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Hey Sexy! My name is Shelly,

I'm the girl your mother warned you about. The one you can't bring home to meet the parents, because you know your daddy is going to want to take me away *grin* I'm the girl who loves to be tied up, and passed around for all your friends to fuck. I'm the slut you've always wanted, & the angel who you desire to corrupt *grin*

I love to role play all kinds of different scenes! I could be your slut for the night, for you use anyway you want! Or maybe I'll push you up against the wall, & take control. Devour your cock in my mouth, & have my way with you *grin* If you're not careful, I'll toss you down & use you as my human sex toy.

I've always been somewhat of an exhibitionist, fucking in places where we could get caught gets me sooo hot! There are many possible places for us to go & be bad, I'm sure you can think of a few of them *wink* What gets me even more excited then sex in public, is the thought of doing a stranger, who's name I never even knew, & who I will never see again. It just gets my pussy dripping wet.

I enjoy many fetishes, but oral is definatly one of my favorites! My tongue is pierced for YOUR pleasure, & I can't get enough of sucking, licking, & oh! the taste of cum! I have always been very flexible, & I love being bent into practically any naughty position. Once you have me how you want, I'll be begging you to use my tight little holes. Whatever your fantasy is, I'm sure we can cum up with something steamy that will make you squirt, & make me soak my panties. After we drench them, my panties that is, you are more than welcum to them for only $25, I promise you won't be disappointed *wink* Or maybe its my stockings you desire to have, I'll be happy to get you what you want.

Speaking of can take mine & tie me to the bed. I love the feel of them agains my soft skin, how restricted I am, & how open I am for your use. Why don't you push that fat member into my pretty little mouth, I want to feel your balls slapping against my chin. I am here for your pleasure, & I promise to be obedient & do just as You say. And if I don't satisfy Your desire, You can use one of my many toys to teach me a lesson *grin*

I have always been a cock tease, telling men how to stroke, & when to explode. But my favorite is to make you listen to me cum, while denying you *giggle* If you're good, maybe I'll let you explode to my sweet sexy voice. Have I sparked your attention yet? Curious as to how I will tease & tantalize you? Well, you know where to find me *grin* Don't wait any longer, pick up the phone.

*kiss* Shelly

p.s. You can find me on AIM/AOL as ShellysHotnSexxy, & on Yahoo! as HotnSpicyShelly. For my Play schedule, email