Tessa’s Fantasies

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Tessa’s Fantasies

The leash is in my hand and you wonder what I am going to do to you
tonight. You are in position at my heel clad feet waiting for
instructions. Your balls are tied tightly with Japanese silk rope. You
hear the click of the stiletto’s as I walk behind you. I bend down and
clip the leash to the ring attached to the silk rope. You groan as I start
tugging lightly on the leash. I walk back around and sit on my throne, I
tell you to sit up with your hands on your knees. I pull the leash through
your legs. You watch as I start wrapping it around my hands, the leash
getting tighter with each wrap, until your balls are pulled straight
towards me. You watch the red sole of my shoe come towards your aching
balls and moan as I lightly press the ball of my shoe against them. Are
you ready for what your Mistress has in store for you? Stay tuned for what
I will do next!
I was to be bound by ankle and wrist cuffs with spreader bars. I was about
to be flogged. I was excited, my eyes glowing with anticipation. I looked
at my lover as he slipped the blind fold over my eyes. Next he tells me to
open my mouth and I do as I am told. I feel the ball gag slip into my
mouth and his fingers brushing my hair aside to attach it tightly. The
wrist and ankle cuffs were next. I feel his fingers as they lightly trace
up the inside of my thighs. I moan, feeling my pussy lips quiver as his
fingers trail over them to my ass cheeks. I moan deeper as I feel his hand
smack down on each cheek in rapid succession.

The next feeling is of the flogger trailing down my back, sliding between
my ass cheeks, down my thighs and calves. With no warning he flicks the
flogger against my clit. And again. Then I feel it hit each cheek, one
then the other, over and over again. My ass is starting to burn and I am
moaning constantly now. My lover ratchet’s the rhythm up, and the
intensity climbs higher throughout my body. Every nerve is standing on
end. If I could I would move my ass up to meet each smack, but I am pinned
in place quite thoroughly.

I am moaning louder, the smacks coming down faster and harder each time.
Pretty soon it’s all I can concentrate on, all I can feel. Each smack
transcends the other, I almost feel like it is an out of body experience.
My passion is building and building. He starts alternating between my ass
and my pussy, the flogger flicking against my clit is excruciating. Just
enough to drive my passion higher, not enough that allows me to cum.

I am almost screaming constantly, the intense erotic feelings coursing
through my body needing fulfillment desperately. The flogging stops. I
feel his cock slide up and down my juicy and swollen pussy lips, and groan
deeply as I feel my cunt stretch as he pushes in so very slowly. He starts
thrusting in and out, in long measured strokes. I am so close to drenching
his cock, but he doesn’t allow it. Not yet, he growls at me. I am strung
tight, wanting release as he starts thrusting faster, going deeper and
deeper. I feel his fingers start to pluck my clit and he is slamming his
cock into me now. Pounding harder, splitting me apart with his cock. He
whispers, now you may cum baby girl. Cum all over my cock as he continues
playing with me clit. I scream as my orgasm rips through me. One last
thrust and I can feel his cock pulsing and cumming deep inside me. Marking
me as his, more than the collar he gifted me with that will alway’s show
that I belong to him and only to him.
I haven’t seen Sir for five days, his work keeping him late at the
office every night. I decide I am going to go visit him at the office and
bring him some dinner and just maybe a little dessert too.

I walk down the corridor towards his office, nodding at several people
sitting in their cubicles and working on their weekend just like Brian. I
am nervous because he didn’t give me instructions to come to the office
and the last time I came to the office I was punished for taking pleasure
in teasing and denying him. I hope he will be happy to see me and taking
another deep breath knock on the closed door. I open it when I hear him
give the go ahead to come in. I leave the door slightly open and set his
dinner down on a table.

He’s working diligently and without looking up asks what is going on with
the project. I clear my throat lightly and that makes him whip his head
up. His eyes are slightly unfocused and I can tell he is deep into
whatever it is he is doing. His eyes clear and he smiles when he sees me
standing there. Seeing his reaction I relax and smile back at him.

His eyes travel the length of my body taking in the outfit I chose to
wear. I have white knee high stockings on with black ballet slippers. I am
wearing a plaid wrap around skirt that ends just below my ass cheeks. A
white button down short sleeved silk shirt giving just a hint of cleavage.

I walk over to kneel down in front of him as he swings his chair around to
face me. He reaches and hooks his finger into the bull ring of my collar
and pulls me towards him and starts to kiss me. I kiss him back and lose
myself in the intimacy of our kiss. I have missed him so much and am so
happy to be with him. His hands busily unbutton my blouse freeing my
breasts and he starts pinching my nipples and I feel them harden to little
knots and feel the lightning bolts of pleasure shoot straight to my cunt.
His hands slide down my hips and under my skirt, he pulls away from our
kiss and looks at me in surprise when he feels nothing but bare ass in his
hands as I decided to forgo wearing undergarments tonight. His hands cup
my ass and picking me up I straddle him feeling his hard cock through his

He takes my breasts in his hand and starts to suckle them making me
whimper and try to get closer to him. My fingers run through his hair and
push his mouth more firmly wanting him to suck harder. My hips are moving
against his hardness the friction of his slacks rubbing against my swollen
pussy lips and clit. He reaches down and unzips his pants and pulls his
cock out and slowly pushes into my hot, slick hole. I moan deeply feeling
his huge cock stretching my cunt and filling me completely. He grips my
ass cheeks in his hands and stands up filling me even deeper. My legs wrap
around his waist as he lays me down on his desk.

My head drops back and I see the door has opened a bit more than where I
had left it. I become quite anxious wondering if anyone saw us but then
Sir starts to drive his cock in and out of me and I lose all thoughts
except him. I look into his eyes as he continues stroking rhythmically in
and out of my wet cunt driving me higher and higher still. He is panting
and with a voice rough with need tells me to put my legs on his shoulders.
I do as he tells me and feel his fingers dig hard into my hips as he
starts to piston his hips driving his cock deeper and deeper feeling him
pound my womb each time he rams himself home.
You come home after a long week of working to find me kneeling in my
place. I have my hair in a French braid and you see I am wearing my
collar. I am wearing a pair of white lace boy panties with black sheer
stockings attached to a black garter. Over it I am wearing one of your
white business shirts unbuttoned to show just a little cleavage and the
sleeves are rolled up to my wrists. I have been kneeling there for 6 hours
waiting for you to come home. My panties are very damp from imagining our
times together. From the first time; my anxiety, nervousness and
embarrassment, to our last time with you flogging my ass cheeks red for
taking pleasure in teasing and then denying you. I keep replaying you
having me suck the knob on the flogger while imagining it is the head of
your cock. Of watching your cock grow bigger and bigger with me suckling
that knob. Then feeling you take that knob and start pushing it against my
pucker and slowly twisting it until my ass accepts it. Pushing and
twisting, pushing and twisting.

My ass is pushing back against it, wanting to feel it enter me, imagining
your cock pushing between the round cheeks, spreading them slowly open.
The head slick with cum pushing against that pucker and you watching it
slowly opening like a flower as you push until the crown disappears. You
stop pushing just feeling my ass gripping the head. I am trying to push
against you to take your shaft deeper into my ass, wanting to feel you
filling me completely. You grip my hips in your hands to hold me still
your thumbs resting in the crease of my ass you pull them apart and slowly
start to slide your length deep inside until you bury it to the hilt. You
push me away slowly watching as your cock reappears barely holding
yourself inside. With no warning you slam your cock deeply and hard, I
scream at the shock of pleasure as you pull out and ram it back in.
You pull me back against your chest your right hand grips around my throat
your left arm under my breasts with your fingers pinching my right nipple
hard. Your hips thrust your throbbing manhood in and out and I can feel
you growing and stretching my ass pounding harder, as I mewl and rotate my
hips trying to take you deeper inside me. Your left hand slips over my
torso and you cup my pussy feeling the flood of my juices coat the palm of
your hand and your right hand tightens around my throat. Your middle
finger starts rubbing my swollen clit and you feel my ass tighten around
your shaft and more of my scent pours into the room and you feel more of
the wet silkiness drench your hand. You pull me away from your chest with
the hand wrapped around my throat and your left arm raise my hips higher
giving you more access to plunge deeper into my ass. Your hips piston in
and out, faster and deeper, pounding me as I beg you for release, beg you
to let me cum for you. I feel the leather caller dig into my throat as
your fingers tighten, cutting off my air and you growl in my ear, telling
me to cum for you. I hear you so clearly, “baby girl, cum for me, cum in
my hand, give yourself to me baby girl. Give yourself to me NOW!”
I walk slowly and with some trepidation towards his office door. I had
delighted in teasing and holding out on him earlier and would now pay for
my little bit of pleasure. I would pay in every way he saw fit and I would
take the pain and gain no little pleasure from that as well. I am his.
Entirely. He is mine, my Sir.

I knock on the door lightly and step into the office. “I am here as
directed Sir”, speaking very softly to him. He glances up and tells me to
close the door but to leave it open a couple inches. My hand clutches the
handle in reflex when he tells me to do that. There are still several
people out in the office who could come to confer with him and it is nerve
wracking at the thought of being seen.

I close my eyes to brace myself for the onslaught I am about to endure
both physically and more importantly to my way of thinking, mentally. Sir
knows exactly how to exert his will without taking away my choice in the
matter. I chose to obey his instructions to come to the office knowing
full well I would be punished for my impertinence and taking pleasure in

I open my eyes and slowly turn back to face him. He crooks his finger and
points to the floor in front of his desk. I can’t look away from him, his
gaze holds mine as I slowly walk towards him to the spot he points to. He
stands up and walks around the desk until he is standing behind me. He
leans down and whispers in my ear, “I love your outfit baby girl” and
sends chills radiating over my skin. He stands back up and walks around me
taking a good look at me. I am average height with dark auburn hair in a
straight fall down my back. My hazel eyes are wide as I continue watching
him and wondering what he has decided to do with me this evening. I have a
black off the shoulder peasant blouse tied above my belly button. My red
silk skirt has slits up both legs front and back and when I move just
right you can see the black garters holding up black lacy stockings. My
heels are four inch black pumps which puts me about chest level with Sir.

He glides his fingers back and forth across the tops of my breasts and
then hooks a couple fingers in the elastic top and pulls it down until my
breasts spill free. He pinches my right nipple hard and I gasp as the pain
radiates outward followed swiftly by arousal and I feel my pussy flood and
cream my black lace panties. He gives my left nipple the same treatment
and this time a low moan escapes from my throat. He takes both my forearms
in his hands and pulls them together making my chest thrust forward and
wraps them tightly from elbow to wrist with a silk scarf and ties it off.

He walks back to his desk and opens a drawer and pulls out two binder clips.
He holds them in his hand as he closes the drawer and walks back around
the desk to me. He asks me why I chose to deny him earlier; not only why I
denied him his release but why I took pleasure in denying him when it
should be my pleasure to do what pleases him. I hesitate and he demands an
answer in a low voice laced with displeasure at my lack of immediate
response to his query.

I start speaking quickly, telling him I am sorry, that I didn’t mean
anything by it and the only reason I chose to wait was because he had a
meeting and was going to be late if we did continue. I also told him
(which probably wasn’t the smartest thing to have come out of my mouth)
that if he didn’t want me to choose he wouldn’t have given me a choice
instead telling me what I was going to do for him. When I finished
speaking and before I even have a chance to brace myself he opens the
binder clip and snaps it onto my left nipple. I scream loudly and before
it finishes he snaps the other over my right nipple and draws out my
scream until I am just whimpering from the pain and pleasure rocking
through my body. I moan as he starts flicking his fingers against my
clipped nipples and telling me in a low voice how every person in the
outer is hearing me and asking me what I think about it.

My voice quavers as I tell him that it is beyond embarrassing for other
people to know. I watch as he walks back around the desk and opens the
bottom drawer and pulls a flogger from it. As he walks back towards me he
tells me to bend over laying my shoulders and left cheek on the desk
leaving my breasts to hang down. I do so and he tells me to pull my skirt
up which I immediately start doing.

With my arms bound it takes a very long time for me to pull the silk up
inch by inch with just my fingers but I finally gather it all holding the
bunched fabric in my hands. I feel his hands glide over my ass cheeks and
a finger slide in between my legs to rub against my clit through the damp
silk of my panties. He takes his right hand and slowly moves it up and
gripping the lace, yanks and rips my panties off. He bunches them in his
hand and raises it to his face breathing the scent of my fear and arousal
deeply into his lungs. He then reaches in front of me and tells me to open
my mouth and pushes the fabric into my mouth effectively gagging me.

He continues speaking about my discipline as he walks back behind me and
telling me exactly what my punishment is for. The flogger starts coming
down across my ass cheeks rhythmically, my breasts bounce shooting pain
through my nipples and then a lightning bolt of desire straight through to
my pussy. He tells me to spread my legs about two feet apart. He then
starts flicking the flogger against my ass and clit. I am screaming from
the assault as he continues to whip me knowing he is stroking his cock
while he brings that flogger down over and over which turns me on
regardless of the pain I am enduring. He finally stops and walks around
the desk until he is standing in front of me.

He tells me to look at him but to only lift my head from the desk. I turn
my head until my chin is resting on the surface and see he is indeed
stroking himself. I start moaning and pleading with my eyes for him to
give me his cock. He tells me to open my mouth and reaches in and pulls
the ruined panties out. Instead of giving me his cock he pushes the knob
of the flogger in between my lips and tells me to suck on it like I would
his cock.

to be continued…
Annual Slave Auction – London
Black Tie Event
Private Manor House

Part I

Sloan stepped out of the town car onto the cobblestone walkway and looked
at the manor house he was invited to for the Annual Slave Auction. He was
a tall man, well built and his physique was well suited to wearing the
black tie that was required for the event this evening. He had been
invited in the past but had never been able to make it to the auction
before as his various business interests always seemed to prevent him from
actually being able to schedule it in to his busy and sometimes chaotic
life. He had gotten his slaves from various other places, but had never
actually had the chance to bid on a slave. All the bidders would get the
chance to see the various slaves and learn about the training they had
already received including being able to watch demonstrations on the
talents of the slaves that were on the auction block. This gave the
collectors an idea of what they would want to bid before the auction on
any given slave. He might not stop at one, but he did know what it was he
was looking for and anticipation was coursing through his veins like
electricity at the thought of having a new slave to break in.

Sloan walked up the wide stone staircase to the double wide wooden doors
that were open to admit the guests. There were several slaves dressed up
in tonight’s theme of bird plumage, slaves that were already trained in
the art of catering to their guests needs. They were all busy taking the
engraved invitations from the guests, and guiding them into the house to
escort them around. Each guest had their own personal slave escort to
cater to their every need and guide them throughout the house. Their
escorts would question the client to ascertain what they were envisioning
for the slave they were going to purchase and to guide them to the slaves
that they believed would interest them the most. Sloan’s escort was a
statuesque beauty with a tangle of blue black curls that ended at the top
of her beautiful and tight ass wearing nothing but a gorgeous bird head
dress and a masque of a black swan that outlined stunning dark blue that
they were almost purple eyes and a sweep of black feathered wings that
rose above her head and flowed down her back creating an exotic contrast
to her pale and translucent skin. She introduced herself as Serena, then
asked if she could check his coat in. He replied in the affirmative and
she took his long, black cashmere overcoat and walked over to the coat
check receiving a ticket in return. Sloan admired the sway of her full and
bouncing breasts as she walked back to him and handed him his ticket which
he put away in his wallet.
Annual Slave Auction – London
Black Tie Event
Private Manor House

Part II

Serena asked him to follow her and led him out of the foyer through a wide
and carved mahogany arch. The carvings were of men and women in various
sexual positions, but you had to look really closely to see what each of
them was doing to the other. Sloan rolled his eyes at the view afforded to
him while following Serena. Her curls of hair drifting back and forth
drawing the eye to her tight and swaying ass with every step she took.
They walked down a hallway wide enough to comfortably drive a car down. It
had gorgeous antique iron wall sconces glowing with candle light every 3
ft on both sides, which created an ambient glow on the dark mahogany
paneled walls. The marble floor was shades of cream, taupe and ivory with
veins of light pink to the darkest raspberry running through them. Many
people were following the slaves dressed in their bird plumage through the
hallway, some passing them on their way back to the foyer which would lead
them to other rooms, while others followed behind them. When they passed
any doorways, Sloan would glance in, and he noticed in each of the rooms
there was a large bird cage set up and anywhere from 5-10 slaves in each
cage. He assumed each cage held different types of slaves and the level of
training they had already received and asked Serena about the cages. She
confirmed his assumption and gave him a rundown of what each of the cages
held in terms of personality, what they had been trained in, and whether
the cage held house slaves, fuck slaves, gardening slaves, etc. Some had
all the training for any and all of the different venues, but most had
specific training in one to two of them.

They reached the lounge which was of a gentleman’s club décor with dark
leather club chairs, low lighting and Serena led him over to a secluded
corner where she invited him to sit and await her return with both of
their beverages and a few appetizers once she asked him what it was he
would like to drink. He sat in the leather club chair and observed the
people in the room. The room was full of wealthy men and women who had
eclectic sexual tastes and could afford to feed them. It looked like they
were there to attend an opera or an opening night on Broadway, not an
auction for human sex slaves. All the men were dressed exactly as he was
in black tie, but the women were decked out in gorgeous and bright colored
gowns, with sparkling jewels dripping from ears, neck and wrists, their
fingers flashing brightly with the rings on their fingers as they spoke
with their hands. His escort came back with his Manhattan and water for
herself and carried a tray with an array of appetizers ranging from smoked
salmon with cream cheese, crab stuffed mushrooms and foie gras that was
wrapped around succulent pieces of shrimp and lobster. She set the items
down on the table and sat on a stool at Sloan’s feet.
Annual Slave Auction – London
Black Tie Event
Private Manor House

Part III

She proceeded to ask him what he was looking for in a slave. He answered
that he was looking for a feminine type with large breasts, a small waist
and a handful of ass. He wanted one that wasn’t tamed yet as he wanted to
break her in entirely himself. All the slaves up for auction had the
rudimentary training on being slaves, but nothing more in depth. Most
of the clientele that wanted to buy slaves had the same mentality Sloan
did. They wanted to tame their acquisitions themselves. As some clientele
did want fully trained slaves, they had those there as well. Just not as
many as the untamed ones. Sloan wanted his new slave to be feisty and
resistant, ensuring that he would be punishing her frequently. He knew he
could punish her whether she resisted or not, but enjoyed punishing his
slaves the most when they did do something to defy him.

Serena continued her questioning, learning everything she could about his
desires so that she could match him with the best slave possible. She
would be rewarded for getting it right the first time and punished if she
didn’t. She rarely got punished any more because she was very talented at
reading what the clients wanted, and knowing all the slaves well enough to
pair them up correctly. Serena noticed Sloan had finished his drink and
asked if he would like another. He said he would and would also like to
take a look around at the different slaves available. Serena went to the
bar again, refilling both their beverages, and walked back towards Sloan.
She had a pretty good idea about who she was going to lead him to once
they were finished in the lounge, but still had a few more questions
before she would be certain of it. Sloan answered all of her questions
about his punishment techniques, what he considered punishable offenses,
the toys he especially liked using, and what he gave as rewards when his
slave did everything correctly. Once she had all of the information she
thought she would need, she told him there was someone very special she
wanted to introduce him to. The slave she had in mind was totally
resistant to actually being a slave but had always adored being a
submissive. She was being sold because her current owner had gotten tired
of punishing her and not getting the results he wanted. He wanted her to
be his slave and she just wasn’t having it. Serena believed Sloan had the
wherewithal, sensitivity and punishment techniques best suited to bring
this sub to slave status. And the slave could end up being a favorite, if
she could just adopt the right mentality for being a slave. All of the
slave escorts were trying to be the one who brokered this deal, because
each of them wanted this particular bonus, which was being allowed to bid
on a slave of their own. Serena was lucky that she had gotten the ‘right’
client to actually have a chance of winning her the bonus. They finished
their drinks and Serena stood up waiting for Sloan to rise.

Part IV

Serena led him out into a hallway similar to the first with the sconces
lining the wall, but the floor was roughened stone that had a
gradual slope downward. She wanted to show him Tessa first, and then she
would take him to the other rooms where the cages held the other slaves up
for bidding. She wanted to have him see Tessa because she believed that
once he did, he wouldn’t want to bid on any other slave. She continued
leading him past doorway after doorway where there were cages filled with
slaves dressed up as varying and different birds with beautiful plumage.
They reached the end of the hallway where there was a door that had a
heavy lock on it. Serena took out the skeleton key and unlocked the door.
She stood aside so that Sloan could step past her and into the room.

This room also had candles set around the room on the walls at different
heights and gave just enough light to see the birdcage that was set in the
middle of it. The only difference between this cage and the others he had
seen, was that this held only one slave. Her hair was pulled back and
clipped up so it looked like a fan sticking out of the top of her head. The
strands were all different shades of pink, turquoise, purple and teal. She
had on a silver corset with a design that made you think of feathers on a
bird’s torso and which made her breasts look like they were going to spill
out of the top of it with each gasp of breath she took. He looked at her
face which showed a very surly, defiant yet fearful expression. His eyes
continued taking in the details of her face and body. She had a very tiny
waist considering the size of her breasts. She really had a perfect body as
his eyes slowly traveled down her legs which were clad in black thigh highs
and she was wearing black heels with red soles; a signature of all
Christian Louboutin shoes. His eyes traveled back up taking in more
details of her costume, the feathers spreading out behind her, being that
of the peacock, and matching the shades that were in her hair. He was
absolutely enthralled and moved closer to the cage to get a better look
and to see what color her eyes were beneath the peacock make up that had
been applied to her face. With every step he took taking him closer to the
cage, Tessa backed up a step, until she was against the back of the cage.
Serena watched him and Tessa from the doorway, waiting with baited breath
to see if she had been correct in showing him the slave she thought he
should bid on. Sloan glanced back at Serena and asked if he was allowed to
enter the cage with Tessa. Serena replied affirmatively. Serena walked to
him and handed him the key to the cage and told him to take his time. She
then walked back to the door and through it, closing it softly behind her.
Annual Slave Auction – London
Black Tie Event
Private Manor House

Part V

Sloan inserted the key in to the cage lock twisting it until it clicked
open. He
pulled the door open and stepped over the bottom of it and inside the cage
the door shut behind him, and as a precaution locked it again. This little
looked like she definitely wanted to fly the coop and he wanted her too
much to
allow that to happen, not that she would get very far in trying to escape
the manor.
She was pressed up against the bars, her eyes wide with trepidation but
also with
defiance. He liked the contrast of her bold plumage and what she was
feeling clearly
written on her face. He really wanted the opportunity to tame her. He
spoke quietly
to her, telling her his name and asking her what hers was. She didn’t want
to answer
him, but her training was too engrained to not answer him. Her voice, when
she spoke
her name was low and husky surprising him and it made his cock rise like a
moth to
flame. He asked her another question, an inane question just to hear that
again, feeling his cock harden under his trouser pants. He reached down to
himself which her eyes followed. Her eyes widened with fear and she
pressed herself
into the bars of the cage at her back like she wanted to be able to melt
them. He spoke soothingly to her, telling her that she was beautiful and
that he
wanted to make her his. She replied, almost viciously that she was her own
not somebody else’s slave, or his trophy or whatever you might want to
call it.
Annual Slave Auction – London
Black Tie Event
Private Manor House

Part VI

He started walking slowly across the cage and she started to edge to the
side following the bars. He stopped and looked at her as she stopped
moving once he did. He spoke to her again, telling her that if she were to
move again, she would be punished, which he knew he had the right to do to
her even before owning her. He assured her that he would own her before
the end of the night, and that nobody was going to outbid him for her. He
assured her also that he didn’t want to break her, but he damn sure was
going to tame her. She would learn to do exactly what he wanted, when he
wanted it and she would do everything with the goal of making sure that he
was pleased. In return he would make sure that she was pleased as well. He
told her he enjoyed the defiance she was displaying which showed that she
had spirit, but that she would never be allowed to show that defiance
again without her incurring his wrath and he would punish her severely
each and every time she showed her defiance to him. He wanted her spirit
intact, but the defiance was definitely going to have to go. He started
moving towards her again and she stayed put, but her body was vibrating
and he could tell she wanted to move away from him. He finally was
standing in front of her to see that her eyes were a beautiful hazel color
that had green around the edges and rimmed in black making them a very
unique shade and gorgeous with it. She watched him warily, wondering what
he was going to do to her. His hand reached up to her face, she flinched
but didn’t jerk away when his fingers lightly brushed from her forehead
down to her cheek, feeling the softness of her skin and his fingers
drifted down her neck and brushed back and forth across the tops of her
breasts. Her breathing accelerated from the softness of his touch, feeling
the hairs on her body stand to attention. His touch was magical to her,
electrifying her, making her squirm, making her want more, of what she
didn’t know, she just knew she wanted more. She really didn’t know what to
make of this now. She had loved being a submissive, but when her old
master had fallen in love everything had changed in the house and he ended
up selling all of his slaves to new owners. She hadn’t wanted to be sold
but had had little choice in the matter. She despised her current master
and refused to do anything to please him beyond the most rudimentary of
the requirements he tried to make her do. He had a vicious and cruel
streak in him whenever he felt thwarted, which she made him feel quite
often and was punished unmercifully for making him feel that way. Sloan
made her feel entirely different, and she found herself leaning into his
fingers as they continued lightly stroking across her chest. Her breasts
seemed to rise to meet his fingertips, her nipples tightening and
hardening into tight little buds. His fingers slowly slid up to her
collarbone, he could feel her chest rising and falling with each gasp she
took trying to get enough air into her lungs. His fingers went to the back
of her neck pulling her head up as he lowered his mouth to hers, his
tongue tracing her lips making them part a little more. He slowly pressed
his lips to hers sweeping his tongue insider her mouth, feeling her tongue
hesitate before starting to duel with his and she moaned with suppressed
longing for more. He took the kiss deeper, holding her head in both hands
now, holding her still as he plundered her mouth. He took them both slowly
deeper into the pleasure. He broke off the kiss, yet kissed her lips once,
twice then releasing her head and taking a step back. Her entire body was
rosy from the heat he had generated in her and she looked even more
beautiful to him now. His cock was throbbing of his wanting to sink into
her wet and hopefully before to long, willing pussy. He thought of
plunging his cock into her mouth and feeling her teeth lightly scraping
his cock until she had taken him all the way and into her throat. He
really wanted to fuck her mouth and throat, then fucking her ass and most
especially fucking her hot, wet and he was very sure, tight pussy. Sloan
stroked her cheek again and she leaned into his hand and kissed the palm
and swept her tongue across it. His cock strained against his trousers,
when he felt the tip of her tongue on his palm. He wanted to own her now,
and not wait for the bidding to start.

He would go to the owner and see about purchasing her directly. He didn’t
really care how much it cost him, it would cost him much more if he didn’t
get to have her and have her sooner rather than later. He told her to hold
tight that he was going to go speak to her master and that he was going to
be her master in a very short time. Her eyes showed none of the defiance
they had shown just a short time before. They now showed a desperate hope
that she could believe in what he was telling her. She wanted him to be
her new master, wanted him like she had never wanted another before.
Although she still didn’t want to be a slave and really enjoyed being a
submissive she didn’t know how she was going to be able to be the person
she wanted to be since she was a slave. Her current master could never
find the key to making her into the perfect slave, therefore his ultimate
punishment was selling her to the highest bidder at the auction, which he
knew would embarrass and humiliate her. Sloan leaned down and kissed her
quickly then strode back across the cage to the door; unlocking it he
stepped out and shut it again locking her in. She had followed him to the
door of the cage and her fingers were gripping the bars tightly, desperate
to know that he would be coming back for her. He smiled and it reassured
her that he wouldn’t let anybody else have her for themselves. She smiled
slightly, and her body drained of all the tension she had been carrying
for the last month knowing she was going to be sold to the highest bidder
and not knowing what kind of master she was likely to get. Now she knew
and she wanted with every fiber of her being to be Sloan’s submissive. She
wanted to please him in anyway he required which was a revelation to her
independent nature and who she thought she was. She didn’t have the slave
mentality, and she didn’t believe she ever would have it but being a sub
was just fine with her.
Annual Slave Auction – London
Black Tie Event
Private Manor House

Part VII

Sloan walked out of the room and Serena gazed intently at him trying to
ascertain whether he was enthralled enough with Tessa to bid on and win
her. Sloan didn’t know about the bonus, but felt that there was something
he was missing and so asked Serena why she had chosen to show him Tessa
before showing him any of the other slaves that were up for bids. She
explained her reasoning which to him were sound reasons, but he still felt
he was missing something. He decided to ask if she knew who the owner was
and if the owner would entertain the idea of not putting Tessa up on the
auction block and just allow Sloan to buy her outright. Serena knew that
there was absolutely no way her master would allow Sloan to buy Tessa
outright. She knew that her master wanted to humiliate Tessa one last time
by forcing her to be in front of all those people, to be forced to watch
them bid on her like the piece of meat he believed her and all of his
slaves to be. She told Sloan exactly what she thought and why she thought
what she thought. He had been hoping that Tessa wouldn’t have to go through
the agony of the bidding wars that were going to happen tonight, especially
because he could tell that she was near the breaking point just by the
relief she showed when she trusted in the fact that she was going to be
his. He knew he would outbid anyone for her, but knew she wasn’t going to
be able to trust that until the bidding had stopped and they gave the key
of her cage to him. He also knew that though she was trusting in him that
she would still defy him, he would still have to punish her. Right now she
was showing relief in knowing who her new owner was going to be, but her
independence would soon surface again. He was looking forward to it,
because he dearly wanted to punish her and then pleasure her. He also
realized with every word that came out of Serena’s mouth that her master
would never allow him to buy Tessa without going through with the bidding.
Their master sounded like a sadistic and vicious man, and he honestly
sounded like a very spoiled child that threw temper tantrums if he was
thwarted in any way. Sloan decided to go back into the dungeon room and
tell Tessa what was going to happen and hope the fear she had shown when
first seeing him didn’t leap back into her eyes once she knew for sure that
she would have to go through with being bid on. Sloan needed to make sure
she understood that no matter how high the bidding reached he wasn’t going
to allow anyone to have her but him. He was hoping that she would trust in
him as easily as she had after he started talking to her and making her
feel things she hadn’t felt before.

Sloan went back into the room and to the cage and saw that Tessa was lying
with her head in her arms and her body was shaking uncontrollably. It tore
at him that she was crying, and she was doing so in silence which made him
want to pick her up and hold her while she let all of it out. He unlocked
the cage door calling to Serena to come in the room. Serena opened the door
to see what he wanted her to do. She immediately saw the problem and told
Sloan she would be back with the make up to redo Tessa before the bidding
started. Sloan locked the cage behind him again, not knowing how Tessa
would react to knowing she was going to actually have to go through with
the auction, and not wanting to take the chance that she really would try
to fly the coop as it were. He walked over to her and bent down picking
her up and cradling her in his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck
and buried her face against him and he could feel the heat and wet from her
tears. He went and sat down on the bed that had been provided holding her
while sobs still wracked her body, but she was still silent. He laid down
taking her with him until she was lying on top of him. He told her she
needed to stop crying like a good girl. He kept up a running dialogue
letting her know that she didn’t have to worry, that she was only going
home with him and nobody else would be allowed to purchase her at the
auction, that he would never allow her out of his sight after this was
over. He could feel her body slowly relaxing against his and her crying

Sloan’s cock was still hard and had stayed hard the entire time he had been
comforting and soothing her. Tessa noticed it now and wiping her eyes,
thanking whomever had come up with waterproof make up. Her make up was
pretty much still intact Sloan saw when she finally lifted her head to look
at him. He placed his hand behind her head and brought her lips to his,
kissing her deeply and thoroughly. She was kissing him back and making
little mewling noises in the back of her throat. Her hips were moving back
and forth rubbing his cock through his trousers. He let out a deep groan,
his cock wanting to bury itself in her heat that he felt seeping through
his pants. He pushed down her corset freeing her breasts. He stared in
wonder at her glorious breasts, the nipples hard, begging him to take them
into his mouth. His hands pushed her tits together and he moved his mouth
to one and then the other, sucking, nipping, tugging on them and making
them even more tumescent than they were before. Tessa wanted to please
Sloan very much, so she started slithering down his body until her mouth
was at his waist. Her hands started feeling his hardness through the pants,
measuring the length and thickness of it. He could feel her breath through
his trousers, and his cock was twitching in her hands. She unzipped him and
pulled his cock out, stroking him up and down softly and squeezing with her
fingertips. She pulled him down until he was lined up with her mouth, and
she darted her agile little tongue out to lick up the pre cum off the head.
She made a little humming sound at the taste of him. He groaned again
watching and feeling her tongue lick at him like a lollipop.

As my whimpers subside I feel his strong, warm hands on me. Caressing my
breasts, gently pinching and twisting my nipples. Running further down my
body and between my legs. He slides his fingers between my now soaked
pussy lips and inside me. My breath catches in my throat as he slowly
finger fucks me with his thumb on my clit. Teasing. Rubbing. Circling. My
body takes over and my hips tilt up to meet each stroke of his fingers
inside me. My mind starts to float and I lose grip of where I am. I only
know I’m his to do exactly as he wishes. He leans over and whispers softly
in my ear. I only hear certain words from his lips. “Mine…use
you…obey…pleasure.” He then removes his hands from any contact with my
body. Several minutes pass. My breath returns to normal and my anxiety
increases. Waiting. Wondering. Anticipating.
I’ve been left tied to a satin covered bed, blindfolded, and naked in a
dimly lit room awaiting my Master. I’ve no idea how long I’ve been here or
when he’ll make his appearance. Then again, he could very well be in the
room. Sitting quietly. Watching me squirm in anticipation.
The first sensation since being left here is a soft tickling. Most likely
a feather of some sort. Running up and down my body. Stopping briefly to
tease my nipples to hardness. Continuing lower to tease my pussy to
further wetness. Then slowly back up to my lips, cheeks, eyelids. The
feather is still on my skin when another sensation joins it. This feels
like a crop. Again, it’s slowly trailed up and down my body. The softness
of the feather disappears. Then He begins tapping with the crop. Lightly
at first on my tits, tummy, thighs and then on my pussy. Then the taps
become more forceful making my clit stand at attention as it is now the
focus of the repeated slaps that increase to a level of almost painful. I
start to whimper and my Master commands my silence.
***to be continued***
I have a recurring dream. In this dream, you’re tied to my bed and
blindfolded. We’re both naked. Your cock is hard and aching to cum. But I
like to tease. I start from the top, so to speak. Long, slow, deep kisses.
Nibbling your lips and down your neck. On to your chest, down your tummy,
letting my nipples brush against you. Sliding your cock between my tits.
Then my mouth on your cock. In and out slowly. My hand on your balls,
gently massaging as they tighten up in expectation. I reach down between
my legs to feel my wet pussy. Slide two fingers in and out and reach up to
place them in your mouth to taste me. Then my pussy poised just over your
cock. You can feel the warmth radiating down on you. It slides down easily
onto your cock and I grind my hips so it fills me up. As I’m riding you,
the pace quickens as my desire increases. I lose myself in the sensations
of my orgasm. I slide off and take your cock in my mouth again to taste
myself. I work your cock and beg for you to cum so our tastes mingle on my
tongue. Mmmmm. Such sweet satisfaction.