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Hi there, my name is Tessa and I want to let you in on a little secret. I am horny all the time, and I mean ALL the time. I am hoping to find that someone (or several someones) who can scratch this itch. Sometimes I want you to dominate me and other times, well, read on and you will see just some of what I want you to do to me and what I will do to you. Just tell me your pleasures and pains and let us start playing together.

I love giving and receiving head, especially at the same time. I will take your soft cock and put it in my mouth, holding it there as I feel it get harder and harder. Your cock is so hard now, and I am not sure whether I want to suck and swallow every last drop you can give me or should I have you slam into me hard from behind or... jeez, there are just so many things we can do together. Decisions, decisions.

I love being tied up and have you pick the form of my punishment with a variety of whips, chains or paddles to make my skin pink up nicely. While you are spanking me reach out and twist my nipples, tug and pull them. Now run your hands down my body, across my stomach, a little further, then cup my wet and steaming pussy. Slowly slide your finger back and forth across my clit. I am so ready to cum, but stop just short of allowing it. I am not ready for this session to end yet. Call me and tell me how you would like this to continue...

I used to have the lawn mowed by a hot young man that lived in my neighborhood. I used to watch him as he walked back and forth across the lawn, his shirt soaked with sweat showing off his chest muscles, and I noticed that he was watching me as a worked in my garden. I would bring both of us some sweet ice tea or lemonade and we would chat about everything going on in the neighborhood, our lives and the world in general. After a couple months of us watching each other, I decided to see whether he would be amenable to starting a new level to our relationship. With that in mind, I invited him into the house to have some lemonade. It was very warm out that day, so I was wearing a string bikini top and some cut off shorts. He looked very hot, literally and figuratively, in a pair of faded 501's and a white t-shirt. He was looking a little uncomfortable, having never been invited into the house before. I was a little uncomfortable myself, as this was a first for me also. I didn't realize how much I wanted him until that moment, and it was a little weird, but very exciting too. I made us some lemonade, and told him to follow me out to the back where I had some tables and chairs set up beside the pool. We sat down and I started chatting with him, like I always did, then I started to ask him some more personal questions about his dating life, if he had ever had sex, or what "base" he had made it to. I could tell he was a bit uncomfortable, and wasn't sure how to respond, or what direction I was going with this conversation, but he was also getting excited by talking about it with me. I stood up and told him it was just too warm and that I was going to take a dip in the pool, and that he could join me if he so desired. He replied like I knew he would, telling me he had now swim trunks. I told him to go into the cabana and find a pair of swim trunks that would fit him, and then to join me in the pool. He headed to the cabana, and I peeled out of my tank top and shorts, and then untied my bikini top letting it fall to the deck. As an adult, I have never worn anything in the pool and I wasn't about to start now. I walked down the steps into the pool, feeling the coolish water swirl around my calves, then my knees and thighs. The water felt so good on my warm and bare skin. I started doing laps in the pool waiting for him to come out of the cabana. About 20 laps in, he finally came walking out. He came to an abrupt halt when he saw me in the pool and realized I was naked. I stopped swimming and stood up, and I watched his eyes follow the rivulets of water the flowed down my breasts. I knew he wasn't immune to my charms, and it was obvious through his suit, which was a tad too small, and were barely containing his erection. I asked him if he was just going to stand there, or if he was coming in. He showed his age then, by taking a running leap and cannon balled into the pool, splashing the water high and wide and soaking me and everything else in the near vicinity. He surfaced, stood up and slicked his hair back and off his forehead. I swam over to him and stood in front of him. I looked up at him, and then ran my hands slowly up his chest to his shoulders, then behind his neck. He was looking confused again, but I just pulled his head down to me, only my hands touching him, and kissed him on the lips. Once, twice, then I sucked him in and slicked the tip of my tongue across his bottom lip and when his lips parted, I slipped my tongue in his mouth. He had told me he made out a lot, and had gotten to 1st, 2nd and partly 3rd base, so he was a little experienced, but I wanted to give him a lot more experience. He was pretty darned good at kissing. He grew bolder and raised his hands and ran them down my bare back, sliding them over both ass cheeks. His hands felt so good rubbing on me, and I moaned a little. He stopped kissing me and asked if I was okay. I told him I was doing just fine, and to not stop every time he heard a sound from me, because I would be fairly vocal. I reached around my back and took both his wrists in mine, pulling them to the front and placed each hand on a breast. He started kneading them, and running his fingers across my hardening nipples. I told him he needed to grab the nipples between his thumbs and fingers and tug and pull them. I like a little pain with my pleasure, as it adds to the whole of the experience. He did as he was told and looked awed at how hard and big they were getting. He slid his tongue over his upper lip, and looked like he wanted to lick and suck my nipples. I grabbed his head and pulled it down, silently giving him permission to have at it. I was so turned on, because of how turned on he was by me, and he was doing a fantastic job of sucking and nipping my nipples to even harder points. Apparently he practiced a lot on the girl's he had been with. I slid my hands down his chest, feeling the muscles that were just starting to really fill out, and then my fingers found his nipples, and I started rubbing my thumbs across them, feeling them turn into hard little nubs from my ministrations. He stopped playing with my tits and stood up when I did this, so I stood on my tip toes, and flicked my tongue across one nipple than the other. He groaned loudly, and pussy lips twitched in response making me even more hot and wet for him. I slid my hands even further down, feeling his stomach muscles contract when my fingers slid across it. My hands drifted lower still, until I could feel the throbbing hardness of him through the tight swim trunks. I reached inside the waistband and pulled the drawstring to untie them. The trunks were so small, and the only thing that had been containing his hard on was the tied drawstring. As soon as the drawstring loosened his hard cock sprang out and at attention. Now it was my turn to lick my lips. I saw his cock standing straight and it looked so pretty, tasty and irresistible. I took his hand and drew him out of the pool, leading him into the cabana, where there was a very comfortable chaise lounge that I told him to lie down on. I bent down, and my big, full and beautiful tits hung before him. He reached for them, but I stopped him, and told him to lift his ass, and then hooked my fingers in the wet swim trunks and slowly tugged on them. They felt glued to his skin, but finally they came free, and I pulled them down his legs to his knees, leaving them there to keep his knees together. I straddled his legs, getting on my knees, bent over and kissed the tip of his cock, which jumped at the feel of my lips. Are you interested in hearing more of this story? Do you have a story or fantasy you wish to share with me? If I have peaked your interest, give me a ring and I will tell you the rest of this story, or we can play one of your fantasies, or we can make up our own as we go along.

You need to be tied up and whipped? No problem, I will paddle you until you beg me to stop or I might just keep going because I love the sound of your begging. You aren't allowed to cum until I tell you to. You will be punished if you cum. Now you are going to sit there like a good boy while my friend and I pleasure each other. Don't you dare look away, you have to watch us kiss and stroke each other while your cock gets so hard that it's painful. My friend and I love wearing our bras and panties when we play our games with each other. To hold those tits and pinch at her satin covered nipples that hardens at my touch. To feel how hot her pussy feels through the damp satin of her panties. We make each other so wet. Do you want me to send my panties to you? After we get done playing with each other, you let me know and I will send them to you, and you will have a memento of our hot threesome. Have you had enough yet? Yes? That is just too bad, because I am not done playing with my friend. Do you want to sink your cock into her tight, wet pussy? Be good and don't cum and you just might get your wish, then again you might not.

Do you have a favorite voyeur/exhibition, submissive/dominant, role play or any other fantasy you would like to play? Share your fantasies with me, as I have shared a few of mine with you. Call me and we will play yours, mine or we can mix our fantasies and see what new sexcapades we can imagine and play out.

I have really enjoyed you taking the time to read a little bit about me. Do you want to find out ALL that I am? To cum into my world, give me a ring and tell me what dimension(s) of hedonistic pleasures you want to explore.

Are you up to the challenge of scratching my itch?

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