Sofia’s Thoughts

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Sofia’s Thoughts

Presents are one of my favorite things about the holiday season. Kind of like phone sex, you never know exactly what your’e gonna get, you only know you’ll like it a lot. This year, I wanna unwrap your bulging cock from your tight pants, guide it out of your boxers. Then I’ll let you choose where I put my gift ;) Would you want me to put it in my warm wet mouth, or maybe my dripping pussy? Let’s not forget my tight little asshole, it can go in there too. Where ever you want it, I just wanna stuff your cock inside of me like a fucking stocking on Christmas eve.

“Got a bow on my panties, cause my ass is a present” -Niki Minaj

My Top Five Favorite Things About Phone Sex!

1. When I don’t let myself come until I hear you breathing hard and heavy, ready to shoot your load inside of me. Call me old fashioned, but there’s a lot to be said for a mutual orgasm.

2.When you demand and direct my hands to tweak my hard nipples while ordering me to slide two fingers in and out of my tight hole, hard and fast. You can’t see what I am doing, but you can tell by my moans that I am taking every bit of your direction.

3.When you lower your voice and ask me to describe every fucking detail of my bra and panties, knowing that I’m getting wet just thinking about how much it is turning you on.

4.When I can FINALLY tell someone the dirty secrets that I’ve kept for so so long. When we say goodbye and I think of our calls long after they end, when I am alone at night….rubbing my clit and thinking of you.

I bet a lot of the hot girls at YD got some sexy dirty presents this holiday season. I got a new pair of nipple clams and a two-pronged dildo. The dildo fucks my tight ass hole and my twat at the same time. It’s my double-penetration dream come true…pun intended.

But not all of my gifts were sex toys that cause me pain and pleasure. I bought a few pairs of new panties, some lacy, some with buckles and straps. And a new pair of sexy thigh-highs. They reach just above my knee and look so fucking cute with my new panties. Call me and help me take them off :)

I’ve always like sucking cock. I’ve given blow jobs on elevators, deep throated in college dorm common rooms, and had someone squirt in my mouth in the public restroom at the mall. But my all time favorite is when I gave this stranger head at a busy airport. It was quite the layover…. This is all to say, guys, that I am experienced and enthusiastic. The sensation of pre-come dripping down my throat makes my panties drip. And after a long hard day, all I want is your cock slamming the back of my throat until you fill my mouth with your cum. Order me to open wider. Order me to suck harder. Demand that I don’t stop until your hot cum is dripping from the corners of mouth, streaming down my neck, all over my perfect fucking tits.

Please and thank you :)

These past few weeks at YD has inspired me to buy a thicker, longer dildo. Between calls, I browse ExtremeRestraints for the perfect cock to slip in and out of my tight pussy. I’ve been having incredible phone sex…I know that a bigger dildo will only make it more sexy and fun. You guys really give me some
great ideas on new ways fuck myself to your sexy voice. Keep them coming ;)

5 Guaranteed Ways to Make Me Squirt

1.Read me YOUR favorite erotica, the raunchier the better. I wanna hear what gets you off when you’re all alone. I wanna hear your read it through panted breath in our phone sex, honey.

2.Tell me how badly you want me to milk your cock…you can whisper it in my ear. Or you can shout it over the phone, put your little slut in her place.

3.Twist my hard little nipples until they are bruised and pulsing. But don’t stop there baby, make sure you grab my nipple clams, they are right next to my handcuffs.

4.Tell me how deep your aching cock can go. Give me a detailed picture baby, inch-by-fucking-inch. And if you have a nice curved cock, let me know…I like riding that curve.

5.Describe —in graphic detail — the last lucky cunt you fucked. Tell me how her pussy tasted and how deep inside you got to go. Tell me what she moaned as you spread her legs,tell what she screamed as you rammed her pussy.

Sometimes I get wet just hearing the other YD girls on their phones.
I wanna breathe her dripping pussy through her cotton panties.
I wanna run my hands over her nipples until they are hard and perky.
I wanna take her panties off with my teeth.
And then I wanna open her soft lips just enough to see her hard clit peek out.

Ring me for a two YD girl call…see where this could go.

Today I learned the different between an open mouth gag and a ball gag! As someone who likes to be fucked and dommed, I can see benefits from each side. On one hand, an open-mouth gag gives easy access for your fat cock to ram down my throat. On the other, something about my muffled moans by a big ball jammed in my mouth gets me really wet. What do you think? Lets have great phone sex, I wanna find out.

Ive been playing this game with myself where I go to the Extreme Restraints website. When I get to the homepage, I close my eyes and click twice at random. When I open my eyes, I look at whatever toy comes up! Its so fun because I learn new things and it turns me on at the same time. I keep ending up on nipple clamps and whips. I think its a sign ;)