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Hi, I’m Tiffany, and I’m looking to have a great time with you. I’m new to this, and I’m feeling a little shy. I really want you to tell me your dirtiest secrets, those secrets that you can’t tell anyone else. I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours. You may be surprised, maybe your little secrets will make my pussy so wet it will soak through my panties. Want a taste? You just have to ask nicely.

I love wearing short skirts with really skimpy panties, or no panties at all. Would you finger my wet pussy in public if you knew I wasn’t wearing panties? I hope you do, keeping my moans in will be so delightfully difficult. Pull my hair to remind me that I need to be a good little slut and stay quiet.

I also love being watched as you pound into me. Making every man and woman both jealous and turned on by how you fuck me so good. Knowing they’ll need to touch themselves later makes it even more thrilling.

The most important thing to me is to make my partner happy. Seeing that look of bliss on your face, the little biting of your lip, the hard gasps, it’s so exciting to see. Maybe you’ll reward me with a little moan as I suck and worship your big hard cock.

Perhaps worshiping isn’t enough, maybe you want to dominate me, or be dominated by me. I even have matching corsets to go with whichever role you want to play today. Should I wear my leather one that shows off my tits, or the sweet purple one that says I’m daddy’s little girl? You can spoil me, or spank me for being naughty and cumming before sir said I could. Edging is such a fun way to make you cum so hard it feels like you’ve gone beyond heaven and into the very universe. Please make me beg to cum, and I’ll wait on the very edge of your word to allow me to. If you would like me to be a dominant just call me Mistress or Madam, I’ll tie you up and milk that cock of yours for all that yummy cum.

My toys are my favorite to play with when I’m thinking of you, my sweet little purple bunny and pink dildo. They make poor replacements for your Mighty Johnson, but until I hear from you they will have to do.

There are a couple of fantasies that I have and I wonder if you could help me play them out? The first is to be double penetrated and a wonder wand on my wet pussy, just trying to make a complete sentence seems impossible with so much excitement and stimulation. The other is to be in a gang bang and just covered in milky cum. Kitty’s getting thirsty and needs her milk. Please sir give this little pussy some yummy milk.

I’ll be waiting to hear from you very soon.