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Hello Sweetie~

Welcome to my personal play room.

So tell me, how can I make your fantasies come true? I get great pleasure
from knowing I am the source of your orgasm, the reason for your moaning,
the muse that you cum for.

Do you want me to use a dildo or maybe my special vibrator? It's a pretty
magical toy. It's a 100% guaranteed orgasm every use. I have a couple
different dildos to choose from, maybe you'll whip me while I try to keep
the dildo inside my pussy. Tell me what happens if I drop it... Will you
punish me more? Perhaps you'll teach me a lesson? What happens when I'm
disobedient and naughty?

Time to dominate you! Now I'll tell you how much of a worthless selfish
piece of trash you are, and make sure you know how grateful you should be
to have the honor of having my attention. You do as I say no hesitation;
any sign of resistance will be met with a punishment of my choosing.
Either edge you and then deny you the privilege of cumming, creating
frustration that will last all day, or I can take you, twist your cock,
control your motions and make you scream with pleasure! I could just tell
you how you can jack off. No pain, no anger, just my sweet gentle voice
telling you what to do to make you cum. I'd love to hear you orgasm. You
would do anything to make me happy right? And making your cock happy would
make me happy!

Okay, you take the lead this time. Tie me up on your bed with intricate
knot work cupping my breasts and wrapping my hips, blindfolded, face-down
ass-up, getting spanked until my butt is crimson red! Then fucked until I
am loaded with your cum, unable to sit down until you say so. Did you want
to put a ball-gag in my mouth so no one could hear my screams?

Maybe we'll fuck against the bedroom window while your nosy neighbor can't
stop staring! For all we know he's jacking off just looking at us. My bare
ass hitting the glass over and over while you ram your cock into me as
deep as you can go! How about we're in front of a mirror while you fuck me
from behind, you can't help but stare at my face writhing in pure orgasmic
bliss as my tits bounce with each thrust.

Or possibly you just want to listen to me get fucked by a complete
stranger, look closely as they shove their throbbing cock into my pussy.
Maybe I'm fucking them, shoving my thick strap on dildo inside them. Do
you want in on this action? Tell me what you would like to see someone do
to me! Use as much detail as you can possibly think of about watching me
have sex with someone; hard, rough, messy, soft, sensual. Go on, tell me!

Perhaps you'll teach me a thing or two, I'm up for new experiences; I have
dabbled in a lot of different things, so you'll be hard pressed to find
something I don't know at least a little about. You're welcome to ask if I
haven't tried something, try to stump me! Good luck!

Want my panties? You'll have to pay the toll! But trust me; the price is
well worth it. Imagine; my scent wrapping you in lust while you hear me
moan in your ear. But don't cum yet, I"m not done with you.

Either way, pleasure is my game, and I want you to join me in ecstasy.

So what are you waiting for?

Come play with me!

Here's my contact info, so you have no excuse!


Twitter and Trillian: TakeMeTia

I"ll be waiting for you.