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Skylar’s Thoughts

Go research Roman Showers. I guarantee that anything you find won’t
adequately convey the intense sexual feelings associated with such. There
is such a feeling of abandonment involved with ceasing to care about
bodily functions, and then embracing them as arousing. For those of you
who don’t know what I mean, imagine being placed on your knees, my cock
(or the cock of my choice, because lets be real, if I’ve collected you
then you’ll probably be on your knees for any manner of cock at some
point, all for my viewing pleasure) tracing your open mouth again and
again. It slips past your lips, sliding forward, gently fucking your open
mouth and then hitting the back of your throat….and then continuing to
press forward. Gag, if you must, feel your stomach heave and its contents
erupt forward but NEVER pull away. Taste it, smell it, own it, then slurp
it up at my command and invite the cock down your throat again and again.
If you have ANY reservations about phone sex not being “real” enough for
you, I DARE you to call me. I’ll erase that worry for you quickly
I’m becoming more and more interested in blood play.
The idea of sexual vampirism might bring some kitchy, Dracula/Elvira
costume wearing, “oh lets pretend to bite each others necks while we fuck”
visions to mind but that isn’t where I’m going with this. I’m talking
ACTUAL biting,cutting, licking, tasting, drinking blood as a sexual act.
The idea of someone slicing themselves or Me during climax and then
sharing in the incredibly intimate experience of tasting each others blood
is incredibly arousing. Sex is all about sharing fluids anyway so why not
introduce that one and enjoy the bond it brings? And I’m enraptured with
the enticing thought of incorporating it into Dominant situations. You
want to show me the depths of your devotion? Then yes, I want blood.
Stay tuned for updates on this; I have a feeling things are about to get
VERY interesting….
Sex on the phone doesn’t have to be thought of as just an exchange of
moans. My time at Your Desires has proven that to me time and again. The
first time I instructed a man through giving himself an enema was the
beginnings of my foray into dominance, and I adored ever single bit of it.
It never crossed my mind that an enema COULDN’T be sexual; I’ve known
for a long time that one man’s uncomfortable medical procedure could be
another man’s paradise. I remember the surge of power I felt upon
instructing him to insert the nozzle, ever so gently, into his waiting
asshole…and then letting him know that what would please me the most,
really and truly, would be his opening up the clamp to its fullest
capacity so that he could take in the rush of fluids at its highest
speeds. I remember the way he caught his breath, and struggled to take
it. But with every passing moment I assured him that his discomfort
wasn’t in vain; after all, it was all for Mistress and that made every
single second worth it.
I so love it when you call all cleaned out from a great big enema, ready
to be stretched open and pummeled from the inside by the cock of my
choice. Even more than that, I love when you have your camera ready. I
like positioning you, hearing the tell-tale click, and telling you what a
sweet little bitch you are as you smile into the lens.
Sometimes I like to give the enema myself; I’ll prescribe a nice, thick,
soothing yogurt enema to help relax you after a long week and get you
ready for a weekend of bitch work; or maybe something a bit more
punishing to remind you who exactly your ass belongs to. Me, always Me,
isn’t that true, little darling?
I have some thoughts to share on the nature of fantasy. My fantasies are
my own, and it can be difficult to express them at times; I’m sure this
is an experience a lot of people have. One of the things that makes phone
sex so satisfying is the ability to call us and find someone who might not
only share your fantasy but who can also use her voice and powers of
imagination to help you bring this fantasy to life. Let me tell you, with
the wrong mentality, phone sex is about as sexy as mud. As soup. As a
white cotton t-shirt. As your favorite book. But wait….maybe as you’re
reading this you’re thinking, well, mud smeared all over the right body,
the body of a beloved… Soup, maybe steaming, poured into the crevices
of someone who worships pain as pleasure. A flimsy, sheer, well-filled
out cotton t-shirt clinging to the curves of a Goddess such as myself.
And maybe the book is by the Marquis de Sade. Do you see where I’m
heading with this? It’s ALL about perspective. So maybe there’s
something rolling around in your mind that you can’t quite put your finger
on. Maybe its an image you just can’t shake. Maybe its something that
scares you, and the idea of exploring it in any way is terrifying, but in
a way you can’t seem to shake. Call. There is someone here who
understands, who can help you get past the fear, or embrace it….
Working in phone sex has introduced me to fantasy lived as a reality, and
I take that very seriously. Oh, your fantasy is to be stripped down and
made up in lipstick and heels , bondage, forced cock-worship, and
blackmail? Well get out your prettiest latex corset, paint you lips for
me, press that pretty mouth to your biggest dildo and practice tonguing
the tip; then take some pics or videos of ALL of this. Sent them right
to me,, for safe keeping. Of COURSE I’ll keep
those images safe. We wouldn’t want for them to get out, now would we?
That could be bad, very very bad….
Honestly the first time I was introduced to blackmail I wasn’t sure how to
maneuver it. Rest assured I know it very well now. If you’re reading
this you might even be one of the lucky ones I’ve collected…. :)
If I had my very own line of lipsticks I would design it with my favorite
sissies in mind. I would choose the prettiest clit pinks, the most
swollen of tortured cocks purples, and brightest of flogged ass reds you
could imagine. Some of the names and descriptions are as followed:

“Skylar’s Delight”- The same color nude as your bare buttocks once you’re
stripped and on all fours, awaiting my command.

“Whipped”- RED. The angriest red. The red that comes right before blood
during a hearty strap fest.

“Blue Ballin'”- an edger’s dream come true… :)

“Orgasmic Orchid”- the color of a clit about to burst with cum or pain
after being slapped again and again by a paint stick.

I ought to have some of these specially made to gift to my subs once
they’ve been approved and collected; because show me ONE, even just one,
who doesn’t want to be put in panties and painted up like a little slut
and I’ll renounce my life as a Dom and go raise chickens instead of pain
whores somewhere.
I think we need to clarify something:

If you call me because you’re interested in finding a Keyholder,
understand that by the end of the conversation YOU WILL BE LOCKED UP. I
will expect photos of the key in the safe and proof it has been set. I
will DEMAND additional proof of your cock imprisonment via photograph,
twice a day, at times you will agree to before the lock down.
Additionally, you can expect to be called on to provide continued proof of
submission over the course of the imprisonment…and sometimes the proof
I’ll require is you calling me as the timer is on its final minutes so
that we can count down to your freedom together….just understand that
the timer running out is by no means an indication that you’re allowed to
be let out…released. Maybe I’ll just have you set the timer again, and
again, and again, in order for you to truly prove your orgasm isn’t your
own, but MINE. Prove your worth, little darling.
He made me very angry that day. That he would think it acceptable to
speak to me as an equal was one affront; that he would do it to me in a
playful, chiding manner was another matter entirely. Both needed to be
dealt with, by myself and by his full-time Mistress. I cut him off
quickly with a firm “Shut your poor, slack-tongued excuse for a mouth, you
silly fucking WHORE!!!!!!” And from that point on he knew his mistake.
Onto his knees he went, begging my forgiveness, slobbering all over
himself and spit intermingling with his tears once the pain
began….because when it comes right down to it, the one point of
submission is knowing one’s limits and entrusting another to keep one in
line. “It” is on lock-down now, having lost human status; the
opportunity to earn such status back is still under review. Stay
Perfect Submission…

My experiences working as a phone Domme are varied, as you can imagine.
One detail that has emerged to me lately is that, while there are a
variety of different types of submissives, those I’ve collected into my
keeping maintain a standard of excellence that WILL be upheld; anything
else simply won’t be tolerated. Perfect submission is a way of life: It
goes beyond merely giving up personal choice or control in some things.
Perfect submission is the devotion of mind, body, heart, and soul to
Mistress. It doesn’t top from the bottom, complain, whine, contribute
excuses or unnecessary feedback. It isn’t reluctant, there is NO
hesitation. Only when you can demonstrate these qualities upon testing
time and again will I even CONSIDER collecting you. Prove your worth.
The finest thing I can think of is you all tied up for me. Hog-tied,
bound, preferably gagged; we wouldn’t want anyone to hear your screams,
now would we? The neighbors might get the idea that you aren’t BEGGING to
be used up beyond anyone’s capacity for withstanding pain…but you are,
aren’t you. It’s hard to believe anything over the phone can be so
invasive, feel so deliciously evil…until you experience it first hand.
So call and find out for yourself, if you think you’re ready….
I want you face down and naked on the bare tile floor, I want the room
completely dark. I want the sound of my heels tapping along the floor as
I come closer to inspire passion, absolute devotion, and complete and
total dread. You’re shivering, from cold or from the knowledge that what
is about to happen to you is completely and totally beyond your control?
You brace yourself as you feel me stop in front of you; you squash the
desire to open your eyes and look up as you’ve learned, pet, that This
sort of insubordination results in quick and furious retribution. No
worries. You’ll be punished anyway.
The longer I do phone, the more interested I become in the true lives of
“panty boys”. Big strong men in every day life, whose secret desires
revolve around wearing soft and silky panties, thongs, g-strings.
The best part? Sometimes they don’t even know its what they want until I
tell them. Nothing pleases me more than telling someone who calls looking
for “regular” phone sex that he doesn’t know what’s best for him, but I
do. Sweetly and gently suggesting that he strip down to his skin, raid
his drawers for something pretty a girlfriend or a wife has put away, and
slide them on to begin to take HER true form. This is often the beginning
of something beautiful, although metamorphosis can sometimes be painful as
well. Prepare to embrace it all….Mistress has you…
What I’m thinking about today….

I understand that phone sex is very much a fantasy realm for most; its a
safe place to explore our deepest and darkest desires, isn’t it? That
being said, you need to understand how very serious I am about Dominating
you.I am very adventurous and experienced, and IF I find you worthy I will
take you on the journey of a life time. In order to even be considered
you must be Obedient to my every whim, Honest about whether you’re
completing the tasks set forth for you,
Trustworthy, Loyal to a fault, Submissive, Slutty as I Demand, Respectful
of my wishes and everything I decide is best. I am willing to train you
to embody each of these characteristics, should you be able to handle a
STRICT regimen and a firm hand. Ultimately our goal together will be me
having total control of your being and existence, and your
ONLY true pleasure in life will be pleasing me…in any way I see fit.
This isn’t for the faint of heart; nothing about domination is. But
together we can help you to be the prettiest little slut in my harem.
Call soon….