Sabrina’s Thoughts

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Sabrina’s Thoughts

Just the other night, I was talking to one of my favorite little phone sluts. He begged me to let him be my ultimate phone sex slave. I must admit, after I heard him beg, I couldn’t resist and had to let him have it! I started by teasing his cock with words from my sexy hypnotic voice. By way of my analgesic voice, he plunged into complete euphoric ecstasy. He was then at the mercy of my phone fantasy.

I had complete control over him, which sent me into a realm of deep desire craving to make him fully lose control. In order to truly make him my dirty sex slave, I coerced him into wearing “our” favorite toy. This toy made him completely submissive to me. It consisted of a thick, smooth black leather chastity belt with a few chain rings for added manipulations. Once he had it on, he became my little fuck toy for the night. He continued to worship me, while listening to my spell of enchanted perversions. I became so fucking worked up, that I almost came right before I allowed him to remove the chastity belt. I watched him on web cam squirt cum all over his chest while I shoved my dildo even further into my pussy climaxxxing harder than ever before. I could barely see straight after that, and just can’t wait to have one on one phone sex with him again!


Do you have a fursona? Just the other night, I had an intense dream that woke me up moaning with erotic desire. I found myself in a hot, steamy jungle completely alone except for the wild animals all around me. I felt scared, lost and an impending sense of doom rapidly approaching. Then out of the corner of my eye, a Black Panther darted past me. Its shiny, sleek coat caught my eye with alarm. The next thing I knew the wild cat jumped on me, and I was fighting for my life. It was unbelievably surreal. Then the cat started licking me tenderly. It began to feel good running my fingers and hands over its plush, sleek, shiny coat. This fierce dominant panther felt soft, yet muscular. I felt this big pussy’s cock slowly start to ease its way into my own. The sensations coming from this wild cat were profound and like no other on earth. I couldn’t believe this wild pussy was fucking me like a dirty slut.