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Age: 30
Cup Size: 36dd.26.36
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Likes: Giving blow jobs, Pussy licking (giving and receiving), double penetration, being tied up, fetishes, clitoral stimulation, g-spot stimulation, squirting, vibrators, shaved bush, clit slapping, nipple sucking and rubbing, doggy style, submissive
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Hello there you sexy Beasts!

I'll be your Beauty, Sherry.

I like to totally lose myself in the moment. I forget about the daily stresses of life, and just give in to the pleasure.

I like:
Sissy boys
Clit stimulation
Double penetration
Sucking cock
Girl on Girl

Wanna order me around? Take my body and do to it whatever you want. I'm a good girl and I do what I'm told. I'd love it if you blind fold me so every moment is a surprise. I love it when my legs are spread and my shaved pussy is spread open for licking, sucking and slapping- My pussy is sweet and slippery.

I learned to squirt a few years ago and now I strive for that every single time. I'm easy to please, and would love it if you would help me out!!

I'm bi, and I really like the gentle, sensual touch of a woman. I also like to take control of her, enjoy licking and sucking that sweet center and listen to her moan in pleasure. I guess you could say it brings out a bit of dominance, which is different for me because I get so turned on by a man who takes control. Push me down on your rock hard cock and let me have fun.

I'd love it if you'd call or send me an email at so we can get to know each other, tell me what you want and let's do this!

You can find me online TastesLikeSherry onTrillian or just ring up 360-709-0100. I'll be ready for your call, lover.

Love and hugs,
Sweet Sherry