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Hey hott stuff!

My name is Sabrina and I recently graduated from college where I learned some new tricks that I'd love to try out on you! I love exploring the different realms of sexuality and am curious about what you're into.

One of my favorite places to be is the outdoors. I find it gorgeous and romantic. I love going on long strenuous hikes. It's part of my self care regiment. It's a wonderful way to relax and it also helps maintain my ultra sexy body. Speaking of relaxing, when was the last time you took a bubble bath? I love bath time!! I make it extra special with candles and my super cute rubber duckies. Sometimes the rubber duckies can get naughty with me. ;)

When I was younger my boyfriend and I would hike up to this spot to get away from people. I went to boarding school and wasn't allowed to have boys in my room so the secluded forest was the next best thing. There was this seemingly private spot we would go to so we could be alone. We were doing our usual thing, rolling around naked, touching each other on our blanket. Our naughty ceremony was just beginning when I heard a noise and tried to put my clothes back on. But wait, I knew that voice. It was a friend of mine, Julie. She admitted to following us up there. She explained her curiosity with our sex life and that she was completely inexperienced. I always thought she was a total babe and we asked her if she wanted to stay and play with us. ; )

It wasn't long before I had her doing everything that I wanted. It was such an awesome feeling to have that sexual dominance! I taught her how to suck cock, up and down, soft yet firm, and commanded her to suck my boyfriend off on all fours while I explored her ultra tight pussy. Getting her off was super fun. It was her first orgasm! I could tell that all three of us were going to be much better friends.

Talking about Julie reminds me of my first sexual encounter. I used to live near the beach and everyone knew me as the girl with the perfect ass. Yet, I'd never had a piece of ass myself. My best friend, Kelly, was older than me and more experienced. She invited me to hang out at Pedro and Manuel's house. They were brothers and older than us. She said they could buy us alcohol and had a hot tub in their backyard. I was so down for some fun. Things got really crazy. We were taking shots of whiskey in the hot tub and playing "have you ever?" They found out I was a virgin and Manuel was determined to make that change. He picked me up and carried me into his room. I was feeling pretty adventurous and he was fun to kiss. He had me pinned and I wasn't about to stop him. His dick was stiff he guided my hand to it. I squeezed tightly and slowly moved up and down. I felt his fingers going deep inside me. It was only a matter of time before all innocence would be lost. I remember him slowly starting to ease his way in, when I shrieked he put his hand over my mouth. The restraint really did it for me. The rough sex felt amazing. I still can't get enough. Getting fucked hard reminds me of the first time.

You might be wondering about why I was sent to boarding school. Well, I'm a BAD girl at heart and have always had problems with authority. Back then I felt like an experienced woman trapped in a little girl's body. At boarding school we weren't allowed to have the opposite sex in our dorm rooms, and I hated this rule. It was soo hard for me. All I wanted was to get the affection and attention I deserved. I just couldn't take it anymore and especially because this older boy, Jake, had been passing me naughty notes in class. It drove me absolutely crazy, and he knew it.

One day I walked into my dorm room and got a big surprise. Jake was hiding in my room. He slammed the door behind me and locked it. I could tell he wanted me; his hard cock was bulging out of the top of his pants. I was still in my school girl uniform. I sat down in a chair and explained how I could get in a lot of trouble if someone found out. He said "We just have to be quiet". That seemed easy enough, right? He pulled up my skirt and touched my soft pussy ready with desire. He pushed my legs open and stuffed his face under my skirt. Finally some fucking in my own room! He was really good at eating my pussy too. He focused his tongue on my clit and used his hands really well. All the attention down there was incredibly sexy and overwhelming. Then he turned me around and bent me over my desk holding me down and pounding me so hard that I totally lost control. My moaning must've been too loud because I could hear the lock turning and the door opening. I could feel his throbbing cock moving in and out of my tight pussy and it didn't stop there. My dorm advisor and professor, Mr. Fuller walked in and I thought we were done for. He acted angry and insisted that he needed to teach us a thing or two. I was confused as to what he was eluding to. He started to unzip his pants, then I knew. He threatened to expel Jake and I from school unless we played along with him. Mr. Fuller demanded that Jake suck his cock. He didn't want to at first, but I think he started to like it. It was so much fun to watch! When Jake gagged I just about lost it. Mr. Fuller asked me how I felt about anal. I told him that I'd never tried it before but was open to the idea. I let him play with my asshole a little bit and with just one finger at a time and lots of lube. It felt different and exciting! I was aroused but really wanted Jake's cock in my ass so I asked for it. I will admit it was just a little painful at first, but it was totally worth it! Mr. Fuller stuck his dick in my mouth which was electrifying and the more I wanted the cock deep inside in my ass. This experience was truly liberating.

After that experience, it really turns me on to mess around with authority figures and role play. I have this fantasy about fingering a cop's asshole. Are you a cop?

I later got kicked out of boarding school for being a big mean slut. If you want to see how big of a slut I can be you should talk to me. I can be mean or nice, and I can treat you like the little sissy girl that you are if you want.

I studied a lot of science in university. I have the scientific method down. I could totally experiment all over you. I could bend you over my lab bench and crank up my hot plate. Do you like it that way? Do you want to be my special lab rat whore? I like to imagine turning lab equipment into sex toys. I used to bring my vibrator to school constantly. It relieved stress and was good for in between classes and when I had some free time. It felt so naughty. Once I fucked this guy in the library that was fun. We had to be really quiet.

When I think about all the crazy weird fetishes out there my panties get really wet. If you want the panties I'm wearing right now they can be yours for just a small fee. Sometimes I don't wear panties, but I can get pretty wet while I talk to you.

Send an email to to find out when I am available. You can also reach me via at e-mail, or send me an IM at Hott4Sabrina on both AOL and Yahoo!

Can't wait! Sabrina