Sydney’s Fantasies

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Sydney’s Fantasies

One of my favorite fantasies involves heavy bondage and lots of cum. I love the feel of cum on my body and when I’m not tied up, I love using it as lube while I massage my clit. In this fantasy, I’ve been rendered unconscious and as I come to, I have no memory of what happened tome. I find myself, completely naked, gagged, and tied to a bed frame, my legs and torso encased in colorful nylon rope, shibari-style.

I’m at once frightened and excited, as I find myself alone, helpless, and vulnerable in a dimly lit room with no sense of where I am or how I got here. A man enters the room and closes the door behind him. I watch him as he approaches me scanning my body and I can begin to hear his elevated breathing. He stops at my bedside and appears to be staring at my Double D tits. Slowly, he begins to unbuckle his belt, unbutton his jeans, and slowly lower his fly.

I fear what is going to happen next, but the fear only heightens my excitement as I watch him pull out his cock, which is already erect. I feel a sense of relief as I watch him begin to stroke it, thinking I might be spared being raped. He begins slowly at first and I feel a twinge of sexual arousal, which builds as the cadence of his stroking quickly reaching a fever pitch.

I begin to feel the swell of my own sexual arousal to pre-orgasmic levels, even though my bonds make it impossible to touch myself. I watch as he begins to unload his cum on my breasts, torso, and belly. So much cum, I can scarcely believe it, hot and wet, splashing over and over, triggering my own orgasm. The situation leaves breathless to the point of once again lapsing into unconsciousness.

I found this old coin the other day, it was tarnished and stuck in the back of the drawer where I keep all my toys, whips, rope, and fun playthings… It was inside a small smooth wooden box I’d never seen before. On the top of the box was carved: “Contents: One (1) Authentic Sexual Desires Coin.”

I opened the box, and inside of the lid of the box was carved: “Official Instructions For Use: Rub coin between hands vigorously while speaking aloud your wish. Flip the coin into air for results. For best results wishes should be sexual in nature.”

What could that possibly mean, I wondered. Who truly believes in wishing with a flip of a coin anyways, it’s just a fun game we played as kids, right? I went back to cleaning my ‘Sin Drawer’ out but the coin and it’s instructions had me pondering. I thought, no harm trying, so I opened the box, took the coin into my hands its weight much heavier than I expected as it rested in my palm.

“I wish I could get fucked and satisfied until I cum over and over whenever I feel the urge…” I said out loud as I flipped the coin into the air. “Heads!” I exclaimed as it landed in my palm, sparkling in the light of a stray sunbeam. Nothing happened…But my pussy started tingling as I imagined the scenarios that could unfold if my wish came true. I felt my pussy lips getting moist and engorging as I fantasized about being fucked every way possible, cum dripping out of me only to be fucked more my body shuddering with orgasm after orgasm..I was promptly interrupted by a knock at the door.

I opened the door to a beautiful woman. She was stunning with curves in all the right places. She had such amazingly full hips causing her ass to be perky and round in her yoga pants and such marvelous voluptuous breasts spilling out the top of her shirt. I couldn’t help but stare. She asked to come in to which I stammered “Yes… Of course!”

She spun around in the doorway, grabbing me by the waist and kissing me deeply and passionately. Her lips were soft, warm, her hands holding my face to hers as I melted into her kissing back passionately. She eagerly pulled me to my bedroom as if she’d been there a hundred times before, throwing me down on the bed and reaching her hand up my skirt to my wet pussy.

As she slipped her middle and forefingers into my hot, damp mound, I frantically began grasping the hem of my sweater, instinctively pulling it over my torso, exposing my heaving breasts. As my sweater ascended, she moved from my gaping mouth to my left breast in a single fluid motion, gently nibbling the nipple as I finished removing my top.

I closed my eyes, feeling my muscles tense as I caressed her brunette locks at the nape of her neck and tried to focus on the pressure against my clit and the curling motion of her fingers stroking my G spot. As I focused on the feel of her tongue running over my nipples again and again coupled with the sensation of her expert hand at my pussy that familiar feeling began to swell. Deep inside me regions, it began to build pulsing, pounding, matching the rhythm of my pulse. She sped up and pressed harder on my clit as she felt my body stiffen and convulse in pure orgasmic bliss. She cleaned my pussy with her tongue. Kissing and worshipping my sweet cunt with her lips. We collapsed together in a sweaty heap on my bed, caressing one another with our fingertips, kissing deeply for what felt like an eternity but was only a lingering moment. “Thank you” I whispered breathily – partly directed at her, partly at the coin sitting on my dresser.

You come up to my hotel room, knocking lightly on the door. My company fucked up and didn’t have an interview room reserved for me when I arrived today… So here we are, in my hotel room, side by side on a
leather loveseat. My already short skirt riding up my thighs leaving little to be imagined. Your eyes focused on my breasts, I’m realizing at this point they can be seen through my blouse quite clearly. You scoot closer to me, pretending to adjust yourself.

We hesitantly observe one another through a set of basic interview questions, your pants bulging more with each breath I take… I ask you, as we conclude the first set of questions in your interview, “why would you be the best fit for this position?” You reply slyly as your hand creeps up my skirt, “Well, I always get the job done and make sure my bosses are completely satisfied…”

With that you slip your hand upward on my inner thigh and pull my panties to the side, your fingers reaching inside of me, thrusting into my warm soft pussy. I moan, begging you for more. You hike my skirt up above my waist, grabbing me firmly by the hips and lifting me up. My legs wrap around your waist as you carry me to the bed.

Pulling my panties down you suck and kiss my pussy as if you’ve never tasted anything as sweet and delicious. Lapping up my juices your tongue creeps inside me, you can’t get enough, your tongue fucking my pussy rapidly I cum all over your face, convulsing in pleasure from your touch… You unzip your slacks now and enter me with your engorged throbbing cock. Fucking me gently and firmly all at once, I cum again, and again. I am begging you to thrust deeper! Harder! I want your cock as deep as it can go. And with that you release a deep moan – your cock throbbing and
pulsing inside me as you cum.

I often think about kidnapping some random guy and just finding ways to keep him in suspense for a day or two before letting him go without any explanation. With my cleavage and innocent looks it’s easy enough to lure pretty much any guy I want any time I want… but I want more of a challenge than that, more of a thrill… Much more.

I want to hitchhike down a seldom used road where it’s too dark for him to ever get a good look at my face when he stops to pick me up. I’d have a rag soaked in chloroform behind my back, sealed away in a ziplock bag… I’d cover his mouth and nose as I climb into his car. I’d have to take a moment to get off while he’s passed out, the thrill of his struggle against the cloth would be too much for me to handle without orgasming at-least once. I’d slide his limp body into the passenger seat and drive to my cottage in the woods, just minutes away.

In my cottage there is a dungeon awaiting our arrival. I’d tie him up, chaining each of his arms to the wet cold stone walls…And sit sipping tea while I wait for him to come-to. He’d groggily start to awaken, and I’d relish in his gagged moans and screams for help. I’d pet his face gently, and softly whisper into his ear “No one is coming to help you…. No one can hear you scream except me, and your screams turn me on, so by all means…Continue!” As he cried, begged, screamed I’d feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I’d spread my legs and masturbate myself facing him, fully enjoying every orgasmic scream. Eventually he’d begin to get hard whenever he attempted to struggle, knowing it meant my pussy was wet and he’d get a show.

“I’ll remove the gag, if you behave” I’d say, “but you will remain chained, understand?” He would nod, and I’d untie his gag. His whimpers and moans and his rock hard dick would have my pussy juices dripping down my bare legs. I’d kiss the head of his cock, sucking out his pre-cum lightly and then I’d straddle his lap, sliding his pulsing thick cock deep inside me. Placing my hand over his mouth I’d ride his cock my body tensing up with orgasm after orgasm. When I became satisfied I’d go upstairs to my cozy cottage, leaving my plaything naked, cold, once again gagged, and of course chained to the wall all alone in the dark.

Mistress Serena promised me she would show me exactly how her slave(s) need to be punished. She took my hand, leading me down the long staircase to her personal dungeon. She addresses her slave(s) as one, no distinct names, numbers, or entities. “A slave is a slave is a slave,” says Mistress Serena as she hands me a long leather whip. And she says, “the slave(s) get no choices, their pleasure is a direct result of our pleasure!”
I gasp, lifting the whip and testing it on the slave’s back as they are chained to the wall, stretched and nude. The sound is beautiful, leather meeting skin. I strike again, this time on the bare balls of the slave. The screams, the crack of the whip, the leather and skin…Orgasmic! I feel my pussy tingling, getting wet. Mistress Serena grins at me and caresses my breasts with her hands, slipping my bra down and suckling my nipples, first the left, then the right, until they are standing at full attention… Want to hear more? You’ll have to check over at Mistress Serena’s page for part #2

My girlfriend and I love to share, can we share you? Maybe we’ll start out just the two of us, her and I. You watch as she and I rip off each other’s panties and bras, suckling on one another’s nipples. Slowly I slide down her stomach, kissing along her hips to her little pink pussy lips, I push her down on the bed and start sucking and kissing her sweet clit as you stroke your cock over her mouth. She licks up the precum off the head of your swollen cock as it dribbles down to her lips, begging for more. You slide your cock deep into her mouth, pushing your cock into her throat, fucking her mouth and throat as I make her open it wider with moans of ecstasy from working her pussy just right. You blow that huge fucking load in her mouth, and I slide up to clean your cock off, and kiss her mouth, my tongue searching for every last drop of cum in her. You move around to my pussy, put your cock in it and pound me fast and hard while she and I kiss and fondle one another, your cock stimulating my g-spot and her hand rubbing my clit I squirt all over you both and you unload your cum inside my pussy simultaneously. She moves downward… Kissing her way past my breasts and licks my clit and pussy lips clean, then she slides her tongue expertly inside me, cleaning your cum out from my pussy. We’re just such greedy fucking cum sluts, aren’t we?

I want to play with you, can you be my teacher and I’ll be your pet? Teacher’s pet has always been a fantasy of mine…

I want to slide up after class, bend over your desk and pretend to show you my essay I’m working on. I know you’re staring at my round succulent breasts and I love the way you stammer and blush trying not to focus on them. I nudge them closer to you, with the excuse of pointing out parts of my essay that I want you to read.

In the story I wrote a sexy student seduces her teacher, and I see your pants bulging at the idea of this shared fantasy. You’re starting to lean in closer, I feel your breath on my chest. I hop up and sit on your desk, my skirt billows up revealing my lacy panties and perfect round ass.

You get up and shut the door, locking it securely. Then you approach me, pressing your body against mine as I’m perched on your desk with my short skirt flowing around my thighs. I can feel your cock throbbing through your slacks, my sexual desire for you is so strong that my pussy is soaking my panties without even feeling your cock against my soft lips.

Teacher, please cum finish this story with me? ;)

I make you bend over, ass in the air while I insert your favorite jeweled buttplug. Then I gently tie your little maid apron around your neck and bare waist, slap your ass and send you to the kitchen to prepare food and drinks for my guests.

The girls arrive, with bags in their hands… Not gifts as they seem, but strap-ons they will use to penetrate you until you can’t take it anymore. We sip our wine while you make the rounds, kissing our feet and licking our sweet pussies under our sun dresses. Then the fun begins… We each put on our strap-ons and stand in line behind you to take turns…

I have a sexual fantasy that maybe you share too? I would love to have a strong older man blindfold me and tease my body for hours until I can’t take it anymore and beg to cum.

You would refuse to let me orgasm, and continue tickling my thighs as my skin quivers from the sensation of the light brushing touch of your fingertips. You gently kiss all over my body, lingering for a moment on my nipples and then moving down to my belly button which you circle with your tongue…

You kiss my hips, nibbling them slightly making my back arch as I beg for your cock…You trace a finger down my stomach to my beautiful outer lips, sliding it along the crease but not within. I moan and beg for you to stop teasing and fuck me but you deny me the pleasure… Won’t you cum call me and tell me more about what you will do to me?