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Tori’s Fantasies

I have been taking a look back recently at how long I have been here at YD
and how I have changed and grown and the experiences that I have gained
and all that.. This has led to me thinking about what I know, what I have
done, and what I still want to do. Essentially focusing on the things that
I still want to do. So, *dun dun dun* I am thinking about making a sexual
bucket list and I want ideas; I want to know what you still want to
experience. Tell me about your fantasies or your goals or just anything
that you would include on your sexual bucket list. Please oh please help
me fill mine! I’m thinking this is going to be so fun, so don’t let me
down… unless you’re going to go down….on me… because I’m always down
for that ;)
I have been thinking about toys recently.. all the new things that I would
like to buy and play with on my own as well as toys that I want you to
have so we can play with them together..
But. also trickling into my dirty little mind has been thoughts about
cock.. a new “toy”.. my cock.. my cock and what I would love to do to you
with it. I have heard amazing things from clients who had never tried
anything anal until I had them try for Me and voila! they loved it!
so. I want to strap on my cock and parade around town with it. turning
people on to the idea of taking it. I just need to find some people worthy
and/or brave enough to handle it. I struggle with people being able to
handle me because I’m just so big. eventually, everyone will be able to
handle it, but we have to take that first step. if I can’t find anyone to
take all of me, I’ll just have me, my cock, and all these yd girls
around… I know *they* can take all of my cock, can you?

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I love 2 girl calls. the simple reason being that they’re fun, but
moreover, I love playing with all my girlfriends here at YD. I love
getting my hands on them and feeling their soft touches in return. I have
been thinking that a giant “call” with all of us together would be super
sexy and fun! kinda like an orgy, but nicer and anyone who wanted to call
could and they could listen to us touch and tease, lick and play, or they
could instruct who touches whom and where and all that. I think it would
be so hot to have all these “calls” happening simultaneously!! maybe I am
crazy, highly possible… but I am just getting so wet even thinking about
all the fun we could have if we increased the 2 girls, maybe even adding
more girls.. and more girls.. a room full of wet pussies and sweet moans;
gasps as cum squirts through the air. Mmmmm doesnt that sound so hot?!
call me up and let me know what you think~
i have been thinking that being here just over 2 weeks, it is time that i
divulge what i like.. what i have really grown to like, rather.. having
been exposed to so much variety, i have come up with some favorite
activities that i can share with you :D
this, by no means limits the other types of calls that turn me on, this is
just a peak into my mind…
“stroke your cock for me” has become one of my favorite things to say. i
have always known that i like the sound and the climax of a guy, but being
on the phone now, i have really come to love it. guided masturbation has
become such a turn on for me.. knowing that you are touching yourself the
way that i want you to. mmm its gets me so wet. couple this with my new
found exposure to tease and denial and this girl is in heaven. i know that
i want you to cum for me, but i don’t always want it yet.. i want to get
you so worked up that it is almost painful, but i know you will wait for
me tell you when.. and even if it takes a few days, you’ll wait… because
that orgasm is for me.
-faints- so hawt.
well hello wet panties…