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Likes: Tease and denial, chastity devices,financial domination, tying up and tying down, timed celibacy, terrorization, making silly little boys into my pretty little bitches, and more!!!
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I'm so excited to be back with all the lovely ladies here at Your Desires,
and I truly believe you'll find me better than ever....

It can take awhile for a girl to go out into the world and find the things
she really enjoys and even comes to crave, and I never would have believed
that a good girl like me could have such a talent for being bad....
And the best way I'm bad? Doling out exquisite punishment for every
transgression you might think you're going to get away with. Nothing
makes me hotter than the thought of you all locked up with nothing you can
do about it, no way to cum unless I allow. IF I decide you've earned the
privilege it'll be in EXACTLY the way I say. I envision you moving through
your days consumed by thoughts of me and what I might make happen, dicks
or clits throbbing with anticipation and even a little fear at the level
of pain intermingled with pleasure that's in store. Thinking of this
makes your sweet mistress sooooo happy.
Its been a fascinating journey, learning where my talents lie. I spent
years trying to please and be everything anyone else wanted until I
realized I was going about it all wrong; I now have a devoted group of
subs for whom I am queen and I don't take their devotion lightly; I
relish it, revel in it, and do everything necessary to never disappoint.
This has led to exploration in forced intoxication, extended teasing
treatments, forbidding/delaying orgasm, and some serious practice with
razor strops, paddles, all manner of goodies to make things delightfully
Maybe its more a mental and emotional game for you? Don't worry your
little head about it; trust me with anything you hold sacred and I'll
keep in safe and close....unless you feel like being driven to the edges
of fear and sanity, in which case I am your more than willing guide.

Of course it isn't controlling and administering pain that makes
dominating you so delicious, its the authority. Knowing that I hold the
keys to making your life heaven or hell as I see fit is a huge
responsibility and one I don't take lightly. And I'm sure that once you
hear how sure I am about what I want for you and why its whats best you'll
have no problem submitting to every single one of my desires....lets
explore the ones you didn't even know you had.

If you're very VERY good I'll even send a pair of my panties...can't wait
to hear what you'll do with them for me.... Check in on my availability at, or check in on Yahoo messenger or AOL and
look up SkylarDelights so we can set up a call time when I can give you my
full attention and everything you deserve. You can also e-mail me at and we can set up a date from there.

Mwaa! Can't wait to make all your dirty thoughts a reality!