Sophia’s Fantasies

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Sophia’s Fantasies

It’s Friday night, the long work week is done. I need a drink to relax
and let loose. I walk into my neighborhood bar to grab a glass or 2 of
wine. As I’m sipping my wine and I see you looking at me from across the
bar. Your piercing sexy eyes staring at me and even from afar I can feel
your desire. You get up and walk towards me not focusing on anyone or
anything around you, just me. You sit right next to me and ask to buy me a
drink and with a flirty smile I say “yes, thank you”.

A little back and forth between us talking dirty and getting to know each
other not that I really focus on the conversation because the chemistry
between us is so intents.I feel my pussy getting wet and my nipples
hardening. I focus on your mouth and wonder if you know how to really kiss
a girl. Your strong hands as you move them when your talking in
conversation. I can see that your cock is slightly bulging through your
jeans and I excite myself with the prospects of fucking you. As though
your reading my thoughts You stand quickly and tell me “Come with me.”

We walk to the back of the bar to a more secluded booth. As soon as we sit
we start to kiss, soft at first then with more passion as we continue.
Your hands caressing my body and getting to know every one of me curves.
My hands too start exploring your body and feeling your now hard cock
bulging through your jeans. The desire grows stronger and stronger till we
can’t help ourselves any more we need to have each other right there and

You sit me on the table, you pull my black form fitting pencil skirt up
reveling my garter belt attached to my black sheer hose. Your pleasantly
surprised to find out i’m wearing red crotch less panties. At that point
I’m sure I’m going to feel your fingers in my now drench pussy but you
make me wait. You go up to my white button down blouse and start to
unbutton it slowly reveling my red lace push up bra making my already full
size C’s even fuller. You release one breast out of the cup and begin
sucking, kissing and nibbling it.

We don’t notice at first that we are being watch by 3 guys just standing
there with their drinks in hand while one of them is holding his phone
taking pictures. Knowing we’re being watch turns me on even more. You
slide me down to the end of the table, you get down on your knees and
start licking my pussy. You know what your doing, you love eating pussy
and do so every time you get the chance. Your hitting my spot over and
over again with enough presser that it doesn’t take long and I cum all
over your mouth.

You lift me off the table, turn me around and bend me over it. You spread
open my legs. You can’t help but give my ass a little spanking to tease
me. You unbutton, unzip your jeans and release your thick, big cock out of
your jeans. rubbing the tip of your cock from my pussy to to my ass and
from my ass to my pussy till you finally insert your engorged cock in my
pussy. You don’t start off slow, we’re to horny for that now, you ram it
in as deep as you can go. It feels so good I can’t help moan.

One hand on my waist and the other on shoulder you pound me with such
force that I squirt all over. The site of it is so hot that one of the
guys watching us can’t help but join us. He undoes his pants, pulls out
his hard cock and shoves it in my mouth. Mmmmmmmm he taste so good and I
just want more. By now the other two men have undone their pants and start
jacking off above me as your pounding my pussy and I’m suck this strangers
cock. I cum a few times more with more intensity but i wont stop till
everyone has climaxed and gotten their fill. Before I know it like
domino’s first the stranger in my mouth cums down my throat, you cum in my
now soar pussy from the pounding of you big cock and the two men over me
cum all over my tits one right after the other.

Covered in cum from mouth to pussy, I think I’m starting my weekend off
right ;)