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Tia’s Thoughts

A week in the life of a Switch:

Sunday: I’m bored, I want you to stroke yourself to the best of this song but you’re not allowed to cum until I say so. I love hearing you pant while you try to restrain yourself. Entertain me, my toy.

Monday: Oh yes! Make me choke on your cock. I suck on it like its candy until you cum and then I’ll clean it up and show it to you.

Tuesday: Awww look at your small cock, it thinks you’ll actually get inside my pussy. What a fucking joke! Now kiss my fucking boot you useless piece of shit. You’re a fucking pathetic waste of space, you know that? You better be fucking grateful I’m taking time out of my day to even acknowledge you.

Wednesday: I want you to pound my pussy until I can’t fucking walk. Fucking give it to me! Show me why they call Wednesday, Hump day!

Thursday: Oh baby, cum on my tits. Show me who’s in charge. I want to please your cock, I want more than anything to make you cum.

Friday: You’ll do anything I want? You will address me as Mistress or Miss Tia. Anything other than that and you will be punished. Now… lick that dirty bathroom floor. And if I hear any complaints you will regret it.

Saturday: This has been a hell of a week… let’s go again! Now fuck me as I scream your name in orgasmic bliss! I’ll keep talking dirty until you can’t hold back anymore!

Isn’t phone sex fun? Fuck yeah it is! Let’s play!

Sensory play is such and exciting aspect of kink that many people seem to overlook.

Just think, whenever you close your eyes, your hearing and sense of touch increase. You become hyper aware to your environment and everything that grazes your body. Every vibration, every touch, every texture. Each playing a role in creating a myriad of sensations, building your anticipation, as your mind begins to wonder, “what will happen next?”. Each sensation comes and goes, and your body revels in each of them. The warmth of pain, the coolness which makes you shiver, the goosebumps of excitement that creep along your skin.

Would you care to try?

I love fall!
The weather gets cooler,
the smell of pumpkin pie in the air,
the sound of crunching leaves as you have sex in a pile of them.

Yep, my favorite time of year!

Don’t worry, I showered after. He just joined me too.
And we fucked some more.

I never thought I would ever fuck on top of a keg of beer. But when the moment’s right and the dick is nice, you never know what will happen! Though I knew for sure I was in for a good time, didn’t know he would lick my pussy like a lollipop! Oh my~ I’m getting wet again just thinking about it!