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Age: 34
Cup Size: 36d.26.36
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Likes: Variety, domination both roles, oral giving and receiving, anal, toys, pegging, bondage ropes and restraints, nipple play, threesomes or more, outdoor fun, public sex, and so much more.
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I consider myself to be tri-sexual, meaning I will try anything sexual that sounds fun, at least once, more if I like it (haven't found anything I don't like yet!) I am always looking for an adventure, an opportunity to try new things, and new partners!

My sexual appetite is bipolar. At times I enjoy the soft sensual caressing touches that make me squirm with delight like a school girl being tickled into seduction, and other times the rougher the more satisfying and the wetter my hot little pussy gets from the biting, spanking, hair pulling, and nipple clamps.

Teasing the cock with my tongue up and down the shaft then twirling my tongue around the tip making sure it is nicely slobbered on before plunging that hard dick straight down my throat is one of my specialties and favorites! I cum every time my throat is invaded with big cock! Another reason to enjoy the 69 position!

Arousing my partner outside while hiking in the woods or at a theater is so enticing with the possibility of being caught. I get wet just thinking about it, imagine how many sweet juices I would excrete while talking to you about it!!

Domination is so much fun and I am pleased to play both roles! Having complete control over someone and the feeling of power over their pleasure gets me off. I will tell you where you can put your hard cock, or if I want where I will put my strap-on! The decision is mine, exciting!! Or, I am the one who is completely vulnerable at the hands of another having control over my body and pleasure! You get to tell me what to do, how to do it, and with whom, or what you're going to do, if you tell me at all! I'm getting wet right now just talking about it!!

By the end of our call my panties will be dripping from all the fun we have had. Wouldn't you love to keep those panties as a memory of how good you made me feel? If you would like to purchase them, I will discreetly send the panties I was wearing during our call straight to you. I know the sweetness of my juices won't leave you disappointed.

Do you like what you see? Have you also enjoyed what you have read? You can reach me by calling 360-412-8211. Or you can email me at Give me a call so we can start talking and get to know each other. If you want to chat on line for minute or two before calling, you can find me on Trillian at SensualScarlet. I will be waiting.

Can't wait to hear your voice!