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Age: 26
Cup Size: 34d
Trillian: ComeForSofia
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Likes: biting, double penetration, nipple biting/clamps, girl on girl, age play, squirting, deep throat, loud sex, and oral.
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Hi there, I'm Sofia :)

The best thing about being any of YourDesires is letting you call the shots: I wanna be your submissive slut just as much as I want you on your knees while I'm your domme bitch. A good hard fucking, moaning, spanking, biting, and feeling your hand on my little throat all makes my panties drip.

I'm always game to explore new, taboo, and fun things to keep me wet and warm...will you teach me what you like?

I'd be lying, though, if I said I did not have a few favorites.

First things first, I love double penetration. I want my holes filled and I want you to fill them with your hard cock, your clinched fist, or maybe one of my thick pink vibrators. Your choice, I just want to be filled to the brim. Don't forget my mouth too...a plug up my ass, your fat cock deep down my throat, and a dildo in my tight pussy is a guaranteed orgasm. Fuck, I can feel my cunt throb and drip just thinking about it.

I'm always thirsty for oral sex. If you wanna be my bitch, I'll shove your face and tongue so deep into my cunt that you'll be drowning in my squirting cum and trust me, you won't stop until I tell you to. If you want me as your little slave, I'll take your pulsing cock down my throat as deep as it can go. I won't stop until you order me to swallow your fat load as I gasp for air. Like the little slut that I am.

I'm also all about pussy. I start by nibbling on her lips then lightly gliding my tongue downward, circling a pair of hard, perky nipples. After sucking on her tits, I go straight for the twat. Swirling my tongue around her throbbing clit, I shove my fingers as deep in her tight pussy as they can go. And I promise, I won't stop until she's squirting in my mouth. Some of my favorite high school memories are feeling my tongue slide in and out of my friend's warm cunts before my parents came home after school. Cream pie was my favorite after school snack. I'd love to tell you more :)

Hot Tips for Your Hot Tip: Take my panties off with just your teeth Titty fuck me Force me to orgasm...or let me force you Spank me until I'm red Stretch your mouth around my taught nipples, and suck hard until I squirt

Oh, and if you'll have me, I'd really really love to be your special little girl. I'll do whatever you say.

You can bet that my panties will be soaking wet and warm from our time together. Wanna pair after I squirt for you? Wanna breathe my scent, or maybe use them for our next call? Ask me how.

So, do you want to play? Call me at 360-709-0100 or email me at You can message me at: ComeForSofia on Trillian.

Let's get wet and hot together, let me leave my mark ;)

xxx, Sofia