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Likes: Fucking, sucking, cumming, slapping, spanking, flogging, role play, bondage, masochism, sadism, pegging, if its out there, I would LOVE to hear about it
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I am the newest of the YD girls. I can be
shy and submissive at first but it wont take you long to get me to open
up! I crave to know everything about sex. Fucking, sucking, cumming,
slapping, spanking, flogging, role play, bondage, masochism, sadism,
pegging, if its out there, I would LOVE to hear about it. Have something I
have never heard of ? Please tell me more!

I like to listen to your fantasies, Sometimes I even like to join in. My
biggest fantasy is to touch myself in public. The excitement of getting
caught, of someone seeing me with my fingers in my wet juicy cunt just
drives me wild. I can sit in my car in traffic and look at men in the
other cars, while I am touching my sweet hot pussy lips and circling my
hard little knob of a clit. They know, I know they can see the heat in my
face, the tremble of my lips as I shove my fingers up inside me harder.
If I know I will be driving, I use a vibrator the whole time, and at the
stop lights see if I can cum before it turns. As I rub my G spot until I
tingle, I can see the men in the other cars are getting hard watching me
get off. I love traffic jams, I can finger myself until I squeal and cum
squirts all over my seat.

Will you share your deepest secrets with me? As I am very new here, I have
so much to learn. I want to hear it all, I want you to
tell me to be the slut I know I am deep down, I love to be naughty. To do
and say things a good girl shouldn't. I was always told to be a good girl,
girls shouldn't say FUCK or CUNT. I love to say naughty words. Teach me
how to tell you all about my hot wet slippery cunt. I want to learn what
gets YOU off. Tell me all about your hard cock and where you want to put
it. In my mouth? I will lick every inch until you shudder. In my hot
wet pussy? I will take every inch into my tight fuck hole. In my ass?
Will you bend me over and show me how a real woman takes her man?

I love to try new things, especially sensations. Tickles, do you like to
use a feather? Up and down my tits, follow down to my belly, slide over
my hip, follow down the inside of my leg. Tease me, slip it up just out of
reach of my pussy, almost to my clit,,,,,
Slaps, do you want to slap my ass? Or my lower legs? How about my tits?
Open handed slaps on my face and tits is amazing.
Tantalizing touches. Anything around the house can be tantalizing. A
water bottle can be used as a dildo, and plenty to drink when you are
done. A spatula from the kitchen can be a slight little tap on the bouncy
peak of my ass, working up it can give a nice sharp sting. A belt,
oooohhh,,, my favorite. It can give a nice thud with a light swing across
both ass cheeks, or with a good swing can make me dance! A flogger, I
REALLY want to try one, it speaks dirty thoughts to me as it swings at my
hot backside. If you REALLY want a good sting,,,, a phone charger cord can
give a tiny little line of a welt if placed just right. A fly swatter can
tickle or sting and what about that handle?

Toys are my favorite playtime. I want them all, two at a time is even
better. I had to order a plug in toy, I broke too many battery powered
ones! I use my Hitachi in my hot cunt, and then use my battery boys on my
clit and in my ass. All 3 will send me into multiple orgasms and
squirting all over. I can squirt myself into exhaustion, and soak the
bed. But laying in my own cum gets me all hot again......

I love it when my legs are wide open and my shaved pussy is spread for
licking, sucking, fucking and toys. (I have so many to choose from, but
it's never enough.) My clit gets so damn hard its like pounding nails with
a vibrator.

Spankings make me hot and wet. The sound of leather on skin gets me
tingling all over. Or a hard wooden paddle over my backside sends me into

I am Submissive at first, and love to take orders. Will you tell me what
to do? Make me kneel. Make me ask for your hot throbbing cock inside of
me. Tell me I can only have you. Can I touch myself when you tell me?
What can I do to make you feel as Hot as I am wet? As you teach me what
turns you on, what makes you throb with pleasure, I can show you how I can
make you cum over and over, let me take you to ecstasy.

My favorite thing to do is dress up, I love my sexy boots and lacy
outfits. Wearing nothing but panties and boots while I kneel before you is
one of my favorite fantasies. Do you want me to kneel for you? You should
call me.

Nothing gets me hotter more, than getting a man off. I LOVE to suck cock.
The feel of it in my hands, the slight throb as I place my lips over the
tip. The slight hitch in breathing when I take it deep into my throat. I
gag as it hits the back of my throat, but take it anyway. Deep throat
cock sucking is a gift I use any chance I get. I love the power of that
much pleasure. It sends shivers down my spine. I Lick and
suck until you tense up and moan for more. I will finger myself as you
blow your big load and I lick the cum up like liquid candy.

I've always been curious about playing with a another girl, maybe you can
make that happen? I would love to try. I have never touched another woman,
held her perky tits in my hands. I crave to slip my hand in her panties
and feel how wet she is while I squeeze her tit. I think about using my
toys on her, will she let me ? Can you tell her to do my bidding? I
would cum in my panties for the chance to do a 2 girl call for you.

Call me and get me hot, wet and ready for you. Order panties before and I
can make sure they are special for you. Tell me to send you my panties, I
will wear them just for you. I will even send you special panties full of
my cum if you treat me right!

If you want to talk more, find me on Trillian as
"TabooTraceyForYou" or you can send me an email at
Better yet, just call and lets play,