power and at the same time, I love it when it's taken away from me so roughly. Mmm, now all I need to find is a good Dom to give me a good fucking! Deep and rough and, if you look closely enough, hand prints on my perfect ass from where I was being spanked so hard! ------------------------------------------------- Has it really only been three weeks? I can't believe how the time has flown! These girls here at YD are really showing me the ropes, strap ons included! I can't believe how lucky I am, getting to come in here every day and not only play with all you horny boys, but with all these sexxxy ladies! And my goodness the time has flown. I have been taught so much about being more dominant (which I'm getting better at) and my creative juices have been flowing like crazy. All my juices actually! It's so fun for a little nympho like me to be here, learning and playing and getting off all at the same time. And now I have a set schedule where I can get you off as many times as your balls will fill back up again for me. Mmm, I'm getting wet just thinking about it! ------------------------------------------------- I'm so excited! My birthday is this weekend and I don't know exactly how to celebrate... Maybe one of the girls will let me have them for my birthday cake! Or maybe a few of us will get messy making me a cake in the kitchen! I'd love to lick up some creamy frosting... Who knows! All I know is I am going to have a wonderful weekend, especially if I get a cute boy to call my own for the night... Call me and help me celebrate on Saturday!