Tia’s Fantasies

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Tia’s Fantasies

It was supposed to be a simple night…but as always, life had other plans.

The awful work day left me feeling a certain way. I wanted control, to be in control, I wanted to… play.

I set up an appointment with an individual. He seemed simple enough, communicated his limits, and made the mistake of telling me I could do what I pleased. The smirk on my face resembled that of the Cheshire Cat. I could tell he was already excited. How could he not be? The black corset accentuated my boobs quite nicely, the heels and thong of course made my ass look phenomenal. No wonder the poor guy quivered while he spoke.

I tied him down with the bed harness so that his limbs were restrained, laying on his stomach. His back was so smooth, so soft. This is what I like, the vulnerability, the trust. I picked up my flogger from the table, started lightly trailing it across his body. This new canvas for me to paint on, however I so choose.

“You are to address me as Mistress understand?”


SNAP! The flogger hits his back and he let out a yelp, I could already see red streaks forming across his back, “Yes who?”

“Yes Mistress. I understand.”

“Good boy. Now,” I place the blindfold on him, “I want you to not hold yourself back understand, do not muffle yourself. The safe word is Sunstone.”

It’s always fascinating how just the mention of a place during a phone sex call, can just create such a vivid fantasy.

Now picture this. You decide to take me to a vineyard and winery, since apparently I surprisingly have “no taste”. Mind you, I wasn’t sure wear this would lead so I decided to go with a classic a soft burgundy blouse, a pair of black leggings, black knee high boots, and a long gray cardigan. Simple, yet form fitting to accentuate my curves.

When we get there, it’s astonishing, rows and rows of grapevines. I could smell some of the wine being processed as we walked by the winery itself. I looked back to catch a glimpse of you staring at my ass, looks like I made the right choice with these leggings. We were led to a tasting room as the thoughts of using grape vines for bondage filled my head.

After a few hours of wine, food, and laughter, I feel something is missing. I’m having a great time but something is off… I started biting my bottom lip as I thought about this. This train of thought suddenly stops as my eyes meet yours. Your hands together, fingers interlocked as you glare at me. The lustful hunger in your gaze, that primal predatory look, there it is. That’s what was missing.

You led me back out to the vineyard without a word, no need to talk. I knew what was next. Your body language told all, the bulge in your pants was a helpful hint as well. You didn’t hesitate with anything you did, you are methodical, every move calculated, thought out even if dropped on a dime. You push me against one of the

Overflowing with anticipation, I am caught off-guard by your words.

“Take off those fucking leggings, you dirty fucking whore.” You undo your pants to reveal your throbbing hard cock, I salivate at just the sight of it, “Since I paid for the date you get to pay me with your tight little cunt. Now bend over bitch.”

My panties are now a little wet, I knew this trip would be worth it. I slowly bend over, pulling my leggings and panties down. My ass and dripping wet pussy right in front of you, ready to be wrecked.

“Yes Sir.”