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Likes: Sharing secret desires, making fantasies realities, anal, putting boys in dresses, cumming simultaneously, fucking outdoors, girl on girl, motorcycles, nudity, spanking, anonymous fucking.
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Hey there, I'm Roxanne.
I am playful, a little surly and full of naughty ideas and indulgences.
I'm new to this game and eager to please (and tease) you.

I enjoy sharing secret pleasures and fantasies and helping to fulfill them. It's exciting to explore something new and it always feels dangerous and dirty in the most spectacular and arousing way. Boundaries, limits and comfort zones are really fun to play with and test. It is not unusual for me to become incredibly aroused by something you find exciting but terrifying or repulsive. I love the challenge of trying to turn that thing into a pleasure and treat for you and giving you that gift is my ultimate satisfaction. What are you curious about? What is something you've always been afraid to try? Is your masculinity threatened by anal penetration? Are you dying to taste the ecstasy of torture and pain? Would you like to be fawned over by Mommy? Do you want to be shamed? Shit on? Ignored? Do you want to wear pretty lace panties and stockings? I love dressing men up in pretty dresses and lacy lingerie. I like to think about you going to work in a suit and tie, a poster-boy of authority and manhood. Only I know what you're wearing underneath all that. It's pink. And has ruffles. And if the other businessmen catch a glimpse while you're relieving yourself in the restroom, I know you'd be utterly crippled with embarrassment. I won't tell anyone your secrets though. You can even purchase a pair of my own panties to wear or sniff or munch on if you'd like.

Something that I personally used to be afraid of and intrigued by is anal. I met someone who really wanted it so I allowed him to do it on special occasions but before long I became completely obsessed with cock in my ass! I never get tired of having my ass pounded and spanked. If I can't sit or walk straight for a couple of days I'm a very happy girl.

One of the fantasies I frequently find myself daydreaming about is a hot summer day, taking off into the mountains on my motorcycle. I can almost feel the hum and vibration of the machine between my legs, flying down country roads, the sun hot on my back. Sweat rolls down my neck and between my breasts as I lean forward on my bike taking a sharp turn. The throbbing beneath me migrates into my body. I rock and grind in my seat, shifting down as I barrel along curving mountain roads. My cunt is wet from the vibrations and my body is moist with sweat. The monotone drumming of the engine and the heat of the sun lull me as I gyrate in my chaps. Just a few more miles and then I pull off next to a nondescript trail. My leathers are hot and dry and I peel out of them exposing my damp sweating body to the cool shade. My white tank top is transparent with perspiration and my nipples stand hard under the thin cotton. As I make my way down the trail I slip off my clothing and cum drenched underwear, not expecting anyone else to be at my secret spot. My cunt is wet and swollen from the ride up and it's far too hot out to do anything about it quite yet. I'm so distracted by the heat and my own arousal that I don't even notice the good looking stranger lounging in the shallows, watching me approach. I clear the trees and drop my damp clothes on a rock before diving off a ledge into the cool, still lake. As I come up for air, gasping at the cold of the mountain water, we lock eyes. I've never seen anyone else here before and at first I'm rather alarmed and annoyed. I swim to the shallows and noticing his good looks I relax a little. I roll over on my back, my firm breasts bare and goose-pimpled, warming in the sun as I backstroke closer to introduce myself... what do you think happens next? Does he have a lady friend that plays with us too?

While adventures and experiments are endlessly fun I also enjoy a good old fashioned fuck now and then. The kind of simple fucking that comes naturally to the horny strangers, the eager inexperienced teens, and the longtime lovers alike. Desperate hands and hungry mouths roaming warm bodies, tearing at clothes. The grabbing of buttocks and breasts and hips and shoulders, pulling each other closer, each person yearning for that moment of satisfaction. I love that laborious game of give and take and keeping your companion aroused and in the moment, only to fulfill your own burning need. I love to pace myself and find the rhythm of my partner so that our hunger feeds and fills each other. My favorite is when we strike just the right chord together so that that we climax simultaneously, crying and clawing and gasping for more, then collapsing into a puddle of quivering muscle, cum and sweat. Hopefully after a short rest we're both ready for more...

When things are getting really hot sometimes I need a firm hand to guide me. I can be a bit willful and sassy and you might have to take me over your knee and teach me a lesson now and then. I promise to behave if you leave me some lovely bruises as reminders. I also love it when you demand that I cum for you and call me dirty names.

But what do you like best? I am always eager to learn and try new things. Why don't you shoot me an email at and we can discuss your interests and fantasies. You can also keep tabs on when I'll be on the phone by requesting my schedule at And I'm available to live chat at RoxanneIsReady on both AOL and Yahoo!

I hope we can play soon! Xo Roxanne