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Sherry’s Thoughts

You do something to me that I just can’t explain… the way you look at me
when we see each other. When you are standing with your friends and I’m
watching you from the door, hoping you look to see me soon.

I see you turn your head and those eyes pierce mine with an intensity I
didn’t know even existed. I’ve always been all about the fuck, the no
strings deal, but with you…. I can see myself with you every single day,
you kissing me and holding me, I imagine your fingers running along my
back and down my belly to my sweet pussy. I think of you from the second I
wake up and I go to sleep with you on my mind, touching myself and
whispering your name.

How are you doing this to me? How do you possess this power? Will I ever
let you know what control you have over me?

I crave you like I’ve never craved anyone before. There’s a connection
between us that’s more than sexual- it’s instinctual. I know when we
finally decide to do this thing that we will fit together in a way that
makes us both crazy.
Mr. President

So many people are frustrated by the president and all of his crazy ways.
I say it’s too late, people! Might as well just deal with it and as I am a
girl that not only dishes it out but also takes it I’ve gotten myself into
a little fun. SO, whenever the president is mentioned I MUST PLAY WITH MY

This could be a news article on TV, in the paper or a Facebook article….
maybe some of the girls are discussing it in the smoking area… whatever.
Are you game? I’ll be, you can’t do it….

Enjoy the game, boys.
Side Girl

Why do I like older men? How come I seek them out? Because I love seeing
their eyes light up when they see my tight, hot body naked for the first
time. It’s maybe been awhile since they didn’t have to hold up their
woman’s tits while fucking them! I’ll watch their eyes watch my titties
bounce up and down while I ride their cock and I can ALWAYS tell when
they’re about to cum! Hold me down, baby because I’ll ride you harder.

My favorite older man is the married kind. I just can’t stay away! The
thought of how much sexier I am than their wife is more than I can handle

Yes, I do want to be your side girl. I’ll be there when your wife isn’t.
I’ll be ready when you want me, and I’ll be gone before she even realizes
it. You don’t have to ask me twice, I’m in 100%
Do you remember when?

Do you remember when we met? You were her lover, her best friend. You were
her everything…. but then you met me. The first time we set eyes on each
other we knew- we knew we would never leave each other again.
I know you feel bad, I feel bad too but she is nothing, she is not worth
it, why stay with her when you can be with me? We both know how this is
going to end. Let us not kid ourselves- drop that loser and show me the
attention you know I deserve.

Yes, I said it, poop. Shit. The wonderful bowel movement. Doesn’t it feel
good to let it all out? That feeling just before you go where it almost
hurts but you know it means something good?

Some think it’s sexy. Some think it’s gross. I think it’s natural and I
LOVE TO POOP! After a long jog, first thing in the morning, when I get
woken up in the middle of the night…. after a hard orgasm. The full
feeling that turns out empty and satisfying.

I want to know how you like it.
Sometimes I see myself as someone who needs to be punished. That I’ve done
a bad thing, and deserve it. I know I’ve been disobedient. You know I have
too. You know what? I think I do it so you will pay attention, and punish
me so you will know the power that you have over me. Maybe so you will pay
a little more attention to me if you know it hurts.

How could I fuck this one up?
I made a mistake. I wanted to obey you, to do whatever you tell me you
want. I WANT to make you happy, to do what you say and make you feel
great. How can I make you happy? How can I please you? Tell me how I can
make you happy. Can I lick your pussy? Will you still let me please you?
It’s all I’ve ever wanted, to make you happy.

You’re in charge… always have and always will. Anything you want is
exactly what I’ll do. If only you would whip me harder you might decide
I’m a good girl, that I’ll do what you say. If you clamp my nipples until
I cry- you’ll definitely know I am here to obey.
Food for thought

Its spring time, so I get to play in the sun. Growing strawberries is
something I do every year in my little garden. Mine are so sweet, so
juicy… not like the ones at the store…. the ones at the store I have
to smother with sugar, whipped cream or something even sweeter- caramel…
yum I love caramel..

Tonight, however.. I’m thinking I’d like to try something else on my
berries…. maybe you have some ideas? I know you’re imagination will run
wild with mine..
You say I lie, I say I’m true. I don’t spread lies for the sole purpose of
hurting someone. Who would that benefit? YOU? ME? No. Neither of us,
nobody. I see no reason for lies.

My guys know this. My guys call me when I’m on the phone sex line and we
are REAL. We talk about shit I wouldn’t bring up in normal conversations-
and I still. never. lie. One of the things I love about being a phone chat
girl is that there is no reason to put up a fake front, when I’m already
horny as hell, loving every minute of hearing how when they call me all
they can think about is my xxx pussy and my tight ass hole. They want to
call and talk to a girl who’s had experience in the night life, ME!

So, shall we play a game? How about some truth or dare. I say I’m true,
you say I lie. Truth or dare, little prince? Truth or dare?
I imagine you think you have it pretty good, yes? I’m easy, I let you fuck
me in all of my holes even though we’ve only known each other for just
over a month? Well, you’ve guessed wrong. This is what I WANT. I want that
cock, I want it in me every-damn-day. And when I want something, I take it.

I’m not here to fuck around and let you get one over on me. I’m here to
get MY rocks off, and baby, you’re doing a fine ass job so far. Don’t get
lazy, though. Don’t let your guard down. You’re gonna have to have some
mad skills to keep this tight pussy interested.

Show me what you’ve got. I’m waiting.
I do my best work drunk.

Not DRUNK like falling down… well, maybe if I’m walking in the shadows,
right? But what I mean is once I’ve loosened up a little. When I feel
warm, and can really leave the day behind. This is when I want to get on
my phone chat and talk dirty phone sex over the phone with as many
different men as possible.

I’ll never get this variety of men calling me for phone sex in my daily
life, so I get so turned on whenever I get to log in and wait for some
sexy men to call me, ready to cum wherever I ask them to.

Will you be first?
Rough sex

Yes, I like it rough, so what? I want to be held down by my neck, told to
shut up and pounded hard. I want my head pushed down on a big cock until I
choke and push up for air. I love when my legs are pushed up hard around
my neck and my big titties are strangling me.

I love the look of pleasure on a mans face as he contemplates cumming
inside of me or on my face.
Not all guys are about pounding the pussy, right? Where are all the guys
who want to be sweet to me? Take me to dinner, bring me flowers… I like
guys like that too! I’ve noticed an increase in guys who can pound the
pussy but don’t want to take the time to warm me up.

I want to be treated like a princess, Shower me with attention, food, wine
and toys. Make love to me with your eyes from across the room…
Anticipate my warm, sweet pussy waiting for his touch. Don’t get me wrong,
I expect to fuck also and really good, but where are those guys?
All these days go by without your cock inside of me. I want to masturbate,
please myself while thinking of you.

You tell me no, I can touch myself but I must not cum alone… you want me
aching for you, you want to keep me cumming all night again. What you
don’t know is how long, how many years I’ve been aching for you, wanting a
cock as rock hard, fat and ready as yours for so very long.

This need is so deep, so far back it will take months, possibly years of
you fucking my sweet pussy every day….Now that I’ve got a taste of what
I’ve been craving, what I’ve needed and demand to have- I want YOU all day
every day!

Submit to me now, my sweet.
Football season is here, everyone is excited for their team, getting
together and seeing friends. All I can do at these parties is watch the
beautiful men get red faced, jumping up and down and yelling for their
team- their thick cocks bulging from their zippers or button fly jeans.
I’ll bring you any snack you want, big boy. I’m just waiting for the after
party celebration….

My girlfriends were discussing their Spanish lovers today. They were using
cute nick names like “Guapo, Mi alma, Papi chulo and Mi rey. I realized
what a beautiful language it is and remember far back into my teens when I
had a crush on a boy named Rico. Oh my god if I could have a night with
Rico now… I’d relish every single naked moment together!

I let all the girls know if their men had any Spanish friends, I’m down!
Warm buzz

This is a nice, warm buzz. The feeling I get when I talk to you is the
same feeling I get when I drink two fingers of rum. How you make me feel
when you tell me how you will take me and never let me go.

The warm, tickling feeling in my belly. The fuzzy, funny feeling in my
head. I’m waiting for you.

Are you ready for me? The warm, fuzzy, hot feelings you have for me? If
you’re ready, let me know. Call me.
My window

I’ll open the window for you tonight. Tonight only, you have your chance.
Stop by- you know my window’s open, what’s stopping you? Secret love,
secret sex…. I want to be your secret. You can whisper my name so softly
only I will hear it. Call me on the xxx sex phone line we both know and
tell me you will be by later to give me what I want.

What I truly, honestly want. You. You to call me baby. You to touch me
slowly, rubbing the coconut Victoria Secret lotion all over my naked body.
You, you know I want to hear you call my name so I can open the window and
let you in.

Call me. Call my name. I’m listening…waiting for you.
The trail is amazing

I’ve been on the trail more. Using the bench. Watching them on their
morning walks.. Those people that don’t know any better.

I know.

I know better- and yet- here I am. On the trail, watching them.

The beautiful men, beautiful women. Waking up in nature, just like me. I
smile as they go by, memorizing their faces and remembering their voices
for the days I can’t get out of bed and can only open the window hoping it
is them.

Those mornings I wake up so horny, wishing you were rock hard cuddled up
to me in our king sized bed. Wishing you were there, listening to the
walkers going down the trail and hoping it’s your voice I hear. There are
none. Only the memories of you behind me, pressed up against my ass.
You’re so hard and I’m so wet so I push back against you and you slide
into me, that feeling of fullness is all I want.

I am full again, because of you. Fill me every morning, every night. I
want you to fill me forever.
You deserve it.

You deserve an ass whipping today. Out in the middle of the driveway,
where everyone can see you. You deserve to be spanked and spanked on your
big juicy ass over and over again until I see red stripes.

You know what you did to deserve all of this pain and pleasure? You’ll
have to call me to find out you little bitch!

You can think long and hard about what you’ve done. You can not think at
all, I don’t care. The fact is you deserve this ass beating more than
anyone else, so you better be ready.

The next time you see me just bend over and take it little girl.
In the end

In the end, it is all about the time. Time spent making each other happy,
frustrated, giddy.

It’s the time we spend together that matters. When I spend my time with
you, I want it to be all about you… and me… together. Nothing else
matters, just the two of us.


When you waste my time, you will be punished. Do what you promise and make
me cum- no matter what it takes! I’ll do what I do best and let you cum in
the end. The end of what, you ask?

Your choice. The end of our time or the end of my titties. You choose.
Fuck you Fuck me. Fuck us all! I’m serious, I am on a mission! I’m out to
find the best fuck club out there. What clubs do you go to? Where can I
find the best Tinder hook-up? I’m talking sex club, private club, smoking
and drinking.

Does this sound good to you? That’s what I’m about. Let’s discuss the
benefits of multiple partners, watching… listening… touching. How many
people can come at a time? Are we talking a small, intimate meeting of 10?
Or a public club… drinks, dancing, maybe some Sugar Daddies just
watching for that special Princess to walk in?

Call me. Tell me…
“The rabbit hole”

Yes, I am here. Down the rabbit hole. I don’t know how I got here, but
here I am. All alone, waiting to see what will happen.

Will you be my Mad Hatter? Give me advice I must accept? Tell me if this
is a dream or if it is real?

I’m ready to listen. I’m ready to fulfill your wants, your dreams, your
fantasies. Just here. Waiting. Down the rabbit hole.
Getting off tonight….great idea, sounds fun, right? Except
I’m tired of masturbating myself, I’m ready to allow you to join me…
All you have to do is pick up the phone, call me on this xxx phone sex line
and let this phone sex girl teach you how I want it. Need it…
waiting for you now.
“My turn”
It’s my turn for pleasure,
I’m done with the pain.
You wish you could have me,
But you’ve been too vain.

Remember, now, I speak the truth,
I’ll take it all, I still have my youth.
It’s called “Consensual Non-Consent”

This is when you give your lover blanket permission to rape you. Doesn’t
that sound like an exhilarating, liberating experience for both of us?

For me to trust someone to that level, that I’ll get off to them forcing
me to have this dirty, raw, painful and powerful sex at their leisure,
their time, their choice.. That trust must be earned, I don’t just give it
out to anyone. And I choose you. Let’s talk dirty, have phone sex.

I’ll let you cum on my face, no boundaries.

Strangle me until I can barely breathe, as your balls get tight and your
cock starts jerking, you holding me down until I’m begging for you to
stop. Forced sex is supposed to be painful. no lube. This is how I like
it, I’ve told you this before and I mean it. Whenever you want to take me
you can, but only after you’ve earned that trust.

Are you man enough to proved you’re worth it? Call my xxx phone sex line
and you can explain why I want you to rip me open and make me cry.
If only you had more patience… if only you could hold on to your wet,
sticky lust just a little bit longer..

The nights are getting cold, so I think of you. The nights are staying
dark longer, and I think of you. The days are getting shorter, so I think
of you….

What will I do now that I don’t have you there to keep me warm when the
cold, icy air is flowing across my naked body? I’ll miss that warm, soft,
body of yours snuggled up to mine…always keeps me warm on the cold
nights when I’m feeling that need…for your curvy body to hold.

I love how soft your skin is in the special spots where you’ve started to
expand. Running my hands down your under arms, feeling your softness and
tickling you until you pee your pants.

I knew you couldn’t hold out. You have no patience!
Late nights…

The anticipation of hours with her is almost too much to bear. How am I
supposed to breathe when all I can do is hold my breath thinking of how
close we will be…. I haven’t felt this way in so long.

A woman’s touch, there’s nothing like it. Warm, nurturing, wonderful and
healing- I could do this every night.

Before I see her I think to myself that I will be fine, this is normal,
there’s nothing more and I can get myself thinking straight again but the
moment I’m with her I’m obsessed. I want to bury my face in all of her.
Hoping I will be able to sometime soon, before I explode.
Oh, you are so sweet to me. Taking me to your beach house and relaxing in
the sun for the beautiful sunny days and long, windy nights. My tan lines
are heavy and thick… my pussy is satisfied and my belly full. Is this
what it feels to be a movie star?

You treat me like a princess. Showering me with attention, food, wine and
toys. What will you get me next, my love? And please, please… what can I
do for you in return…
It’s been a long, hard day! Even though I love working out, being around
all the hot muscular guys and watching them sweat I still feel exhausted
after a day at the gym. See, I work there to get a membership. Not many
hours, but just enough.

The bar is calling my name, it’s time for a nice blunt and some music.
I’ll take a quickie shower first….. join me?
I’m naturally submissive, I like being told what to do and how to do it. I
love giving my all, taking it in, being used.

Surprising to me though, lately, I have been experimenting a little with
being in charge and I like it. I REALLY like it.

I can’t say that I can be in charge always, but sometimes I really want to
fuck you with my cock. I want to make you drink your cum. I want to spank
you so fucking hard I draw blood.
It’s finally sunny outside. This heat brings me back to the days when I
was 15 and my girlfriend would come over to spend the night and we would
put out a sheet in the yard and just sit in the sun for hours flirting,
rubbing and making each other giggle. Have you giggled lately?
I had the best dream last night. All the girls were in the house and the
calls were pouring in! I could hear moaning and screams from all over the
house. The part of this dream that was so cool, though?

I wasn’t a phone girl…….

Don’t get me wrong- I love talking with all my sweeties, but the position
I held in this dream was…. even better.

I was “Quality Control”. My job was to go from room to room and make sure
the girls were satisfied at the same time as their callers. MY JOB!!! This
is like, dream job #1 ok?

It went like this..
Hello Sugar, I’m here to make sure you’re satisfied. Maybe you need some
help? How can we make this call the “best” call of the day? Oh, Sherry
knows how. Let me get in there, right between your thighs and snuggle up
to your kitty cat. Oh MEOW MEOW you ARE hot tonight. Now tell me what
you’re gonna do? What are we playing tonight Sugar?

See how this dream is going? Yes. Every girl got quality time with me.
Every one of them gave me their cum. Tasty. I got to lick, fondle and fuck them. Kiss, caress and snuggle them. Taste, chew and suck on them. I swear, I promise that I woke up soaking wet. My pussy hasn’t been that soaked in forever. This was a sheet changer.

So pissed when I woke up. So fucking pissed.

I’m on a mission. How can I make this dream come true? This is going to take some thought.
The other day someone asked me if I’ve ever had more than one dick in me.
I told them I’d had a vibe in my ass and a dick in my pussy. He said “No,
two cocks”. I asked if he had two cocks and wanted to fuck me, so he
called his brother and asked him to come over. This was the best week of
my life. They fucked me for hours- they were so fucking good at it I know
this wasn’t their first time. This experience left me with one thought…

A family that fucks together stays together.

Wonder how many other family interactions I can have…..
Summertime is my all time favorite season. I love to get out and
adventure! I’m thinking about where and when….. making big plans. I want
to do something new and exciting this summer- but with who? So many yummy
men to choose from….and so many beautiful women that I’d love the
pleasure of their company….

I know! I’ll have to have some play time with each of them for the next
few months and see who can make me cum the best!

March–should I put your name in for a date this month?
April. May. June- play time!
My red chair

The chair in my bio is my fave place to be fucked. Can you tell? Check out
the smooth leather… when I’m getting fucked the friction rubs burns on
my back or boobs, depending on which position I get to be fucked from.

I love when the chair gets slippery with cum and I start sliding around on
it. I’m hoping to get a call from a kinky slut who can get me off in my
chair today. The only problem with that is the above mentioned friction
can leave marks.

Wanna leave marks on me and my chair? The burns on my ass make it hard for
me to walk. The cum on the chair make it a pleasure to remember you by.

Do you think about me in my red chair? I love pleasuring myself while
thinking about you kissing my clit in my red chair.

It’s raining outside…I can hear the rain on the roof so I step outside
and the wet grass feels so good under my toes! Rain comes down all over my
face and drips down to my lips.. MMHHMM the taste… I love it when it
rains. I’m anticipating a hot foot bath and then rub down with some

Filling the bath with the smell of mint and cucumber, that smell pulls me
into another time. A time when I was a little girl and my dad was taking a
bath and asked me to bring him the newspaper. I walked in with that paper
to see his huge cock floating in the water and I got so shocked I looked
away, but until this day I can’t stop thinking about it. I dream about it.

Time for lotion and whatever comes next….
Loving the winter time because the girls on the street are wearing tights
and boots. More clothes on them means it will take longer to remove them.
I’m sitting on the bench watching them walk by all sexy and shit and think
about how much they would enjoy me taking off their clothes one by one…
can’t stop wiggling around so the crotch of my jeans rubs my pussy… do
you think they will notice??