Tracey’s Fantasies

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Tracey’s Fantasies

First we are going to walk along a very private pool and slowly slip into
the water. This pool overlooks the beach and everyone can see us taking
off our bathing suits. He flings the top of my bikini into the sand and
rips off my bottoms. I try to pull off his shorts but he grabs my hands,
flips me over onto the pool floaty on my
my belly, and pulls out his huge cock. Pushing me around the shallow end
of the pool he slides his cock in and out of me, splashing off and on.

After a while, we walk naked to the hot sand. Daddy has a huge blanket he
lays out on the soft sand and pushes me down on it. Taking my nipples in
his mouth, he teases me one side then the other. When I am wiggling so
hard I cant stand it anymore, he slides between my legs and shoves his
huge hard cock deep inside. Thrusting hard until I am so wet we are both
damp from belly button to knees. Then, he grabs my right leg and flings
it over his shoulder, pushing my other leg between
his legs. That position, right there, does it. I squirt after the 3rd
thrust. It hits exactly on my G spot. Over and over I writhe from the
pleasure. When I am completely spent, Daddy Roars and cums deep inside
me. This is only day 1, we are here for 14 days. Day 2 involves the
Its getting warmer, the air is so sultry and humid. I can feel my clothes
sticking to me. But between my legs is the hottest part. I can feel the
fabric nestled
between my thighs. Pressing between my pussy lips. The moisture seeping
thru, you can see how hot I am getting now. I press my hand between my
thighs and imagine your hand there. Your fingers slipping between my
lips, pressing in. Slide them in one at a time. First your middle
finger, up to the first knuckle, and you hear me sigh. The second finger
slides in slowly to join the first. Pressing, probing. And as it slips
in beside your middle finger my intake of breath is sharp. You start to
wiggle them, slowly at first. I am barely able to hold still. Shifting
back and forth on my ass cheeks, I cant be still. As you curl up your
fingers and press,,, I groan with pleasure, and the moisture becomes
suddenly wetter, squirting all over your hand. Now, wrap your hand around
your cock and masturbate while I listen to you breath HARD.

I want you. Now. Your hand, your tongue, your cock. All of you, in my
bed. Can you show me your skills? Will you make me groan your name? Am
I going to be on my knees begging for your touch? I can be if you call
your favorite Night flirt,,,,
I have a fantasy, maybe you can make it cum true. I have always wanted to
try 2 girls with one dildo. The thought of the 3 of us all naked, hot,
sweat trickling over our sizzling skin, nothing but toys in between us is
thrilling! There are so many different kinds of toys, sizes, and colors.
I want a long neon pink one. Or maybe the biggest flesh colored one ever
made. I plan on shopping at THAT kind of store next weekend, maybe I will
find just the right one.

In my fantasy, the 2 girls will be laying with their pussies facing each
other, and the long double dildo between them. I will be sitting to the
side of them, and slide the double dildo into them one at a time. Then I
will have them scoot closer together, When they are close enough, I will
slide it up inside both. I can play with their tits and fuck them so hard
they squirt all over the 3 of us.

Is this a fantasy you can make come true for me? I’m waiting,,,,,,
I have played with a beautiful girl, she was magnificent. I loved to touch
her, her skin was so very soft! Her hair was bright and shone brilliantly
in the light. She smelled like sunshine and flowers when I licked her
neck and nibbled on her shoulder. My hands slid down her body like it was
a treasure I just couldn’t get enough of. When I finally got down to suck
on her marvelous tits, I switched back and forth between the two making
the other jealous. Then, I slipped my fingers inside her. She was so
very tight, It took me a minute to get 2 fingers in to really play hard,
and made her cum until her eyes rolled back inside her head.

Its now my turn. Do you want to listen? Do you want to direct her? Do
you want her to tell you what she is doing to me step by torturous step?
Call me and we can play. I would love to be a little phone sprite for you
Is Daddy going to call today? I have been on cloud nine since I woke up.
I am ALWAYS a good girl for my daddy. Each little thing needs to be
perfect, everything prepared just for him. In the shower I will use my
special body wash. He LOVES when I use it, the scent of vanilla is so
intoxicating. The matching body lotion is so soft and buttery. I think of
him when I am running my hands over my skin with it. I wonder what scent
he loves best?

I will have myself perfectly ready for his call. All shaved bare,
sometimes he might like a little design, but today is special. I have a
cute little set of red panties with a matching bra. All lacey and sexy.
Daddy knows how much I like my black boots with heels. It makes my butt
all perky and swing when I walk. I have the perfect little skirt and top
to go with them. Although it wont matter much, they wont stay on!

Daddy is always in charge. When we talk, he makes the rules. He tells me
what to do and how to do it. The very sound of his voice makes me quiver
and I am instantly wet. It is so ABSOLUTELY exciting and I get so hot
when he treats me that way. All I want to do, all I care about, is making
Daddy happy. When he is happy, I sing inside. And he is so generous, if I
am a good girl, Daddy will tell me to use my favorite toy and reward me.

On our last call, it was a treat for being a good girl. Daddy called to
do something special for me. Just for me because I am his baby girl.
Daddy bought a pair of my panties, and had me wear them while I used my
Magic Wand toy. He directed me how to turn it on, where to touch myself,
when to shut it off, and SUDDENLY to turn it on high. I came in them so
hard I squirted all over the panties, the toy, down my legs to my knees.
That was the most generous gift Daddy has ever given me. After I caught
my breath, I placed those soaking wet panties into an envelope, wrote him
a lovely note just from me, and gave it to management to be mailed
directly to my Daddy’s house. I cant wait for him to receive them. I can
think of nothing except him opening that envelope and holding my panties
in his hand, thinking of me cumming so hard just for him. I put every
drop of myself into them. I have my own fantasy of seeing a picture of
him with my panties tied around his cock like a first place ribbon.
If I am a good girl, maybe that will be my next reward…….
Your cock is exposed. Out for me, waiting for my reaction. Wanting my
attention. Will your cock cry out for help when I flick it with my
fingernails? As it bounces back up towards my fingers I can see you
flinch on your face. Will I do it again? Will I flick it harder? Yes.
Yes I will. SMACK.

Such soft parts on a body. So sensitive. Yet, so begging to be beaten.
Do you have the control to hold one ball to the side, while I smack the
other? With my hand? Or with a ruler? At least 3 good wacks.

Are those tears on your face? Tears of joy? Sadness? Relief? But I
hear you quietly say
“Do it again please mistress”.

And I would never let my little subbie down…..
Its the holidays. Decorations are up, people are singing carols,
Christmas trees everywhere. And all I can think about is how dirty I can
make every holiday theme. Being a phone girl is fun as hell. And my
dirty mind can take anything and make it into porn.

Decorations can be multipurpose sex toys. Candy canes for instance.
Perfect for licking and sucking. But where else can we take this
peppermint treat? After pulling that wonderful stick into my mouth, I can
slowly trace it down my chin, onto my chest. Lazy sticky lines slowly
make their way to my nipple. Circling, leaving a peppermint scented
trail. Tapping the tip onto my nipple, lightly, then harder. When my
nipples become so hard they can hold the weight of the candy cane like a
hook its time to move lower. A quick side trip to my mouth in between adds
a little wetness to it. As I slide the slippery candy down between my
thighs I think about how long I will taste like peppermint.

Where do you want me to place this stick of holiday goodness? Call me,
tell me if I should slowly tease myself with sticky denial. Or maybe I
should let my pussy have some christmas cheer. Maybe my pussy needs more
than one candy cane.
Walking down the hall I could hear him. The soft moan, the quiet slaps,
he is pleasuring himself. She can watch if she is quiet. He is self
conscious if he knows she is there. But if she sneaks up, quietly stalks
him, watches from a distance, he will perform for her. He knows she is
there, its a game.

The closer she sneaks up, the faster he strokes. The moans starting to
get louder. The slaps more rhythmic. She starts to touch herself thru
her panties. Lightly at first, more firmly as he gets more excited.

When she is at the end of the couch he is getting close. His eyes are
glassy, his face is heated. Flushed from the exertion, and also from
knowing she is right in front of him when he is about to cum…..

She listens, watches, and then kneels at his feet. It is time.
The air is cool, crisp, almost sharp. The dungeon is usually kept much
warmer. But I am being punished. The cold is to intensify the impacts.

I am only wearing a pair of panties, thigh high hose, high heels, and a
collar. I am tied at my wrists above my head. I have been bad. I am
being whipped today. He told me not to talk to those boys but I couldnt
help myself. They were so cute and loved being with me. Whipping is a
terrible punishment, but I smile. I am a masochist, the pain IS my
pleasure. The tears are tears of pain AND joy.

I hear him come into the room,,,,,, slowly stepping behind me. Goosebumps
raise on my arms. I cant help it, but it will hurt more. I smile again,
I can hear the whistle as the whip comes at my thigh.
He looks so sweet, innocent. Kind. But he likes it when I am mean. He
doesn’t want me to gently make sweet love to him, nothing lovingly tender.
He wants humiliation. Degradation. To be told he likes cock over pussy.

During adult phone sex, there are no limits. I live your fantasy. If he
likes me to make fun of his small cock, I will. If he likes me to
tell him he doesn’t like pussy even though he is married, I will call him
a faggot. He cant fuck his wife without doing her up her ass or imagining
a huge cock up his own.

He calls his night flirt because he can share these fantasies with me. I
will enjoy them WITH him. Get into it, be INSIDE it. And enjoy being so
mean to my little pet. And I smile as I call him more names…..
Can I do it? Can I really take over? I want to be in charge, I want to
be bossy. Today, I will tell them what I want, not what THEY think they
want. I will be giving the orders.

Being a Phone flirt I want to give them PERMISSION to touch me. Not take.
Today is all about me. I will be forceful. They will grovel at my feet
for my time. I may or may not allow them to please me.

If you call my phone sexline, will you kneel? Will
you beg? If I am feeling generous, I MAY let you put lotion on my legs.
From my feet up to my hips. I need my long brown hair brushed. Pick up
that wooden brush, it also makes a great paddle if you misbehave. Are you
a good boy? I want my neck rubbed. Will you follow directions? Or do
you need to be punished my little pet?
The holidays are here. ALL the decorations are up, and its getting colder.
Are you ready to live your phone fantasies? With the heaters on, I can
still walk around in my panties, sliding off my bra and dropping it to the
floor. But I leave my boots on. I like the heals, the leather rubbing my
skin behind my knee, the feel of the hose sliding under it. A cold breeze
moves thru the room and my nipples harden, waiting to be touched. Will it
be you? Call my phone sex line, I NEED you. I can do it myself, but what
fun is that? I crave a voice to talk to, trade secrets with, live out
fantasies. Its live phone dating, and you KNOW you are going to get laid!

I lay back on the bed, my hands above my head. Spread out for you. Ready
for your touch. Will it be rough? Will you hold me down, one hand on my
neck, the other on my tit. Harsh, hands tightening the pressure on me as
you push my legs apart and force yourself between them? Or will you be
gentle? Fingers lightly running down my arm, tracing the skin on my
underarm where it is so vulnerable, on your way to caress my erect nipple?

Only you can decide where this fantasy goes. I am all yours to play.
It taboo, (which sparks my curiosity) its forbidden (which makes me want
it even more). I cannot shake the thought, to be forced down, held there
helpless while being ravaged. Control is no longer mine. I have no choice,
and I don’t want it. Hands held tight above my head, roughly, nothing
gentle in this scenario. I make a noise, but its too much. So my panties
are stuffed into my mouth to silence me. My body shudders from
anticipation? Fear? Delight?

The quiver in my body shouldn’t feel so good. I should feel ashamed,,,,,
blackness in my soul, but I don’t. It is Taboo, not accepted. But I don’t
care. I am hot, turned on by my own exposure and being defenseless.
Unable to protest or deny pleasure or pain. My fear starts to crowd out
anticipation when I see the huge cock about to impale me. No foreplay,
nothing gentle. Just entering me as one thrust. Even just by Phone sex,
the very idea gets me off. Try calling one of our real phone girls, and
help me play this out.
The phone is ringing. I can see the lights before hearing the ring.
Adult phone sex is so exciting! I couldn’t have a better job if I had
tried. Earning a living while having sex on the phone is a dream come
true. Not knowing who is calling, if its for me, or if its for one of the
other phone flirts,,,,

I hope its for me,,, I want to play

One on one phone sex is more than just a job. Its my life. I get into
every call, every person, I make a connection. I ENTER that call in my
mind. Being a phone sex slave IS my fantasy. I am living a dream come
true. When that phone rings, I get wet. Just the thought of a mans voice
touching me, makes me FEEL touched. And then, it rings. That sultry
voice is ready, waiting, for me to feel and give pleasure. I can feel my
panties getting even more damp as I shut the door and give my full
attention to my love and xxx phone sex. Is it you calling me? I am
Sitting on my bed at work, its almost time to go home. After all the
calls today, I
am spent. Exhausted from all the phone sex I have shared with my callers.
I have pleasured many men today.

Phone sex has many different dynamics. Being a phone whore is my
favorite. To have
a man masturbate while I listen is the best for me. I can tell him how big
his cock
is, how good he makes me feel. Describe to him what I am wearing, and in
his mind I
am standing in front of him wearing those sexy things. Tell him how I can
his big cock in my mouth. The feel of my tongue on the tip of his dick.
My right
hand wrapped tightly around the base, my left rolling his ball sack. As I
take him
into my mouth, deeply, he sharply breathes in, imagining my mouth on him.
building up the pressure. Precum glistening on my lips. His groan tells
me he
loves my voice, my mouth on his hard cock in his mind. He starts to groan
faster, I
smile, knowing he is about to cum.
There is nothing more powerful than orgasm denial.
My first spanking session.

It hasn’t happened yet. Its coming. I can feel it. Sir told me it will
happen soon and I will deserve it. I smile as he leaves. I have been a
good girl and so far it hasn’t happened yet. He doesn’t know I have been
a bad girl FOR the spanking.

Working as a Phone girl gets me all hot and wet, I talk dirty to men, I
hear them cum on the phone. I am a phone slut, its part of me. I crave
sex constantly and luckily I get off every day. The pressure can be even
too much for a phone girl. Sometimes we just need RELEASE. Being a Sub is
MY release.

The paddle is hanging in the hall. I can see it every day. It mocks me,
lording over its power over me, yet not giving me what I need. I walk up
to it, touch it lightly with my finger. The hard wood is polished so
smooth. I am not to touch the paddle, it is not for my hand,,,, but I
cant resist. I pick it up, grip the handle tightly, and tap myself on the
thigh. The force of it startles me. But inside I feel warm, intrigued.
Wetness suddenly dampens my panties.

The door slams. Its him. He will know. I don’t even bother trying to
hide what I have done. I turn around, my panties suddenly much wetter,
and walk to the door.
I have several playmates that are my favorites. Our free play is in a
Dom/sub dynamic, and I REALLY needed to be told what to do… Our night
starts with him telling me to write “Sir” on my right hand, and that now
becomes his hand. I just bought a new Magic Wand and I am Wet with
excitement to try it out. “Sir” is now in charge…….

Sir tells me to pick up the magic wand in my left hand, give it, and all
control to my right hand (Sir). And to thank him for the pleasure he is
about to give me.

Sir then tells me to place my left index finger in my mouth, make it wet,
and run it over my nipple to my belly, down to my clit and circle it.

Sir tells me to turn on the wand, and hold it just above my mound. I can
feel the light vibration in the air, just out of reach. But he tells me
to pull away! I do as I am told, sadly.

But then Sir tells me to place the wand on me HARD. Hold it there for 3-5
seconds and pull away again. Its so hard to pull away, it feels so GOOD!
I do it, and the heat rises, I can feel the wetness trickle out of my hot
cunt, begging to be fucked.

Sir makes me BEG for him to give me release, I ask sweetly, PLEASE, make
me cum. Make me quirt all over the bed. Finally, Sir gives me what I am
begging for and tells me to hold the wand on my clit until I writhe and
soak the sheets. OMG it feels like I had to wait forever. I cum so much,
the sheets and blanket are dripping. Spent, Sir allows me to drop the wand
and breathe….. but we are not done. Its Sir’s turn,,,,,