Tori’s Fantasies

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Tori’s Fantasies

Recently I have found myself rubbing on my clit to reading erotica.
nothing too out of the ordinary in that, but it made me think and
fantasize about how fun it would be to be someone’s muse for an erotica
story. to sit back and enjoy myself while someone writes, using me as
inspiration. watching the way that I slide my fingers in the band of my
panties, watching how I like to tease myself while I tease you. letting
words flow describing every little motion of my fingertips as they make
those perfect little circles around my clit while my other hand caresses
and squeezes my tits.. I am starting to get wet just thinking about the
vivid images of my back arching as I finally slide my middle finger into
that pink, juicy cunt.
I would love to feel it all happening through your words depicting my
fingers winding into another girls hair as she buries her face in my
pussy. reading about how my toes curled as she slid her tongue inside,
licking each wall of that sweet, wet cunt. Mmmm, the way I would grind my
hips against her mouth as she made me cum.. my writer being so inspired by
my orgasm that they wanted nothing more than to keep writing it over and
over, thinking of all the ways they would like to make me cum again and
Not just about me though, it would be so hot to star in your fantasy.
being written in and used as the main character in your deepest, dirtiest,
secret thoughts. seeing myself through all your sexy ideas, knowing you’d
like to touch me, fuck me, tease me, feel me like that. I wanna read about
you and I and how you’d like to fuck me or how you’d like to serve me. All
of the above. so much yes! ugh, this is getting me so hot! I want to touch
and grind and play that special way that you’d like to. play with me. give
me a call and let me be your sexy little muse.

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I have been thinking a lot lately about how fun it would be to play
director.. less like a movie or porn director, but more like a puppeteer.
my puppets are whom you may wonder….. I’m imagining a couple, maybe
married, maybe dating, maybe friends, maybe strangers.. strangers might be
fun (;

anyway.. I have been thinking about directing some playtime. getting to
just sit back in my comfy chair, one leg thrown over the armrest, holding
my dress above my knee and I drag my fingertips lazily along my inner
thigh. settling as I have them sit together. telling him how to kiss along
her jawline, down her neck, collar bone.. how to slide her strap off her
arm while moving his lips to her shoulder. instructions for how to cup and
squeeze on her breasts while dragging his tongue down between her chest.
slowly directing the escalation, telling him how to tease the tip of his
tongue around her nipple as I start to rub my fingers across my own
through my thin top.

I want to make them explore every inch of each others bodies.. make
goosebumps rise and more clothing hits the floor. tell him how to slide
his hand into her lace panties and push a finger in between her warm lips.
feeling along that slit, brushing just slightly on the hardening clit
while slipping my own fingers under the seam of my favorite black thong.
feeling that wetness I’ve created already with my little scene.. before I
know it, I’ll be have her on her knees, in between his legs in the chair
across from me and i’ll be telling her just how I like to see a cock
teased and sucked. standing over her for a closer look, my dress abandoned
on the floor behind me, my fingers still playing with my clit while I
watch her circle the tip with her tongue.. intertwining my fingers into
her hair and I press her warm, wet mouth further down his shaft…..

what shall I have them do next? you should call up this naughty phone slut
and give my a taste of your ideas<3 xxx oxox #dirtygirl #phonesex #wetpussy #xxx #dirtytalk #blowjob ------------------------- I have been playing with this fantasy in my head and I will admit it turns me on every time it crosses my mind. I picture myself being tied up. my ankles and wrists are spread wide and bound by rope, hanging vertically. naked of course.. and my favorite part... im blindfolded. there is also a loose gag on my mouth, like a bandanna. I am somewhere dark, it feels very much like a dungeon.. the clanging echo of metal pipes, a drip against a cold concrete floor, the cold sweat beading on the back of my neck. i have no control. i have handed all the control to the man that i cannot see, but rather sense standing across from me, watching me tug lightly on the ropes that have my wrists stretched out and up, above my head. i hear someone clear their throat and i am instantly alerted that in addition to this man, i have an audience. my ears perk up and on that cue of my attention, the one with the control came closer to me. His boots echoing slow, deliberate steps as He crossed the floor. i jumped slightly when His fingertips found my neck and i shivered as He drug them down the exposed skin between my tits and down my stomach. it feels nice and tickles a bit. i press my weight forward into His hand and He responded immediately. both of His hands were on my tits and He pressed against me hard until i felt my ass and shoulders touch cold stone behind me. He whispers in my ear that He alone is in control and that it will be Him that decides how to touch me and that He is going to make me cum for Him just the way He wants. at this, i melt. He pulls back so im hanging away from the wall again, His hands still on my tits, caressing now. i can feel my nipples start to harden and am crushed when He pulls his hand away, but i gasp in surprise as i feel His tongue replaces His hand and He traces a single slow circle around my nipple before He closes His lips around it and sucks. it only escalates from here. a little moan escapes me and He sucks harder, moving from one nipple to the other, His hands caressing and teasing all the while. i hang there bound while he licks, nibbles, kisses on my neck, my clavicle, my tits, my stomach, my hips.. teasing me with His tongue while He rubs my ever moistening clit with slow circles. occasionally He will pull away from me completely for a moment, leaving me hanging there for all to see. so turned on that i was positively quivering. when He returned, i was pleased to hear Him say that i have been a good little slut just moments before He presses His face into my pussy. moaning and shaking, He is making me wait until He says i can cum and i do, all over His mouth. continuing to do whatever He wants to me, not letting me cum and then fucking me with all those people watching until He tells me i can cum and making me squirt all over. forcing my face down to clean off His cock before He continues to do what He wants to me... i wish someone would help me finish this fantasy; fill in all the little details and help me decipher whats next. my phone sex line is open to our adult talk<3 xxx