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Likes: lingerie, voyeurism, nipple play, blow jobs, girls, older men (mmm...Daddy!), toys, hair pulling, choking and scratching... and many, many more
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Hey there! I'm Serena - a petite, playful, bubbly babe who wants to know ALL of your desires. Wanna know some of mine?

Sexy lingerie is my kryptonite! If I ever need a mood booster I put on one of my sexiest, little pieces with a pair of stilettos and dance around my room before slipping into my miniskirt or sundress. Knowing that a wind gust can expose my sexy little panties to any passerby gets me so turned on! I can prove it - you can buy them off of my perfect pink pussy. But what will you do once you have them? Will you rub them all over your cock as you stroke it? Or are you going to slip into them yourself so you can see how good it feels to be a sexy phone slut?

I love having your perfect cock in my mouth. There is nothing that gets my panties more wet than when I have a mouthful of rock hard cock and my hands around your balls... until you pull out a vibrator, a butt plug or the anal beads! Play with me while I suck, lick and tease the cum right out of that cock with my talented twisty tongue and soft pillowy lips.

Are you looking for some guidance? You NEED me to direct you through your kinks, don't you? Sensual Domination, verbal humiliation and mind fucking are just a few of the tricks up the sleeve of my black leather bodice. We can go as soft or as hard as necessary to train you, tease you and mind fuck you into submission. That cock is mine. The cum in those balls? It's mine. Your mind and thoughts: mine too. I know you want to be a little slut, I know you need to worship me as your Goddess. "Yes, Miss, I do."

Your pleasure turns me on - watching you please yourself gets me all worked up. I love seeing that shiny, swollen cock in your hand while my sweet voice guides you closer and closer to pleasure. Once you're all worked up I want to help bring you over the edge.... or do I? Maybe keeping you on that edge is exactly where you need to be. Get ready, set up your cam and give me a show I'll masturbate to for weeks.

Daddy, your little girl wants to please you. Let me sit on your lap while we confess our sexiest secrets to one another. I won't tell a soul, your whispered secrets are safe. Sometimes I can be a bit of a brat and need to be taught a lesson. Tie me up, pull my hair, spank and choke me. I want to be a good girl, I promise, I just need Daddy to show me how.

My first sexual experiences were with girls - a tradition I keep up with today. I'd love to share my stories with you... What is it about the soft curves of the female body and the way a sopping wet pussy looks after its been licked, sucked, and teased into oblivion? I just can't resist. having such sexy phone sluts around all day makes this urge even stronger! Pick another girl and let's play with her, use her, and leave her laying in a puddle of post-orgasmic endorphins and cum.

Don't my pink Hershey kiss nipples just beg you to come play? Pinch, twist, and suck my nipples until my panties are drenched... Maybe I should get out the nipple clamps? Will you give them a tug when I'm about to cum? It's guaranteed to make me squirt!

You can email me anytime at if you want to know my schedule or you can find me on Trillian (SighForSerena) if you want to chat a bit. What are you waiting for? Let me help fulfill your desires!