Serena’s Fantasies

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Serena’s Fantasies

I have been a naughty girl. Please don’t tell my boyfriend what I’ve been doing… I just can’t keep the secret anymore and must confess. Yes, I know my confession will likely bring consequence but it must be. This secret is eating me.
There’s this woman, she’s captured my attention and I don’t know what to do. When I’m with my boyfriend I imagine his hands are hers all over my softly tanned olive skin. The tongue swirling all over my clit, the fingers between my swollen lips, the skin against skin… it’s all hers.
And it’s not that my boyfriend would mind, I’m sure he would love to watch – tied to the purple suede chair in the corner. Watching as our bodies become entangled, fingers twisted in each other’s hair, soft feminine hands on softer feminine curves. But I don’t want to share. The moments between us are so perfect and sensual – we can’t risk anything cumming in the way of it, even if it is a perfect specimen of a cock.
It’s selfish and I deserve strong consequences. I promise to take my punishment – however hard she gives it to me. Spank by spank, leaning over the soft purple, hands bound to the chair legs – I will be forgiven for my selfish thoughts.

You look so sexy laying back in your bed, stroking your cock under your shorts. Why don’t you take them off and show me how excited you are… you know I like to watch! As you raise your hips to slide out of your shorts I see a little surprise tucked between your cheeks. I can’t help but wonder how long it’s been in there, are you nice and relaxed now? I hope so because I’ve got a surprise for you!

You feel my hands on your ankles… strapping them to the bed. Let go of your cock, it’s my toy tonight. Your hands are restrained and you look like a starfish… I climb on top of you to straddle your face, facing your cock so I can watch it swell as you lick my cunt. My miniskirt acts as curtains – you are in a dark private space with my sweet little pussy to keep you company. Watching your cock grow with every stroke of your tongue and whimper from my mouth is such a turn on! You’re making me feel so good… I should return the favor!

As I lean forward to hold your perfect cock between my lips light peeks from under my skirt… you can see the surprise I’ve been hiding for you in my cute little tush. “Pull it out,” I demand. As you pull the dildo out of me I swallow your cock all the way down my throat. My mouth comes to the base of your shaft, balls in my hand… you gasp and I pull the plug out of your ass.

Don’t worry, daddy… I’ll fill you back up very soon.

You’ve been bound by leather restraints for hours. Your mouth pried open by the prongs of a spider gag, eyes covered with a leather mask. The floor around you is slick from your nervous sweat. What’s wrong, whore? Regretting the past few days now, aren’t you? Little blisters surround your nipples – you begged like a bitch for me to stop, to use anything but my cat o’ 9 tails to whip your chest. So I whipped you harder. You’ve been very naughty lately. Talking back, questioning my authority… how dare you speak to your Goddess with anything other than adoration and respect.

The heel of my pump presses into your right inner thigh, while you kneel at my feet – hands bound behind your back, resting just above the word “SLUT” embedded in your juicy cheeks. As the rose scent on my skin intensifies you feel my breath against your cheek as my words slide into your left ear, “You are my slave. You will do as I say or there WILL be consequences…” My voice trails off as my teeth sink into your earlobe and clench down hard. An indistinguishable mumble comes from your open mouth, watching your tongue dart around your mouth while you try to make words brings a smirk to my face.

I slide my pointer finger under your blindfold and slowly light begins to peek through the bottom. Your eyes are sensitive from being covered for so long but when your vision clears your nerves start back up. Maybe it was better when you couldn’t see what’s been waiting for you. Before you stands a man, from your knees he appears to be 7 feet tall. His body is a chocolate brick of solid muscle with hands larger than your face. The bulge swelling down the leg of his pants is the largest you’ve ever seen. His voice booms, “You’re going to choke until tears stream down your face, faggot.”

The diagnosis says you won’t survive the year. Though my heart is breaking at the idea of you being gone I want nothing more than to ensure that your last breaths are the best you’ve ever taken. Your send off into eternity will be everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Summer is spent drawing inspiration from the places we’d always talked about visiting. The stained glass and high arches of Gothic cathedrals, the saturation of color in the plush palatial drapery, and the feeling of home that only the evening sun on a perfect day can evoke. Your day arrives and it couldn’t be more perfect! The sun’s warmth cut by a crisp fall breeze. As clusters of leaves dance through the yard I help you into the Armani suit we bought during our stay in Florence. It fits you like a glove and you look so sexy! My hands make their way around your neck to knot the red silk tie that matches my panties and bra. Once your tie is perfect I hold your face in my small hands and look into your eyes. “Are you ready for your funeral, my love?” Your eyes sparkle and a smile makes it’s way across your mouth as you pull me onto your lap. We hold each other tight and enjoy the last kisses we will share in our home before I slip into a dress comprised of gausy layers of black and emerald, a sheer white hooded cloak being the final layer.

We walk into the church, hand in hand. The depressed arches along the vaulted entry way evoke a feeling of heavy breathlessness. Glowing candles hang from the high ceiling points as light peeks through the stained glass windows of the 19th century Gothic cathedral. We make our way down the aisle, along the pews filled with every woman you’ve ever known. You nod as we pass each one – acknowledging the beauties standing at attention to witness your final walk. Once we are at the alter I take both of your hands into mine, look into your beautiful eyes and smile.

“Beloved one, you are dying,
but you are not alone.
We are here with you,
the beloved dead await you.

You go from love
into love.
Carry with you
only love.

May our love carry you
and open the way.”

I remove my sheer white cloak. “Comfort is very important when transitioning into death. As a ceremonial part of your passing each guest will be invited to help remove your clothes – freeing you from your worldly constraints.” To begin the process of undressing you I find my hands, once again, manipulating your tie until it is loose. As I pull the tie from around your neck you take a deep breath and smile at me. You’ve never looked more peaceful. One by one your audience approaches you, button by button your shirt opens. Your belt is unfastened by a beautiful red head with the curves of an hourglass. You are stripped down to nothing thanks to the beautifully manicured hands of your Goddesses. Colorful light beams across your bare skin as you slip into the sheer white cloak. “Are you comfortable, Matthew?” You nod your head slowly, taking it all in. You climb the marble steps to rest on your alter smelling of rose hips and lavender. Your head comes to rest on a velvet pillow, your smile beams up at me telling me this is exactly what you wanted. As I lean over you can see down the yards of fabric draping over me. Our lips meet briefly before I whisper, “Enjoy your funeral, my love. I can’t wait to cremate you,” and take my place at the alter.

How would you react if I told you that I have the good fortune of sexy phone girls as housemates? Between lingerie parties, sexy conversations, and play time there is never a dull moment! Wouldn’t you just love to be a fly on the wall?

Our days start with coffee and cannabis (what is it about that plant that gets our panties dripping?). Now that the weather is warming up we have been taking advantage – sipping and smoking on the second story deck in little lace negligees or silk tap shorts and little camisole tops. The boys living in the house across the street always seem to be out when we are… I can’t say I blame them. Maybe soon they’ll be brave enough to say hi! If you lived across the street would you cum over? If you were brave enough to knock what would you say when the door opens? Would you be rendered speechless by the vision of three lingerie clad goddesses?

As you probably imagine the conversations between us are always sexual in nature. We talk about everything from sex tips and dating disasters to our kinks and fantasies. The talk can get us pretty turned on… some days we retreat to our bedrooms and play with toys by ourselves. Other days we play with each other’s sexy bodies. It is so nice having sexy phone sluts at my disposal!

After a few orgasms we go about our day: playing with our pets, bikini gardening, and making art. By mid afternoon we are usually pretty horny again and wind up having each other for lunch. I love tasting their sweet little pussies and teasing their nipples until they cum all over themselves.

Maybe you have some fun ideas we should try? Call me, tell me how you would fuck my hot friends.

The sea swells as clouds roll across the darkening sky. Sailors scramble
to prepare for the worst aboard their fishing boat. All through the night
the storm continues battering the ship and disorienting the sailors. They
do what they can to keep themselves and the boat safe before falling
asleep in heaps of exhaustion. As the sun appears over the horizon the
groggy, sleepy eyed sailors realize their food and water rations were
destroyed in the chaos, they have weeks left at sea and must survive.

After what seems like an eternity of floating around in the vast open sea
an island appears on the horizon. They chart a course for the distant
island and within hours the anchor lowers into the crystal blue sea a few
hundred yards off shore. Two of the men stay aboard the ship while 3,
armed with weapons and fishing gear, climb into a row boat and make their
way to the tree lined island. The men search the trees for ripe bananas,
nuts and berries. They gather their findings in a satchel while discussing
their plan. They must venture to higher ground to find fresh water.
Searching the beach they come upon a stream and follow it through the
trees. It’s nice to be shaded by the tropical canopy, flowers are in bloom
on vines that hang from the trees as birds sing to the marching men. The
sailors grow tired and decide to stop for a rest and a small meal of the
feast they’ve collected. They fill their canteens with fresh water from a
small stream and feast on fruits and nuts. After their meal the men close
their eyes for a rest. Their dreams are filled with beautiful melodies
sung by the most angelic voices. It must have been the bird songs filling
their ears that tricked their brains while asleep. They wake and stretch,
feeling refreshed. But the sweet song, the beautiful soft woman’s voice –
it can still be heard. The men look at one another, wondering if they are
delirious from the night before or poisoned by their lunch of berries.
Nobody feels sick, actually quite the opposite – this song has made all of
the trauma from the storm subside and they are all feeling better than
they had in months. Excited by the idea of people the sailors scramble to
their feet and follow the song through the trees. Before long the men find
themselves hiding in the tree line surrounding a lagoon.

Splashing in the water of the deep emerald lagoon are three women,
seemingly nude but it’s hard to tell with their long hair draping over
their shoulders. The women swim with an ease that the men have only seen
in sea creatures. Their skin and hair appear to sparkle in the golden sun.
Once again a beautiful song fills the air along with the sweet scent of
vanilla and plumeria flowers. Without a thought the men emerge from the
trees and walk toward the water’s edge. The women look to each other, seem
to smile and giggle, then dip below the water and vanish. The men stand
staring at their reflections in the water, wondering how long these women
can hold their breaths when their reflections are broken by the emerging
faces of the most beautiful women.

The swimming women lock eyes with the fishermen and without a thought they
remove their boots and dive in after the beauties. As soon as their feet
leave the ground the women dip back below the surface. Once in the water
the men open their eyes to search for the sirens they followed in. The
beautiful song can still be heard, even more clearly, under the water.
They swim towards the song, the glowing eyes of the goddesses leading
their way, chasing the air bubbles created by the swimming women. Just
when they can’t hold their breath for another second their lips are met by
the soft lips of the swimming women. This kiss is intoxicating,
invigorating and perfect. It removed the need to breathe, somehow it’s
like they can spend eternity in the water without the need to surface for
air. It’s been months since their last contact with women and the kisses
are reminders of just how much they missed a woman’s touch. The siren’s
grab the men by their hands and swim with them through the water, leading
them deeper and deeper into the emerald waters… trailing behind long
silken hair. The men don’t know where they are being lead but the
excitement in their pants alleviates all concern.
The moon illuminates the balcony, my stomach content from the
delicious meal you prepared for us. A smile creeps across my face as
I make plans to seduce you while pulling a slow, deep drag from a
cigarette. My purse is full of weapons of mass seduction… which do
I begin with? The words that fall from my lips, the same lips I use
to bring you over the edge during our sexy calls, will be my first
weapon. I snuff out my cigarette just as you step outside and light
your own. My hand gently grazes your abdomen as I whisper, “Meet me
in your bedroom in 10 minutes” before slipping inside.
The tea kettle on the stove begins to whistle, the rocks inside
rumble with the bubbling water. I carry this babbling brook into your
room, remove the rocks and begin to pass them between my hands. The
coconut, lavender and Egyption musk oils in my palm warm and coat the
smooth stones. All of a sudden, I feel your arms wrap around my waist
and your face bury itself in my hair. “You’ve had a long week.
Please, let me help you unwind.” I lay the warm rocks on the bed,
warming the place you will lay, as my little hands unfasten your belt
and pants before slipping them down your long legs.
The rocks warm my silky hands and they glide across your sore muscles
releasing all of the tension and frustration from the week with every
knead. Your eyes roll to the back of your head. With a deep sigh you
give in, I feel your body relax under the spell of my fingers. My
velvet hands manipulate your smooth skin and knotted muscles in your
neck, around your shoulder blades, and down your spine until they
find your thighs. My fingers press firmly into your hamstrings,
pulling toxins from deep within your body. I come to your feet giving
each toe a moment of stretching and massage before finishing it off
with a little kiss.
My hands trace your skin back up to your derrier, gently spreading
each cheek. My warm breath and silken tongue carress the crevass
running between them, tantalizing your senses. My fingers trace the
trail left by my tongue… then they keep going further and further
until you are more relaxed than ever. “Roll over, baby. There’s one
more muscle for me to work on.”
I walk into the bar for a post work drink and take a seat next to a
handsome man. “Whiskey coke,” I tell the sultry redhead bar maid. Knowing
there’s a book in my purse I wonder – do I pull it out and immerse myself
in another world or chat up this handsome man to my right? Before I can
answer blue eyes and a cocktail are in front of me, asking if I want to
start a tab. “Put it on mine,” the man to my right says. I guess the
decision has been made. What’s his story?

As my right hand reaches out to introduce myself it is met by his
strong, masculine hand and brought to his lips for the most gentle
kiss. We talk, get to know each other a little bit, order more
drinks, and flirt. A few hours have passed – it’s getting dark and I
need to be heading home. Sam and I casually exchange numbers and say
goodbye. As I walk home I think about how nice it was just to sit and
talk with somebody at a bar but can’t help feeling like there was
something Sam was holding back.

My phone vibrates in my purse, notifying me of a message. It’s from
Sam! “It was very nice to meet you, Serena. I hope I didn’t seem
strange it’s just that I couldn’t stop thinking about something while
we were talking.” My mind is racing – what could have had him
distracted the whole time? “Anything I can help you with?” “Your
panties. I want to buy your panties.” The panties in question are red
silk Brazilian style – covering just the inside edges of my perfect
cheeks before running between my legs and over my wet little cunt. “I
will consider selling you my panties but it will cost you…”
Immediately my phone rings, it’s him.
The bar is dimly lit by the buzzing flouresent lights offering up
suggestions and persuading drunk customers to order a certain beer or
liquor. It’s just bright enough to see that the blowjob he ordered is
getting the finishing touch of whipped cream dolloped on top. The
shot slides across the bar without a lost drop as Deadpool hears a
deep voice say, “A little bitch like you would order a blowjob in a
place like this.” Without so much as a glance he knows this voice,
it’s the one he hears in his wettest of dreams… This deeply
masculine voice belongs to a venom addicted, masked beast of a man.
Without missing a beat Deadpool licks the dripping whipped cream from
the edge of his little shot glass, wraps his mutilated lips around
the rim and swallows the sweet Irish cream in one gulp. “Bitch?
You’re the bitch, Bane,” the anti-hero continues, “bitches love
bazookas and you want mine.”
Bane, who has taken up residency on the bar stool to Deadpool’s left
– the same side his tingling cock rests on, signals for the
bartender. As Bane leans forward to order his drink Deadpool attempts
to stand up but doesn’t get far before he feels a heavy hand pressing
on his red leather covered thigh, forcing him back to his drinking
throne. “Oh, you’re in charge, huh?” the Merc says to himself,
“That’s adorable.” He turns to his right, stands from his barstool
and struts his tight body towards the jukebox.
The drinks are served as Wham!’s “I’m Your Man” plays over the
clanking glasses and chatter of the flourescent lit bar. Extra
whipped cream, cherries and a side wink from the burly bartender
accompany the round of blowjobs sitting on the sticky bar in front of
them. Bane’s pinky swipes some whipped cream from his blowjob shot as
he tells the Merc with the Mouth, “Open up for Daddy”. Deadpools eyes
open as wide as his mouth and he takes Bane’s whipped cream covered
pinky into his warm velvety mouth and sucks every bit of sweet cream
from Bane’s callused, venom flavored finger. “You want more than
that you’ll have to beg for it,” Deadpool teases as Bane’s finger
slides slowly past his teeth. “Beg? Bitch I don’t beg, I take…” and
with that Bane pinches Deadpool’s lower lip between his thumb and
pointer finger and pulls him in close, “I’m going to the bathroom,
when I return we are leaving. I’ve got some things to teach you about
respect.” Bane swallows his blowjob and walks to the bathroom. His
head swirling with ideas of how to punish this man who is notorious
for laughing and taunting his agressor through pain.
You married my mom a few years ago, when I was just 15. I’ve always
had a pretty big crush on you… you pretended not to notice when I
walked around the house in my little bikinis but I know it was so
hard for you. I look just like a young version of my mom… Aren’t
you curious if I got everything from her or if maybe I’m a little
different somehow?

I get home from the gym, sweaty in my tight black yoga pants and
little sports bra, and you are sitting at the kitchen counter reading
the newspaper. “Where’s Mom?” I ask you in my flirty little voice.
“Girl’s night with her friends,” you respond, looking over your
newspaper at me. “I’m starving… what do you want for dinner
tonight, Kiddo?” you ask. You know what I want? I want your cock
served hard and hot, right into my mouth. “Steak and grilled veggies
sound good, ” is my response, too shy to ask for what I REALLY want.

I head up stairs, turn on the shower, some music and leave the door
cracked while I undress. The steam from the hot shower fills the
bathroom, I draw lips on the mirror and hop in. I must have gotten
carried away thinking about your hands all over me, step-dad, because
before I realize the water has gone cold. I reach out to grab for my
towel and to my surprise it find my hand before reaching the towel
rack. As I peek from behind the shower curtain I see you standing in
the steamy bathroom. I dry my body in the shower and step out. “You
missed a spot,” you say before taking the towel from my hands and
rubbing it down my spine, getting those last droplets of water before
they drip between my ass cheeks. Then, like nothing you leave. I wrap
myself in my robe and walk into my bedroom to dress. You are there,
standing in my closet, holding my favorite little dress… “Dinner
will be ready in 30 minutes, wear this.” I pick out a black lace
thong and matching bustier to wear under my sexy little dress and
complete the look with my red 5 inch pumps.

The smell of the grill lures me down to the kitchen, where you are
waiting with an open bottle of wine and two glasses. You take one
look at me and your eyes almost pop out of your head. “Dinner smells
scrumptious,” I say as I reach across the counter to fill our glasses
with the deep red Bordeaux. “Scrumptious, huh? You, my dear
step-daughter, are scrumptious and will be my dessert.” I’ve never
been happier to have fresh strawberries and whipped cream in the
fridge… I’ll be your dessert Daddy.
We spent the morning drinking mimosas and sliding down water slides… it
was so much fun! Seeing you walk around in just pair of board shorts,
seeing all the women check you out, got me all worked up and horny and now
its time to head home so we can play!

While you’re driving I look you up and down. Still wearing only your
shorts, you look delectable and I decide I CANNOT wait to have you inside
of me. My hands find their way to the ties keeping your shorts on and pull
them loose. You gave me a little sideways smile – letting me know that I
can continue. Your pants are open, you lift your hips to allow me to pull
them down past your juicy ass.

I whisper in your ear, “Just focus on the road while I use my sexy phone
girl mouth to suck your cock until it’s rock hard.” You drive us onto the
freeway as your cock glides into my mouth. You inhale deeply and thrust
your hips up – shoving your hard cock all the way to the back of my
throat. Once you are fully erect and coated in a mix of my saliva and
your sweet precum I unlatch my seat belt and climb onto your lap. My tan
legs straddle your nearly naked body while I move my bikini top over –
freeing my tits for you to suck and nibble while still watching the
road… My bikini clad pussy is dripping from the nipple stimulation and
the desire to fuck at 70MPH while cars pass and can see EXACTLY what we
are doing. You grab one string of my bikini bottom and give it a tug. It
opens and the other side slides down my leg.

3 miles until our exit then two quick rights and a left… maybe 7 minutes
until you get me home and have your way with me. I’m going to savor every
second of your lack of control over your cock until I surrender my power
to you. My hips slowly drop lower and lower until I feel the swollen head
of your cock knocking on the entrance of my dripping pink pussy, begging
to cum inside. My hand reaches down, grabs your cock and glides the tip
just inside of my labia and around my clit. “Tease,” you say as you bite
my neck. My hips relax all the way down and my pussy swallows your cock
and burying it deep, deep inside. I ride you, back and forth, while my
kegel muscles tighten and release with each grind. Without looking I know
we are exiting the freeway. I ride faster and harder until you come to a
stop at the light. Squeezing my pussy as tightly as I can, I slide all the
way up and off of your shining, hard “gear shift” and buckle myself into
my seat belt while adjusting my bikini top.

We pull into the garage and close the door before you tell me, “upstairs,
NOW.” and I know I’m in for it… ravage me.
When I was in high school, 3 girlfriends and I would spend all day having
fun in our southern California beach town before returning to one of the
girl’s house for the evening. Being crazy 17 year old girls we would wait
until her parents went to sleep then start putting on a fashion show for
each other. The fashion show ended with a bunch of
giggling, sexually-curious girls laying on a bed in their panties.
Naturally, we all began to touch each other’s bodies, beginning very
slowly – enticing goosebumps to appear on our skin. The touching
lead to more thorough exploration of our bodies and mouths as we began to
kiss each other. One of the girl hadn’t had any sexual experiences yet and
was feeling a little shy so we decided it was best for her to lie on the
bed while we pleasured her. As she lay back into a comfortable position
and I began kissing her another girl’s mouth found the nipples of our
object of desire. Once she was nice and relaxed from the kisses and nipple
play our 4th friend began to lick her sweet young pussy. I removed my
panties and climbed on her face, while her pussy was being licked by our
beautiful friend. It wasn’t fair that the two of us were enjoying the
pleasure of cunnilingus so we figured out a way to make a square with our
bodies and all lick each other’s clits until we came. It was so intense,
the orgasm started with the first girl, her legs clenching around the girl
my face was buried in’s head – thrusting her into her own orgasm – her
tight pussy pulsating and dripping all over my tongue… it was like
orgasm dominoes until one by one we all came on each other’s faces before
collapsing into a sleeping heap of post-orgasmic teenage bodies.
You: a hard working business man with a family
Me: your family’s sweet and irresistible nanny

You always watch through your office window as the children and I play
with the dog in the yard. Are you looking at the joy in your children’s
faces as they happily explore their world or are you waiting for the
gentle sea breeze to subtly lift my skirt and expose my upper thigh?
The children and I continue to play outside until the time comes to
retreat to the house to prepare lunch. As I reach for the cupboard I feel
your warmth surround me, your arm reaches over mine as you lean into me
with your firm bulge pressing into my low back. You place the girl’s cups
on the counter, look me in the eye, then walk to kiss the kids before
returning to your office. Once your children finish their lunch and get in
bed for nap time I begin straightening up our morning activities in the
play room. How long were you standing in the door way, watching, as I
crawl on my hands and knees gathering doll clothes and puzzle pieces? When
I do look up and notice your presence you take slow, deliberate steps
toward me while trapping my eyes in yours. I raise to my knees as you
reach for your best buckle. Time is frozen as I watch your belt become
loose. As my fingers unfasten your pants the youngest begins to stir from
her nap and I stand to tend her her. Your hand slides up the back of my
skirt, cupping a healthy amount of my cheek as I walk out of the room.