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Tessa’s Thoughts

Are you looking for a sexy fun time? I am here to be whatever you desire,
and I would love to play with you tonight. Do you like a little orgasm
denial? How about a little flogging from your phone Mistress? Do you want
me to scream in ecstasy? I am all that and more so pick up your phone for
some hot sexy phone sex!
What’s in your sex toy box? I will list a few of mine and you call me
today and tell me what is in yours. Handcuffs, flogger, crop and ball gag
just to name a few of the items in my toy box. Oh and the varying sizes of
butt plugs that I can use to stretch you out to take my nice big cock!
Call me to be your phone Mistress today and I will tell you exactly how I
am going to use all these toys on you!
Do you enjoy being told how to masturbate? A lot of edging? A little
orgasm denial? Call me today and I will be your phone Mistress and tell
you exactly how to massage those heavy and full balls for me. I will tell
you how slow or fast I want you to stroke your cock. I will tell you
exactly when and if I will allow you to cum. Call your Mistress today for
some guided masturbation!
Are you ready for some hot and steamy phone sex? Do like to mutually
masturbate? Do you want a little teasing and edging? Do you want me to
deny you your orgasm? All you have to do to get all that and more is to
call me today for a little freaky fun. Call me and tell me what your
favorite fantasy is and how I can help to make it come true!
Do you want to hear what is in my toy chest? I have hand cuffs, a couple
crops, a impression paddle, nipple clamps, cock and ball rings, and oh so
much more. Do you want to hear all the things I can do to you with what is
in my toy chest? Orgasm denial, edging, spanking and whipping. Call me
today and tell me what you want me to use on you.
Are you horny? Do you want some hot phone sex with me? I am here, naked,
wet and wanting you right now! Do you want to tease each other, or lick,
suck and bite each other? Call me and tell me your favorite fantasy and
let’s play tonight!
Do you want a little time listening to my sexy voice telling you all the
things you are going to do for me? Just pick up the phone for some hot
phone sex with your Mistress. I have paddles, nipple rings, cock rings and
more. You will hear my voice and need to obey me. Wrap up those balls
tight, stroke that cock, but don’t you DARE cum! You have to earn it, and
the only way to do that is to call me, your phone Mistress and obey all my
instructions. Do you want to cum? Call me today!
How long has it been since I have allowed you to cum? How long has it been
since you started calling me for some very hot, very edgy phone sex? You
beg, you plead to please me, but what pleases me is to deny you your
orgasm, deny you the ultimate pleasure of releasing your orgasm. That is
what pleases your phone sex Mistress. To edge you until you think you
can’t stand it anymore then to make you go further than you ever thought
you could. Call me today for a little more edging, a little more teasing
and a lot more denial!
You are on your knees…waiting to call me. Plugged, caged and in the
corner awaiting my pleasure. Phone sex just can’t be the same when you
can’t call me, can it? Your edging, your tease and denial, your
masturbation and orgasm are all tied into pleasing me, your phone sex
Mistress. Are you ready? Call me! Call me NOW!
Do you know what it’s like to listen to a smoky, sensual voice over the
phone tell you how to masturbate? To listen to the voice tell you exactly
how to tease your cock and balls and get right up to the edge? To hear
that you are to stay on that edge, but not go over, not be allowed to cum
until you are told to? If you do know what it is like then you know you
should be calling me for some sexy play time. If you don’t you should call
me up so you can know the power of the voice for some hot, steamy phone
My voice speaking seductively in your ear, telling you all the things I
have fantasized about doing with you. This is what I love about phone sex.
Imagining your hands on me, as your voice whispers erotic, enticing,
detailing every little think you are doing to me with those clever fingers
of yours. Teasing me, as my mouth teases you. My fingers cupping,
stroking; my tongue licking, my lips sucking and taunting your mercilessly
until you are so hard, it almost hurts…Call me for some hedonistic
fantasy play tonight!
I tell you to undress for me, bare yourself completely. Now lie down on
the bed. I blind fold you, your other senses become very acute. You feel
the soft silkiness of the scarf as I wrap it tightly around your wrists
and bind them to the head board. You feel my fingernails scrape lightly
down your torso, belly…down your thighs. I take your ankle’s one at a
time and bind them to the foot board, the feel of the leather cuffs excite
you. You want, no need to do everything I tell you. You need to feel you
are doing everything in your power to please me. Maybe, just maybe if you
please me well enough you will get your hearts desire…but only maybe.
Call me to be dominated; erotically, sensually dominated with your phone
sex Mistress.
Happy New Year to everyone. I will be looking forward to doing a sexy,
kinky and fun call with you in the new year! Do you want to play with your
Mistress tonight? Do you want me to do a little CBT, or orgasm denial?
Call for some phone sex today with me!
Is our sex chat going to be naughty or nice? I am in a naughty and kinky
mood and have some leather cuffs and spreader bars for you to wear. Maybe
I have a cage for you too. And a flogger. If you are nice maybe I will
allow you an orgasm, or maybe not. Call me for some HOT, SEXY and KINKY
phone sex today!
Are you horny? If so, call me for some hot phone sex. Whatever your
fantasies are, I am here to play them out with you. We can tell each other
our most secret, deepest desires and explore them together. Call me today
and we will get to know each other and have mutually satisfying orgasms!
The holiday’s are upon us and you know you will be buying presents for
everyone else. Why don’t you treat yourself to a present all your own?
Call me for some hot, steamy phone sex. We can do some role plays, or
tease and denial. Are you looking to get punished and then beg me to cum?
Call me for some sex chatting tonight!
Mistress Tessa is looking for some naughty phone sex for the holiday
season to start off right! Call me today with all the naughty things you
have been up to this year and I will mete out the proper punishment.
Orgasm denial, maybe a little spanking to get you in a better frame of
mind to obey me! CALL today to find out if you will get the piece of coal
or a nice little ball gag in your stocking!
Why don’t you treat yourself during the holiday’s and give me a call for
some hot phone sex! Tell me your favorite fantasy or role play you want to
do with me! I will be your phone mistress and if your are nice just maybe
you will have a present from me under the tree! Most likely you will get
the spanking you so richly deserve for being a naughty slave!
I have a lovely idea. Call me for some sexy phone chatting and let me know
what your most secret desires are. Invite me in to your most intimate
thoughts, kinks, freaks and we will play. Do you want to dress in my
panties? Or do you prefer getting a little rough? Whether you want
sensual, soft, hard or kink give me a ring today for a little phone sex!
I think you should call for some hot one on one phone sex today. Halloween
is coming up and I would love to dress up in my maid outfit for you. Or
would you rather I break out my leather body suit and become Mistress
Tessa and make you do whatever I want you to do?! I will make you stroke
that nice hard cock for me, teasing you mercilessly, and you won’t be
allowed to cum unless I say so. Give me a call today for some great phone
Are you thinking about a little kink and freak phone chat? Well I am here
for you. Do you like tease and denial, or maybe a little spanking, better
yet I will deny you your orgasm after getting you so hard you can barely
stand it. Give me a call today for a little phone sex!
All you sissies out there need to call me today! I want to tease you, edge
you a little, dress you up in those cute little pink lace panties and make
you show off for me. I have some whips if you get a little out of line.
Don’t disobey me or you will feel their sting. Do you want to cum? Well be
a good girl and I might just let you, or I might not. Call me tonight and
you will find out.
Hello there. Are you ready for some fun, kinky and maybe a little nasty
phone sex? I will give you whatever your desire is. I am into all kinds of
play and would love to hear your favorite fantasy so we can play, and
hard. Are you hard and ready? Call me today!
Tied up, ball gagged, stroking your cock, teasing you to the edge of
reason, then denying that which you want most. Over and over again,
teasing, edging you, then stopping until I can start all over again. Do
you want me to fuck you, or do you want to cum all over my big, beautiful
tits? Call me today for some fun phone sex and a mind blowing orgasm.
I am in the mood to fuck you hard! Are you in the mood for me? Do you want
to cum…do you want to make me cum? Call me today and let me know what
your favorite fantasy is. I can be your Mistress, or you can be my Sir.
Whatever your desire is call me and we will play.
Grip that shaft hard and tight, stroke up, stroke down, feels so right
Now cup your balls in your hand, squeeze them tight, like a rubber band
Push your cock between your legs, spank it hard, I want to hear you beg
Two forceps, clipped nipples, clamp them down and feel painful ripples
Take the paddle, smack those cheeks, make them red, just for me
That’s my good little slave, do it right
You just never know if you’ll get to cum tonight.
Have you ever thought about being bound by ankle’s and wrist’s, ball
gagged and blindfolded? You never know what might happen, what might be
done to you? All you hear is me walking in my heels on the wood floor, to
the left of you, then behind…what am I going to do. I little flogging,
or maybe some CBT, orgasm tease and denial. You just never know until you
call me!
Had a great time having my own little sub to play with over the 4th of
July! Tying her up, ball gag, flogger and oh so much more. Call me for all
the deets on how I teased her, edging her, denying her an orgasm, until
she just couldn’t hold out any longer. I had her orgasm ripping through
her, and it went on and on and on. Let’s have a little sex over the phone
while I entertain you with my sexcapades!
Yes Sir. I am here for you whenever you want or need me. Do you want me
cuffed for you Sir? Yes Sir, I am yours to control, yours to allow you to
deny me an orgasm, or to allow me one. Yes, Sir I am yours for you to call
for some great phone sex. Yes Sir, the flogger is ready for you to use on
my soft, pink and sensitive skin. Yes Sir, I will be yours each and every
time you call for some erotic and fun sex!
I have my little slut right here on the phone with me. A good slut knows
their body is mine to do with as I please. I will fuck them with my cock
while I have a cock gag in their mouth. I love edging and denying your
orgasm, or milking that cock dry, or better yet giving them a ruined
orgasm! To talk to a great phone sex Mistress call Mistress Tessa today!
I am sitting here with my flogger in hand waiting for you to call me for
your daily lesson. It isn’t just phone sex, it is discipline you are
lacking and the need for me to tell you what to do. Will I punish you with
my flogger? Will my punishment include you sucking my cock, like I know
you want to do? If you take your punishment like a good girl I just may
allow you to have an orgasm. It might be a ruined orgasm but you will be
happy with whatever I choose to allow you. You will just have to call your
Mistress Tessa to find out.
Call me for some steamy, hot phone sex! I would love to tell you how to
stroke your cock. Do you want to tie me up and use me in every way you
want to? I will be your phone Mistress or you can be my Sir. I would love
to deny your orgasm, edging you to the point of pain and then allow you to
cum…or maybe I will deny your orgasm instead. Call me to find out which
I will do for you.
When you call me for phone sex I want to hear you gasp, moan and beg me to
allow you to cum. I will guide your masturbation or tell you a great story
while you are stroking. Will I allow you to cum or deny you an orgasm? All
you have to do is pick up the phone and call me to find out what is in
store for you while we fuck over the phone.
I just adore guiding your masturbation. To know you are not hard yet, just
waiting for me to tell you how to start. I would start you out slow by
telling to pull, twist and tug on your balls. I would tell you to spread
your legs so you could lightly stroke the sweet spot of your taint. Tell
me how hard you are now…about halfway I am sure, at least if you are
following my directions. I will be your phone girl for the evening and
guide you and if you are lucky I won’t deny you your orgasm. Call me this
evening for a great, sexy and orgasmic time!

Don’t you just want to masturbate sometimes while having someone
masturbate with you? Call me for some fun, kinky role playing over the
phone. We can start off any way you like; slow, fast, hard, soft, maybe I
will guide your masturbation, or get you on the edge to orgasm denial.
Call me for a great phone sex conversation today!
You interested in a little night flirting and sex talk? I am and would
love to hear from you. I want to play with your entire body, teasing you,
guiding you while you masturbate. I want to cum for you while we chat on
the phone and hear you cum for me.
Do you like the thought of me guiding your masturbation? Telling you
exactly what to do with that hard cock in your hand? I will have you
stroke it slow, fast, soft, hard. I will edge you and just maybe I will
allow you to cum, and maybe it will be a night of orgasm denial. Call your
phone mistress today and find out what you might be in for this evening.
I love it when I hear you cum over the phone. I like to build the
anticipation guiding you in masturbation, denying your orgasm over and
over again. To hear you moan, gasp and groan every time I make you stop. I
am wet just thinking about it. I will start sliding my finger up and down
my pussy lips, my hips moving of their own volition. You can hear me…so
close to my orgasm, making you go over the edge for that mind-blowing
orgasm you called me for.
It is very frosty outside so how about you call for some warming up with
phone sex. I love sitting by the fire, touching myself in all the right
places and thinking of you doing those same things to me. Make me feel
taut as a bowstring, denying me an orgasm until you are ready. I want to
imagine feeling your hard cock inside me, as deep as you can go. Slam into
me hard, and harder still until we both shatter and fall into la petite
mort. Tell me what fantasy you have and let’s play together today and keep
each other warm all winter long.
I have so many sexual fantasies I want to play out with you. Just call me
for some great phone sex! I love being your assistant and making your cock
hard just by walking in your office. Do you need a phone mistress to tease
and deny you or for a little (or a lot) of sexual humiliation? Call me for
some sex on the phone and tell me what fantasy you would like to play out.
I am up for a lot of sex talk tonight. I will be your phone mistress for
some sexual humiliation, orgasm denial, and you can be my little phone
whore. I love hearing you cum on the phone for me. It gets me all hot and
bothered and you can then hear me cum as well. Call me tonight for some
phone sex chat and let us have some fun.
I want to have sex on the phone with you! Whatever you are into, whatever
I am into we can do together. You need a phone mistress that is into
sexual humiliation, ejaculation denial and punishment? I am that mistress
for you. I can and will be your little phone slut and listen to you while
you masturbate, and listen to you while you cum! Hard cocks, small or
large cocks and all the cocks in between, call me today for sex on the
I love having sex on the phone! I want you to masturbate while I listen,
because behind every masturbation there is a successful imagination. What
do you imagine…do you want me to be your phone whore…or are you into
sexual humiliation…orgasm denial…what about talking dirty to me. Tell
me what your imagining for our next call and let us make your sexual
fantasies cum true today.
I want to fuck hard and have sex on the phone! You want a role play with a
lot of sex talk? I will give you so much pleasure while having sex on the
phone. I want to edge you until you are ready to explode…then edge you
just a little bit more. Call me today and let me tell you how to stroke
your cock. Maybe I should put a collar and leash on you and have you
follow me around on your hands and knees. Don’t cum yet, your phone
mistress isn’t ready for you to do that little thing just yet.
Hmmm…should I let you cum or should I not??? I do love hearing you cum
for me. Call me up on the phone and chat with me and we will see exactly
what naughty things we can get up to together.
Do I hear my phone ringing? Mmmm, why yes you are calling the XXX phone
sex line…Do you want a phone mistress that tells you exactly what to do
for me? Sexual humiliation, ejaculation denial, edging? What is your
pleasure, or more to the point what is mine for you?! Call me for a little
sex on the phone…tell me all your sexual fantasies…I am the woman who
will make you cum…I will talk dirty to you with whatever sex talk you
enjoy. Call me up for some phone chat and have some sex talk and orgasms
Do you want a pic of me so we can have sex on a smart phone? Do you want a
woman who will listen while you stroke? I want you to masturbate while I
listen to all your sexual fantasies. I will make you stroke your cock for
a very long time and I will tell you when you are allowed to ejaculate.
Phone sex can be so much fun…whatever your sexual fantasy is we can make
it happen here at Your Desires. I want you to call me. I will be your
phone mistress and do whatever I desire to do to you…ejaculation denial
is one of my favorite things to do, and I really love to hear you cum on
the phone when I finally allow you your orgasm. Call me today and let’s
play your fantasy or mine.
I am the sexy phone slut you just love to talk to. It turns me on to hear
your orgasms. Do you want a phone mistress? One that is into sexual
humiliation, ejaculation denial or sex talk. Do you want me to be your
phone whore? I want you to tell me what you want and I will do exactly
what you tell me to do. I want you to masturbate while I listen to you cum
on the phone. Let us get together and see what sexy and dirty talk will
turn each of us on and get to playing all of our sexual fantasies.
Call me for some great phone sex. I will be your phone mistress for sexual
humiliation, ejaculation denial while you masturbate while I listen. I
will make you my phone whore so tell me your sexual fantasies and talk
dirty to me. Call me for some great sex talk and let us see what what
sexual fantasy we want to play today.
I was so hot last night and then you talked dirty to me. You were at work
and wanted some phone fun! Sex talking through email is fun but I wanted
to hear you cum on the phone. Telephone sex is so hot, but is especially
hot when I get to play out one of my very own sexual fantasies with me
bent over the toilet in the bathroom stall while you took me from behind
with your hard cock. I will be your phone whore anytime, so call me and
tell me what sexual fantasy you want to play
I absolutely adore having phone sex. It is so very freeing to
talk to another person or three who get to listen to an orgasm, or two, or
more. Telephone sex gives you license to any and all of your sexual
fantasies, whether it is for sexual humiliation, ejaculation denial, or
just plain phone fun! Masturbate and cum on the phone for me.

If I ask you to fuck me, will you?

If I ask you to pin my arms behind my back, dig your fingers into my ass
and plunge your cock between my lips, will you?

If my body clings to yours, spasming with every thrust, will you let me
scream your name, raking your back with my nails?

If I plead for you not to stop until I am destroyed, will you?
I received this poem from one of my pets today and wanted to share it.
It’s subdued eroticism is compelling.

sensual ecstasy

a natural composition of moans fills this erotic atmosphere
as your body fits perfectly into mine
and we become one

our love song may only be porn sound to your ears
but to us it is more beautiful than a symphony of destruction
yearning our orgasmic release

heavy breathing melts into kisses of sensual passion
and sweat becomes perfume created by our passion for love
an everlasting fragrance for the gods

once you’re inside me i know you long for more
and more is what you shall get as our souls are destined to be
entwined in this spiritual ecstasy

proof of how much we love each other seems distant
even with our words and sexual actions we strengthen our hearts
but still not prove worthy enough

each time our song is sung we see the light set us free
your irresistible frame borderlines mine
and once more we dance together

Written by Sarah Louise Ellis
Do you love sex talk as much as I do? Would you like to masturbate while I
listen? Or maybe you can talk dirty to me and learn how many orgasms I can
handle. Let me be your phone slut and we can talk through our fantasies.
I’ll look forward to hearing from you!!
There’s nothing quite as exciting as answering the phone and having the
opportunity to fulfill someone’s desires. It’s delicious anticipation for
a phone girl.

From Dictionary.com…
1. to carry out, or bring to realization, as a prophecy or promise.
2. to perform or do, as duty; obey or follow, as commands.
3. to satisfy
4. to bring to an end; finish or complete, as a period of time
5. to develop the full potential of (usually used reflexively)

The thought of carrying out, performing, obeying commands, satisfying,
completing… It makes my pussy wet just thinking about how I can fulfill
your fantasies because it’s my fantasy to do so. Phone sex is such a
unique method of fulfillment in that anything and everything can happen.
We can explore taboos, act out a fantasy, talk through a kink, the
possibilities are endless.