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Suddenly, he shoves me against the doorway. He holds me against his hips, and I practically convulse. He plants a soft kiss on my lips, and desire
seizes me with a vengeance. I inhale sharply. He leans in, and my breathing accelerates. He plants a soft wet kiss on my lips, dominating, tasting. His mouth is on mine, dominating, sending delicious shivers through me … there. Exploring, dominating, tasting, his skilled tongue invades my mouth. I can hear music faintly. He always puts songs on repeat in here. Pulling my head back, his hand tightens around my hair at my nape, fisting his hands.

‘You are so beautiful,’ he whispers as he hovers over me.

He leans in, and my heart skips a beat. He plants a soft kiss on my lips, tasting, exploring. He kisses me, his eyes glowing with lust, making me
squirm, making my muscles clench deep, deep inside. His tongue invades my mouth, his eyes glowing with lust, coursing heat throughout my body,
making me tremble. His mouth is on mine, and a delicious tingling shoots through me. The sultry strains of Kings of Leon drift through the
headphones he put on me. I love his choice. His hand tightens around my hair, holding my head in place.

Catching me off guard, he pushes me against the desk. He’s pinning me to the desk using his hips, and my heart is pounding. He softly traces his
fingers along my neck. I groan loudly, panting. How can his body do this to me?

We board a train, my skirt is sheer and I have no panties on. Your cock is rock hard in your pants, and everyone can see the bulge. As the train
jerks forward your cock bounces against my ass. With everyone watching us you lift my skirt, and slide a finger deep inside my dripping wet pussy.
You pull your finger out, lick it, tasting my cunt. Then you unzip your pants and slide the head of your cock into my dripping wet eager cunt.
Fucking me from behind hard and giving no cares that everyone on the train is watching us. You cum deep inside me and pull out, moving to my face you have me lick your cock clean, sucking your balls and cleaning all our cum off you before you put your cock away, all the while my skirt still up
around my waist and my pussy dripping your cum out down my legs and to the floor for everyone to see.

Your cunt is wet to the touch, and I want to bury my face deep inside it, sucking and pulling at your clit gently with my lips. Your pussy is
swelling with every brush of my tongue. I explore your body, your hips, your curves, your breasts with my tongue. Teasing, tickling, drifting my
fingers and mouth all over you, taking my time to savor every inch of you, you’re a masterpiece of femininity. I’m entranced by your scent, your
feel, and your moans of pleasure as I make your pussy drip and squirt with my artful touch.

Daddy I miss you so much!! I’m taking a shower soon, so if mommy is out will you come join me? slipping into the steamy room, dropping your
clothes and wrapping your arms around my wet soapy body? Or if you have to wait…you can slide into my bed when I’m still damp from the hot shower
and still have nothing on but the sheets. You can fuck my clean little holes so much that I need a shower again after you finish with me Daddy.

Oh my slut, you’ve been a bad bad little fucker!! I think your Goddess needs to punish you. You claim you want to SUBMIT and give your all to me,
lets test that shall we? Will you lick the bathroom floor as you grovel at my feet, nude and shivering on the tile? Will you mail me the keys to your cock cage, giving over complete control to me, no release without my permission? How far will you go for my love you little fucking slut!?

I love symmetry, don’t you? You want to fuck me in every hole, get your rocks off using my body? Well baby… You get what you give, I’ll tie your
little slut ass up and have your every hole fucked with a strap-on sooner than you can say “Please Mistress!” I have a mantra I live by my love, you
do unto others as you wish they would do to you…And I extend it to the bedroom ;)

You’ve been driving all day and most of the night. White line fever took you hours ago. Short on money and desperate for time you take a shortcut that’s long deserted and over-grown in the six decades since the interstate cut off local traffic here. But exhaustion at last has its way and you pull into the ruins of an old-style diner. It’s foggy and dark but before your eyes can slam shut there’s a terrible light. Startled you see something out of a bad 1950s science fiction movie. A “flying saucer”. It’s pulsing lights transfix you as a shapely figure exits and
approaches you.

You’ve fought well. A hundred zombies lie strewn in your wake. As far as you know you’re the last of humanity. You have ONE shotgun shell left and you can hear me cumming at a slow shamble. You pause, wondering whether to take down one more before your inevitable death or to use the shell on yourself so as not to become an undead monster. But as I round the corner into the room where you’re holed up you gasp. I look so…HUMAN! A few wounds, but no gangrene or worse. I MOVE like a woman too. What will you do?

A feathered cap and lederhosen? Baggy pants and an ushanka? Samurai robe and (gasp!) a man-bun? How will I dress you up today? How do you want me
dressed? See-through harem garb? Amazonian breasts showing? Roman toga? Let’s exxxplore history (or HER-story) together!

In public, or not in public? Thought about it but too scared to get caught? Tried it with some wild woman who you’ve never forgotten? What’s
the most dangerous (likely to be caught) place you’ve tried or would consider? How about a commercial airplane or busy airport? Something else
in mind? Tell me and let’s try!

Toys. Like them? Hate them? Have no idea how to make them a part of your bedroom routine? Think that they’re just for kinky people into BDSM? Let’s
exxxplore. I can teach you or ‘let’ you teach me! ;)

The leaves have fallen, the frost has settled outside making every step crackle as I walk to your door wrapped only in a blanket. I knock softly and you greet me with a deep passionate kiss. I throw my arms around your neck and my blanket falls to my feet, exposing my bare body to your neighbors and the traffic passing by, but I don’t care. We kiss in the doorway like that, with everyone gawking for what felt like ages. Then I wrapped my legs around your waist, feeling your hard cock pulsing through your pajama bottoms against my exposed wet pussy. You slam the door and carry me to the bedroom.

Perchance the man was stuck, And not in the muck! He’d tied himself to a chair, His legs bound and hanging in the air. Try as he might to get free his fate was bleak, He stayed in that chair for the better part of a week!

His feet were tickled with every motion, Causing him to create quite a commotion! His knees pinned no matter how hard he try to kick.. His hands unable to reach anything but his dick!

“Why oh why did I tie myself up,” he cries out, He laughs, cries, shouts and pouts “Help me please!?” he begs of me, I laugh and chuckle “We’ll see…”

I’m crazy about bondage! I love to tie my girlfriends up, I love to BE tied up… The feel of the rope against my skin, tightening more and more, almost digging in if I struggle… Mmm, I’m getting wet just thinking about it! Add a gag in, preferably cloth, and I’m putty in your hands! Fuck me anywhere/anyway you want because once you’ve got me in such a compromised position I can’t stop you!

You’ve been called into my office “What’s u..up Boss?” you say with a stutter. “Close the door. Come in and have a seat. Do you know why I’ve called you in to meet with me?” I ask you without any indication of whats to ‘cum.’ “ Boss, what? I do a good job here, I think…” you say with a hint of worry on your breath. “Yes, you do” I reply smoothly, “But…Well, there have been some complaints by the other women in the office of your ‘flirtatious nature’ towards them, and even me at times…” “Do you think I’m flirtatious Boss?” you ask shyly, looking down. “Why, yes, I do, but I enjoy it my dear.” I say with a sly grin creeping onto my face. I unbutton your shirt, and grab your belt, beginning to unbuckle it, sliding my hand down the front of your slacks, I feel your wetness spreading, your warmth, my mouth can’t help itself and I kiss my way down your chest and remove your belt with my teeth… Help me ‘finish’ this story with a call, I know we’ll both enjoy it thoroughly!

My boyfriend’s boss is HOTTT! My pussy drips for a cut man in a well-tailored suit anyway, but his boss is blonde-haired and blue-eyed with a very nice jawline as well which just spins me over the top!! So I didn’t hesitate to ask him over for Thanksgiving dinner to help my boyfriend with ‘brownie points.’ But we all know I really just wanted that blonde hunk to bury his cock deep inside me and was planning how to get him between the sheets even before he even said yes to dinner. It didn’t even bother me or slow my fantasy down when he asked if he could bring his girlfriend along, it just made me wetter to think that I’d be making his cock putty in my mouth and pussy with her in the next room chatting small talk with my boyfriend.

I grew up loving ’70s music so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that I’m a bit of a ‘groupie’. If you can sing or play and have a few friends I’m SO DOWN with doing all of you at once! I’m really good at concentrating on several cocks at the same time. One throbbing cock in my pussy, one in my ass, one in my mouth and one in each hand is no problem for me. And don’t you worry if you get the hand job, I’ll have you hard enough for more within minutes of your cumming all over Me. Yeah, I’m THAT good! If you don’t believe me, call me and find out what I can do with JUST the sound of my voice and you’ll be a believer!

The three of us stand naked together, looking one another up and down. Your cock twitches as you examine my figure, my curves. His cock swells at the sight of us both, he begins to stroke himself, eyeing your figure moving closer to mine. I whisper in your ear “You can do anything to my body, no limits at all..Just know, when you’re done, he’ll do whatever you do to me..To YOU.” You eagerly agree, almost foaming at the mouth to get down to enacting the most carnal thoughts that are floating in your mind…Hopefully you enjoy yourself, on the giving and receiving end, lets explore this fantasy in depth together, what are your deepest darkest desires?

It’s only a few days until thanksgiving and I’m prepping our turkey, stuffing my fist deep into it’s hole and filling it to the brim with delicious breading and veggies. My boyfriend comes up behind me, and grabs my waist saying “How do you think that bird feels? Do you want to find out?” and he slides my panties down with a firm tug, and begins pushing the head of his thick throbbing cock into my little asshole as I’m bent over at the kitchen counter. I scream in ecstasy – so loud I’m certain the neighbors heard me; “STUFF ME BABY!”

Would you lend me your ear just for a few minutes? I’m going to wrap my voice around your cock and give you an amazing orgasm. Possibly the most amazing one you’ve ever experienced. You see…First I’ll edge you, denying you a climax, teasing the pre-cum from your cock, my voice sweetly pulling your balls, teasing them, making you tight, swollen, ready to explode….But not yet my dear I control your cock, and when you cum! I’ll implant in your mind images of my body against yours, my legs wrapping around you, you sliding inside me…At this point my sexy voice is almost too much for your balls to take another second of, as you release in ecstasy the biggest load you’ve ever seen come out of your cock!

I’m naturally a Domme, even when I try not to be. I’m just a strong personality to fuck with I suppose. But I LOVE when a man will mind-fuck at my level, tossing it back at me as fast as I can throw it. The intellectual play and stimulation is stronger than physical sometimes for me. Fuck me, fuck my mind, try to outsmart me, I dare you! We can call it “Battle of the Dom/Domme(s)” possibly?

Halloween is fast approaching my pets, and I want to play out some spooky fantasies. Maybe twisting some classic horror themes up to be sexual fantasies? We could be exploring an old abandoned house, rumored to be haunted and get attacked by a ghost/ghoul while I’m sucking your cock? Or maybe we have an orgy with vampires in an old castle? What do you think is the sexiest twist you can put on a classic horror theme? ’Tis the season after all ;)

Tease and denial – What does it mean in the land of phone sex? It means I taunt you, tease your cock, and make it drip….Then DENY you the pleasure of cumming to my sweet seductive voice. Or maybe I decide I will let you cum? Hah, never mind! I decided you can’t. Your cock is at my command, you see! Don’t you feel powerless, frustrated, yet so incredibly turned on? I love making you edge like this, leaving you never knowing if you’ll get release, or when it will ‘cum’. Listen to my voice and let me guide your strokes as you masturbate.

Guided masturbation can be so much fun you know…Especially when mixed with the tease and denial aspect of our relationship. If you want me to stop teasing, I’ll guide you to climax so fast you’re begging me to slow down and tease you some more, my voice is that powerful. Your cock trembles and twitches for me, and I love it almost more than you do my dear. Almost….. ;)

You’ve told me how much you desire to feel me in you. Pegging your tight little ass with my girth cock. You’ve begged me to take your asshole and spread it wide with both of my hands, to take you for the first time. You want to feel the head of my cock gliding into you, deeper and deeper as I fuck you tenderly. Then rougher, and rougher. I spank your ass hard as I drive my cock balls deep into you. Your screams of pleasure echoing throughout the house as you take my cock. Is this what you wanted baby when you asked me to peg your ass?

What turns you on? I really want to know! Tell me about your kinks, your fantasies, your desires! Tell me every little detail, I want to eat it all up, digest it, and grow with you. I love to learn, tell me where to learn about what turns you on, or just instruct me and teach me the ways of your kink. Whether it’s edging, cocktease, sissification, femdomme or something completely “off the wall” to a normal person… I want to hear it, I want to SHARE it with you and explore the reaches of your mind and interests.

My pussy gets instantly wet when I think about your cum. I want it on my breasts, on my ass, across my back. I want to watch you blow your load across my body top to bottom, back to front, the idea of your load spread across my skin is so hot to me.

I want to hear you moan and cry as I hold fast to my resolve. You can’t cum yet. Maybe you can’t cum ever. Only I know as I hold the key to your cock. With my voice I control you. Struggle as you may my little pet you’ll just make me giggle as I imagine your pulsing hard cock swollen and aching to blow. I love the way you moan and plead with vigor, it empowers me to flirt more with you, to guide you to the edge and deny you again. Cum call me and entertain me my dear, we could flirt all night long.

I love a man that pulls my hair when he fucks me from behind. The way he pulls himself in closer by yanking on my long brunette locks is so sexy it gets me soaking wet instantly. I love to feel the tugs increasing and getting rougher as he comes closer to climax. Theres something so primal about it all that sets me off and makes every inch of my body feel like it’s on fire as I orgasm with my head pulled back from the pressure of his grip on my locks and his cock thrusted deep inside me… I’m wet just thinking about it. Will you be the one to fulfill my deepest desires?

I love to hear a man beg to cum. Give me the power to deny or allow you pleasure. Isn’t there something thrilling about that to you too? Let me direct you as you cum for me my dear I know you will enjoy it too! ;)

I want to roleplay with you today. Can I be a young aspiring actress and you be the casting director for a new primetime show. I would be perfect for the lead role, but I know I have to convince you of that still…. What do I need to do to get the part baby?

I have always wanted to have a threesome where I can be stuffed in both my tight little pussy and my ass at the same time by two big thick cocks. I love the feeling of being filled to the brim by your throbbing cock while someone else works the other hole with their throbbing dick. Synchronizing your motions, you would both cum and shoot your loads into my pussy and ass at the same time, allowing it to drip out of me and down my legs. Do you share my fantasy?