Stevie’s Fantasies

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Stevie’s Fantasies

He’s married but that doesn’t stop us from having our fun. His cock is
perfect and satisfies my every need. His hands give me goose bumps. And
his tongue leaves me begging for more.

Our routine is simple. His wife leaves for work around noon Monday through
Friday. I watch him give her a kiss from my car, knowing hes thinking
about my juicy little pussy in the process. Sometimes, I can’t help but
play with myself while I wait for her to leave.

I wait for her car to disappear down the road before entering his house.
But once I’m inside, hes ripping my clothes off my petite sized body. He
touches my face and kisses me hard making me moan and my legs weak. With
his body against mine I can feel his third leg throbbing. He seems
anxious, but he never neglects my needs.

After stripping me naked, he puts me on his kitchen counter and slowly
kisses and nibbles down to my perky little breasts down to my hips where
he squeezes and bites making me cry out in ecstasy. He slips two fingers
in between my long legs, followed by his tongue. So wet and warm, he
always knows just where to go and what to do to make me cum.

I can hardly contain myself as he slips his fingers inside my dripping wet
little pussy as his tongue plays with my clit. It only takes him a couple
minutes to make me cum like a fountain all over his gorgeous face. My legs
are quivering as he slides his tongue in and out of my sloppy wet, cum
dripping little pussy. He knows that I already came all over him but he
refuses to stop until I make him. I throw my head back and cry out his
name. I grip his hair in my fingers as i accidentally knock some of his
appliances off the counter.
“You’re gonna pay for that,” he says as a picks me up and carries me away
to his bedroom. When he puts down, he grabs my long, soft hair and kisses
me hard. Making me taste all my juices. “Now bend the fuck over.” He said
again in such a demanding tone. I dare not say no to him.

I bend all the way over, grabbing my ankles. He grabs my hips and smacks
my supple little ass over and over, teasing the outside of my pussy with
the tip of his giant cock. Slowly letting the tip in then sliding out
quickly. Finally after I’ve begged him for it for what seemed like hours.
He finally slides deep in my hole and with every thrust I can hear his
moans. He slides his hands up and down my back then grabs my neck, pulls
me back to him and whispers to me, “I’m gonna fuck you like the whore you
are.” His giant cock is so hard I can feel it throb as he fucks my harder
than hes ever done before. I’m getting so weak with every thrust and my
body is quivering. I’ve lost track of all the times he’s made me cum.

He finally yanks me around and forces me on me knees so I can take my
payment for making a mess in his kitchen. A load a hot cum hits my
puckered lips and my mouth waters at the thought of tasting his cream.
“Now clean yourself up and go home. My wife will be home soon,” he says.
Meaning he wants me to swallow every last drop of his load. He loves
watching me lick his cum off my lips like a dirty little slut, tasting
every last drop.