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Sherry’s Fantasies

Beautiful men.

They’re everywhere! I went out this past weekend with my girls and we
decided to try out a new bar that had a reputation for hooking up and,
since we were going there on purpose it’s a bit obvious that is what we
were looking for as well.
We got there about 11 pm and the place was HOT. Not just the temperature,
although I believe it was about 86 degrees out, I mean the almost naked
bodies dancing and rubbing up against each other. The dance floor was full
of guys and girls dirty dancing, laughing and drinking. I could smell the
heavy scent of sweat and alcohol before I even noticed how packed full the
place was. Music so loud I couldn’t hear a thing… wonderful.

I’d had a really frustrating day and needed to blow off some steam- so I
started eyeing the merchandise right away.

I was at the bar ordering a drink when I felt his presence behind me. The
bartender was looking over my shoulder and gave a slight nod, as if to say
‘yes, I understand’. I turned my head and glanced over my shoulder without
moving my body because I knew my ass was on point and didn’t want to ruin
anyone’s view. The second we made eye contact, I knew he was going to be
the man to fuck me tonight. The sweet look on his face, his eyes seducing
me without a word. The bartender cleared his throat so I looked back and
he said “This one’s on him. When you’re ready for more, he’s got that
too.” Hell yes. Drinks and sex was on my mind. This dude is getting it for

Five drinks in and we started moving toward the back of the room, into the
corner… My eyelids were heavy, my legs and pussy were dripping wet from
both sweat and pre-cum. I was so ready for that cock, I leaned back into
him and he moved me to the music, palms on my hips and rubbing up and down
my outer thighs. He pushed me so far against the wall, face first and
started pulling up my skirt… one hand holding me to the wall and the
other urgently pushing into my panties. I explode right away as soon as he
touches my clit. He’s rubbing, rubbing and pushing and circling my clit so
good, like he knows my body already.

I felt him undoing his pants, he pushed my panties down and lifts my leg
so he can fit inside of me. He is so big I can barely take it. He fucked
me so good, so slow nobody could even tell what we were doing. I could
feel his balls tightening and his cock was at it’s hardest when I came all
over his huge dick and he came inside of me, filling me up. I swear I
turned around within 10 seconds and dude was GONE. Guess what I did? I
started looking for my next victim.
Rum will do.

Feeling Dominant. You see, I’m not a bad girl or mean by nature, the
standard black corset and spike heels, holding a whip and ready to make
you take the pain of my whip without a sound.

For me, my pet, you will NOT hold back, you will NOT be quiet but on my
time you will not use words. You can say “Yes, Master Sherry”. You can
make any other sound- yell or cry, whimper and moan. I want to hear it,
don’t miss the state of bliss you feel as you lay on my bed waiting for
the pain of…. Me. Before we met you told me you would search the
internet for latex dresses and riding crops. Thought you would beg me to
order you around, to tell you what to think or say. All I want from you is
for you to lay down on your back, bitch. You’re mine right now and I don’t
want to hear your words, you will leave that to me.

On my time, I walk over you and put one foot on either side of your face.
I tell you not to blink and ask if you need me to shut you up by peeing on
you? The look of shock on your face is exciting to me, I almost let the
urine stream out on you before you even speak.

Too soon? I ask? Time to gag you, my pretty pet. No more choices for you-
this is my time. You’ll get a red ass tonight. First with the whip and
then, of course the only way I want to cum is for you to hold still while
I fuck your big asshole.

Before I’m done with you and allow you to speak, I slap you across the
face and tell you to go get me a drink!

Rum will do.

So sweet, so sexy. My pussy so wet for you, Rico. My body aching and
ready. You take me so far into ecstasy, oblivious to the world and all the
troubles out there waiting for me tonight. Don’t get me wrong, handsome,
you’re the best, by far… My guys that call me for phone sex, wanting to
talk dirty, fuck me on the phone, they let me give them anal and watch
them stroke their cock for me over the chat lines. This is something I
know you will never give me, and why I’ll never give it up.

Rico… Papi Chulo the last time we met is still on my mind.

Kiss me, move down my big tits, suckling each one while you call me Mommy,
licking and sucking, squeezing my titties wanting your milk, taking your
time until you’re filled full.

You fuck me so good, Papi. All I think about is your big fat cock all day
long, anticipating when I will hear from you again asking if I want you to
fuck me all night long. I don’t know how you’ve been able to make me cum
over and over, so many times I don’t even think to keep track, my mind is

Those lips. When you look up at me from between my legs and you smile so
big- your eyes full of pleasure and me moaning your name. You squeeze my
ass and bury your face in my hot, wet center, tongue pushing and moving
with my hips. You look up, I feel your fingers slide inside of me, you
don’t take your mouth off of me but I hear you call me your sweet phone
sex girl. My head slams back and I feel the gush of my orgasm spill all
over your face.

This is my favorite memory,what I want more of. I hear you groan that
deep, primal manly sound I’ve come to know and want more of- that sound, I
know you’re going to get on me and slam me with your hard cock. You won’t
hesitate to ask, you take me with all of your force, knowing I want it
all. This is when I look up and we lock eyes, you know I am ready to be
filled with your seed.
First Date

I’m sitting at the bar, drink in hand. Sipping slowly watching the people
play pool, laugh and joke with each other. I despise first dates. I get so
nervous, and start acting like a total dork. I know it, I’ve done it and I
avoid it! BUT- a girls gotta get what a girl’s gotta get, right?

He walks in… so dark.. so beautiful. I watch him look around, but I’m
too far back to see me yet so he keeps walking. He looks my way and his
face lights up in the biggest smile I’ve seen in so long, it’s refreshing.
He slowly walks up to me but I feel his dominance right away because his
eyes don’t leave mine, he is so close now. I go right to him, no
hesitation because I want to be in his arms. I feel immediately at ease,
like I’m home and everything will be alright.

Whoa, Sherry! I’m thinking to myself, what the fuck is this all about? You
must be so horny! It hasn’t even been a week since you sucked all that
cock on the phone sex line! You’re a phone sex worker who actually plays
with yourself while talking to the guys. You talk on the phone and cum in
your panties all day long, why is this man, this first date making your
legs shake?

This was Election night 2016 and I had no idea what I was getting myself
into. We drink, watch the results poor in and listen to the people yell
and shout, and then become strangely quiet. Politics isn’t really a great
subject for a first date, but hey- the time was right.

We’re drinking on stools next to each other and he keeps his hands on the
outside of my thighs, rubbing just so softly with enough pressure that I
know he wants me. He’s drawing me in, pulling me closer, rubbing my thighs
and arms. I feel clit swelling with blood. His eyes search mine and I know
what he is going to ask.

“Let’s get out of here”

So we do. Down in the parking lot, he pushes me against his car and kisses
me with his whole mouth, pushing his tongue down deep. His fingers push up
my dress and his fingers are caressing my clit before I even take a
breath. He rubs my clit and pussy lips for just the fewest of minutes and
I gush all over his hand. He brings me back down gently… slowly…
kissing me softly.. and tells me the date has cum to the end.

“Tomorrow?” He asks. Oh yes, tomorrow…. and every morning and evening
The Trail

There’s this trail I like to walk. It’s super close to my house, so I know
I can get in at least a mile without issue. Most of the time it’s either
overcast or raining- but there are those sunny afternoons I love to take
advantage of.

This trail, it’s very unique in the fact that they have benches to sit on.
People contemplating life… talking to each other, getting to know one
another. On my morning walks I like to move my juicy ass fast the first
part of the trail so I can feel my heart racing, sweat dripping, panting
and sucking in so hard to breathe the fresh air. In and and out.
My breath is hot with the morning dew. I pass everyone on their morning
strolls… the old, the homeless. They’re taking their sweet time basking
in the sounds of the birds chirping and the world waking up.

On the way back is another story. You can call it “cool down” if you
want..for me, it’s my time to get into their heads. Live from within them.
Put myself in their shoes for a few fleeting minutes as I walk past them
on my way back to my hot shower and desk job.

The homeless are waking up, thinking of that first smoke and possibly some
coffee. I think to myself, “I should of brought a thermos. I knew he’d be
here, cold and hungry.” But I don’t. I don’t bring coffee for him because
I want the coffee. I’ll brew it and I’ll drink it.

The yuppies with their worries of daycare and homeschooling. The poor
worried about the next check. I take my time and listen. Walking slowly
down the trail on my way back to reality.
Hot days & Cold nights

The days are hot without you. I’m at my desk thinking about when you made
me cum in my red chair. That hot, sweet cum dripping off my thighs,
running down the leather. It took you less than 3 minutes and I came all
over your fingers.

Watching your face, your eyes get smaller and your mouth larger as you
watched me moan and arch my back, pushing your hand further in. You found
that spot so fast, it was amazing.

So here I am, at my desk thinking about you, getting hot and taking off my
suit jacket. I look around to make sure none of my coworkers can see me
flushing. I sit down and try to work but you are all I can think about.
It’s been far too long since I’ve felt anything like that before, and I’ve
been searching for it since and nothing comes close.

The beer, the wine, the pills. Nothing comes close. The men I bring home
from the bar, the men I fuck AT the bar… Nothing comes close to how you
used to touch me. I need it. I must have it. Come back to me and let me
feel that again.

I’m waiting for you. Call me, sweetie. I have been thinking about you
during these long, lonely nights when I wake up cold. How I used to roll
over and hold you in my arms… You were so soft under my arm…. until
you woke up and your cock started growing. I swear I could tell without
even touching you that you wanted me.

That’s what I miss the most, knowing you wanted me. No questions. Just
knowing. Call me. Email me. Something! Chat me. Show me you still want me
like I want you.
You just can’t stop, can you? Wanting me, begging for my attention, almost stalking my every move.
You must be going crazy without me, thinking of those rare times I allowed you to get close to me, feel my presence. When I used to let you touch me. When you were trembling, scared, sliding your two manicured fingers into my tight, slippery pussy. That time I let you bury your face between my legs.
If only you had anything at all to offer me. Unfortunately for you, you just weren’t that good. You’ll need to get much better at eating pussy for me to deal with all of your drama.
Step back a minute, babe. Take a few days to calm yourself-you seem frantic. I know, and understand. You want what I have, you’ve been very obvious, but begging will not get you anywhere with me.

Your words mean nothing to me.

As you know, I have expensive taste. I’ve let you taste me before. As of now, your offers have been far below my standards. You know that’s why I made you leave.
You’re begging to smell my sweet pussy again… to hear me moan your name…can you give it as good as I can take it?
So you still want me, need me, dream of me? It’s no surprise, I’m the best you ever had. I’m your dream girl.
Are you ready to admit your attempts to get my attention have so far been….sub-par? Ready to tell me the truth? Ready to tell me everything I want to hear?

Ask me. Ask if you can be my pretty little pet. Try again, do better.

I’m a generous Queen when my pets behave, and an evil Queen when they don’t. So, you want out of that cold, dark dog house? Think long and hard, when you think you’ve got what I want, you can ask and I will contemplate allowing you access to me once more.
My new interest..

Your quiet smile, the way you look down when you’re really thinking hard,
or are a little embarrassed…

Do I embarrass you with my long, cold stares? How about how I’m flirting
so obviously? I know you can see me watching you. My eyes are piercing
through your clothes and I can see your dark, glistening skin.. my mouth
waters when you take off your jacket and I see your arms popping with lean
muscle. I run my hands up both of your arms while you watch me licking my
lips, feeling the tightness of your forearms, so smooth and dark. I shake
my head slowly side to side, wanting so badly to touch you, but knowing
you need me to take it slow.

Or do you? You give me that look, like “girl I can give you what you need.
You won’t have to worry about anything while you’re with me, because
you’ll be taken care of body, mind and soul. First, let’s start with our
At least that’s what I’m waiting for you to say! Milky white and
shockingly dark bodies, sweaty and hot, mixing together to create the most
wonderful feeling. I close my eyes while you talk and in just the few
minutes that you introduce yourself I can see us in a bed, naked and
fresh- hot for each other and knowing it. You take control and tell me to
lie down, am I ready? I say yes- I’m ready for you. You lay on top of me,
but slowly start moving down… down toward my hottest spot; that spot
that makes me cum every time. As soon as I grab your head to push it
closer to my pussy I open my eyes and see you staring at me- I suppose I
was moaning a little… caught, my cheeks fill with hot blood, making it
obvious I was daydreaming about you.

Or was I? I can play this off. Let’s reschedule, baby- I’ve got some
business to take care of…..
“Slutty Girls”

I love me a slutty girl. Fucking them hard, showing them how a woman can
please them…. all of them, night after night. Fucking them so hard they
whimper and sometimes cry out my name, begging for it.

They love it. When I hear them moan so hard and deep, deep in their
bellies I can feel their pussy getting so tight around my strap on… I
push harder and slower, making them ache and beg.

Grab them and toss them on top, have them ride my cock- grinding the sweet
pussy lips on my thumbs as I hold the lips open and watch it slide in and

out. MMMMMM their sound of pleasure I know so well, those little sluts
can’t get enough!

I’ll hold them down on me and raise my hips just right till I hear them
scream and squirt all over me. I love the face of ecstasy they get on
their faces as they look down at me in amazement. Every last one of them
gets that same look. They’re all the same, those slutty girls. Love it.

Thinking the next slutty girl gets to have it strictly from behind until
she starts that wonderful moaning, deep down inside her belly… fucking
her pussy and then as soon as she’s about to cum I’ll push my thumb in her
ass and have her squirt down her legs…..

The one after that gets to be throat fucked with her own juices. My 8 inch
purple cock does it for them all.

Sherry loves her Slutty girls.
Molly and I have been seeing each other for the last two months and
having sweet, passionate sex. Like most couples, the same thing becomes
dull and boring so we decided that we should try a three way with her best
friend, but her friend doesn’t know we’re planning it.

I’ll describe Molly for you. She’s 5’2, a red head, beautiful blue eyes
just like me and a perfect body. Her chest is a gorgeous 36 B, and a nice
big, round ass. Her friend is around 5’6 has brown hair, brown eyes, and
huge titties.

Thinking about being with two other girls is arousing. I asked Molly “What
do you think she’d do if you kissed her or tried to seduce her? Do you
think she’d like that, or get all weird?” She replied “I don’t know, good
question. Do you think I should seduce her then tell her I want all of us
to fuck?” Um, HELL YES!

The next day I woke up so horny and happy. I decided to fuck myself right
away! Orgasm for breakfast? Yes please! After a few of those I got more
coffee and started the long wait… Molly had gone over to her friends
house and was going to try to seduce her. I was just waiting for the call.
Finally, after what seemed like hours the phone rang.

“Hello?” “Hey Baby!” she said as I heard loud moaning in the background.
“Oh Baby…. It worked better than we thought it would. She wouldn’t shut up
about how she’s always wanted to fuck you, and how she’s masturbated
thinking of me. Then I kissed her and now she’s sucking my nipples. Hurry
over and join in.”

I asked “Should I just walk in and go to her room?” Se replied “Ahhhhh…
fuck… uh huh, but hurry cause I’m so fucking horny!” You don’t have to ask
me twice. I dropped the phone and ran out the door. It took me about 10
minutes to get there. I ran in and went straight to her friends room.
When I turned in the doorway my eyes shot open from shock. Molly was
getting her pussy lightly rubbed, and her nipples sucked. She was moaning
already. I walked in and sat on the bed.

“Go sit on that chair over there and watch us,” I did as I was told, and
went and sat on the chair. “Now that you’re here we’ve got a show for
you,” she said.

“Uh huh” I said, mouth wide open and pussy dripping with anticipation. Her
friend took her attention off of Molly’s nipples and licked down her
stomach to where her fingers were working in and out of her cunt slowly.
Her tongue found Molly’s clit and started to flick it. Her fingers fucking
her juicy pussy. Going faster she had her tongue play with her swollen
clit. Molly lightly moaned, delicious juices flowing, showing extreme
pleasure of getting tongue fucked by her best friend.

I could see the orgasm building up in her face, pushing it in circles, and
rubbing it back and forth. Molly arched her back and the orgasm started to
build up. Her eyes rolling back in her head, she had a more explosive
orgasm then I’ve ever seen getting ready to come out.

Fulfilling her fantasies must have pushed her to explode more violently
then when I’ve ever fucked her. I saw the orgasm hit Molly like a ton of
bricks. Her legs shaking violently and her fluids rushed into her friends
mouth as she lapped up all she could.

I came right then and there. Watching the two of them fuck was more than I
could handle. Next is my turn! Both girls promised after a nice long nap
they would be paying attention to me, front and back. This is what dreams
are made of!
Soft Leather

All night long I’m sucking cock and selling my pussy, that cum running
down my legs, wet pants ready for the next one. Hoping for a few more blow
jobs today because I love feeling the hot cum pile up in my panties and
don’t want to take them off quite yet. The feeling of hot cum squishing
into my pussy and ass crack, I rock back and forth to feel it squish.

Morning comes

The leather… the soft, silky leather of my favorite red chair reminds me
of a nice, thick, hard cock. So hard yet so soft and silky.

I’m sitting on my favorite read leather chair, just showered and ready for
sleep. You would think after all that action tonight I’d want to curl up,
take a bong hit and dream away. The only thing is, after a couple of hits
and I start to relax, once I feel the heat of my pussy coming off the
leather – starts my pelvis rocking, around and around. My eyes close and
my hand circles my fresh, clean tit and squeezes in just the right way.

I fucking love leather, and I love fucking that leather! I slowly stand up
and walk to my box of toys and get the G-spot vibe, some strawberry
flavored lube and my favorite clit stimulator. The great thing about
fucking myself on hard leather is that I can put the vibe in and sit on
it. Rocking back and forth, up and down…. mmmmmmmm awe yes! Feels so
good. I’ll use the arms of my favorite chair to ride like a pony. FUCK
this red chair is so good, but where’s a rock hard man when I need one?
My friends mom

Every night after I take a hot, wet shower I rub my body down with lotion
while watching myself in the full length mirror in the still steamy
bathroom. My favorite scent is strawberry, because it reminds me of hot
summer days when I was a teenager and us girls would get together for
sleep overs and after playing all day we would do a circle rub. Now, a
girls circle rub is different than a boys circle rub because us girls sit
in a circle with our backs to each other and use lotion to rub each others
backs. Well, a few times when I stayed at my friends house her mom joined
in on the circle rub. The first time she was behind me I was a little
nervous because I had my shirt off and since she was an adult and I didn’t
know her it was kinda weird at first. She started with my shoulders, then
my neck. She was really good at it! I kept losing concentration on the
girl that I was supposed to be rubbing in front of me because it felt so
good. She started moving down my back in the middle, working out the knots
from cheer practice. Her hands were so big on my back. I remember it very
clearly, like it was yesterday- she put a new big squirt of that creamy
strawberry lotion between her hands and rubbed them together to get the
lotion warm, and put her hands on my upper arms. She swirled the lotion
all over my upper arms and then moved to the inside of my arms. It
tickled! I felt a shiver go down my spine and she must of seen or felt the
goose bumps because she moved her warm, moist hands over to the sides of
my upper back- just below my arm pits and just left them there for a few
seconds. I was wondering where she was going to go as her fingertips
started slowly circling in place. This was the first time I remember
feeling the ache of my pussy that I now have learned to love and hope for.
Her hands slowly circled their way to my little breasts- both of them! I
was so shocked I almost cried out but I didn’t want any of the other girls
to know what she was doing to me, but mostly I didn’t want her to stop.
When it was time for us to change spots I sighed in delight because not
only was I sad it was ending but I wanted her to know I was down for more
later, if she wanted.

Late into the night after we all went to bed I was laying awake thinking
about how her mom made me feel- my special spot was still tingling and my
mind was racing about what all she might be able to teach me. I think this
is one of the first times I came close to orgasm as I touched myself
quietly while the other girls slept so close to me. I’m sure this is when
I realized the cravings I have for a woman’s touch.

It’s late tonight, but I can’t get you out of my mind.. I’ve tried
watching TV…reading… smoked some good stuff but there you still are,
tickling my thoughts. My pussy is aching and my abs are tight.
Why won’t you have me? I want you so much I can feel your fingers in my
hair, stroking my neck and running your hand down my face then fingering
my mouth.

I’ll need to put on a good video and take care of this violent need. I
can’t stand it any longer! I hope I can do it on my own, but it’s so much
better when you take care of me. When you would order me to remove my
clothes then tell me I was going too fast. You would sit there and watch
me remove my clothing piece by piece. Slowly….

Looking through my collection of videos, I want to find one with someone
who looks like you.. hoping they will be able to satisfy my yearning and
desire for your touch, knowing nobody can take your place. I find one of
my favorites and decide she will have to do it for me today. She’s 5’6”
just like me… her hair is bright red and fiery just like her crotch. She
gets her pussy waxed all nice and neat with an arrow for direction. Damn I
can’t wait to lick that pussy tonight. She’s bending over looking back at
me. Her long bright red silky hair is glistening bright from the cheap
photo lights and it just makes her sexier. The camera likes her pussy, I
can tell because it keeps focusing in on her clit and makes my mouth

I bring out the vibe and start to take care of business. Watching her get
licked and fingered is what I needed tonight-my pussy is throbbing and
dripping with anticipation! Son of a bitch, two minutes and I’ve got the
pleasure I’ve been waiting for.

Next time this will be you. I’ll keep trying until I get you. I’ll be
watching, waiting, anticipating all of you and all of me as one.
The satisfaction I get from spreading the seeds, fertilizing the soil,
getting on my hands and knees in the dirt and working up a sweat. The heat
and moisture of springtime weather reminds me of a hot steamy fuck
session! I’m in the garden gathering the fruits of my labor when I hear
you trying to sneak up behind me. I don’t let on that I hear you, but
instead I lean over into the wet strawberry bed, releasing the bottom of
my ass cheeks into the air below my shorty shorts. I hear the breath catch
in your throat and hear you stop to admire my full ass. I can picture you
in my head leaning down a little and tilting your head to see if you can
catch a glimpse of my juicy pussy through the leg hole.

I stay bent over picking the biggest, brightest red strawberries and let
you walk up behind me and fold your big hands around my hips. I feel you
lean into me, your hot bulge pressing against my spread ass. I push back a
little as I stand up, fresh juicy strawberries in hand and turn around to
face you-careful to move slowly so you don’t take your hands from my hips.
I put the tip of the biggest, juiciest berry in my mouth and look up at
you with my bright blue eyes as I suck on just the tip. I can tell your
mouth is watering and you want what I have. I put the berry in your mouth
and just as you bite down I pull it out to tease you.
I say “Since you’ve been good I’ll let you have this berry, and if you are
REALLY good, I’ll stash one in a special place for you.”

That’s all it took for you to turn me around, push my head down and lean
me over the raised garden bed. Oh god, the rush I get when you are so
excited you almost hurt me you are in such a rush for my pussy.

You don’t even bother pulling down my shorts. You grab the crotch of my
shorts and pull it to the side with your hand while your fingers make
contact with my already wet, slippery peach. You push your fingers inside
of me so hard I gasp, loving every second of it. Your fingers are moving
back and forth, stroking my eager g-spot just begging to cum. It doesn’t
take long for me to feel the building sensation in my belly, the faint
feeling in my head, the tingling and pulsing of my clit. DAMN FUCK SHIT
here it is, I’m cumming so hard I almost fall over.

You catch me on my way to the ground but don’t give me any time to recover
as you lay me on my belly and pull down my shorts, you notice I don’t have
any panties on. You lift up my hips and push your hard cock inside me as
far as it will go. I feel a rush of warmth come over my body as a second
orgasm starts to brew. You take me right there in the garden, in the dirt,
hard and fast. The crashing of our orgasms together is like the water hose
gushing with water for our plants. When we are done, you cuddle me until I
fall asleep in your arms in the heat of the afternoon, hot, sticky wet and
Slowly inching toward the spot… that wonderful sweet spot that I love to
save for last. Rubbing, slipping and sliding I wait as long as I can. Up,
down and sideways it’s always good. I pull out the vibe and start
playing-damn it’s getting so freaking hot in this room!

Turn on the fan, aim it at my pussy. This damn heat is really getting to
me. Maybe some ice? Gotta get out of my cozy bed and head to the kitchen
for some ice. Should I put on my silk robe so the boys next door can’t see
me? Not today… let them have a little show.

Now that I have ice and am back in bed let’s see where this goes. Starting
over…. love starting over. And over. And over!!! YES! Oh my god that ice
feels so good on my wet pussy but I came so fast I melted it. Good thing I
have an ice maker so I can keep going!

This could last all night long… I hope.