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Age: 30
Cup Size: 36dd.26.38
Trillian: SeductivelySydney
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Likes: Corsets and Sexy Little Panties, Role-playing, Switch Play, Cream pies, Toys, Being Stuffed, Light Spanking, Threesomes, and Bondage Play.
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Hello handsome, I'm Sydney your beautiful busty girl next door. ;)
I'm here to fulfill your deepest desires; do you want to fulfill
some of mine too? Let me share some of my fantasies with you so we can get to know each other.

I love to dress up in my corsets when at home or out on the town.
The knowledge that everyone is staring at my beautiful hourglass figure with my succulent large perfect breasts taking center stage is so alluring to me. I always wear a matching pair of lacy little panties when I'm in a corset. Would you like to have a pair of my panties to keep and remember our time together, they might be soaking wet but if you ask I'll happily let you have them...

Role-play gets me going like nothing else, I want to be your naughty school girl you can be my teacher. Let's go camping and fuck against a tree, or in the hot tub at a ski resort. Tell me
who you want me to be and we can act out your fantasies. I get so wet just thinking about being somewhere with you and playing out the story you want to indulge in.

I love some light spanking and hair pulling when you ride me from behind doggy style, would you like to pull my hair and make me cum? Let's play around and see what makes each other moan for more...

I have a yearning for older men; something about the way they cup my breasts and go down on me with such passion is like no other experience. Daddy, will you slip into my room and fuck me tonight?
I promise I won't wake the rest of the house with my moans; you can cover my mouth if you're worried. Just promise me you'll leave me with a big cream pie dripping from my tight little pussy when you slip back out.

Or we could snuggle up in bed and softly run our hands along each other's bodies as we tell each other our deepest secrets and desires until we cum together from the pure anticipation as your throbbing cock rubs against my dripping wet pussy.

You can email me for my schedule (, or find me on trillian (SeductivelySydney) to chat a bit and get to know me, I'm also active on Twitter (SeductivelySyd) follow me if you like a good tease ;)

I am eager for your cum in me and all over me especially if we can build the pressure together with a nice long tease leading up to climax... Are you ready to play with me?