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Tracey’s Thoughts

Just how far can I take that large cock down my throat? I know I can take
9 1/2 inches, lol, but I need someone bigger to try and break that record.
Are you bigger? Do you think you can shove it all down my throat? I
would like to try, I will be your phone whore, how horny are you?
Cold beer, sips, then sliding a big cock deep into your throat. The
sensations between cold, and hot. The cold is shocking, tantalizing, then
slowly warming back up with my chilly tongue flicking up and down the

Interested? Want to try it? I bet you cant stand the torture. Only
Phone girls know how to make you squirm using only our voice, taking your
thoughts straight to your cocks. Our girls do the best phone sex you can
ever imagine. Try me and find out.
Its cold outside, but oh so very hot inside. The holidays are over and
all you dirty boys have gift cards burning a hole in your pants pockets.
Call me and let me warm you from the inside out. I will be here for your
deepest desires. I am here for YOU.
I want to make sexy ice cubes. Ice cubes in the shape of dildo’s so when
I am all hot and bothered, I can take one and slide it inside me to cool
my hot siren down. Work myself up to a frenzy, then to take the edge off,
and shiver while I cum. The best part, it will melt, so it will be OH so
very wet.
Its so very cold outside. I am tucked into my warm bed, undressed, but in
my fuzzy soft blankets. The wind and rain outside pelting against the
window. The cold seeping thru the pane is soaking into my pillow. I can
feel it in my hair. I pull my head tighter into my blanket.

I can hear him in the kitchen. Opening the freezer. What in the world is
he doing? Its winter. Its cold. And he is playing in the freezer? What
could he possibly be doing in there this late at night?

Just then he starts walking down the hallway towards the bedroom. Maybe
he was just looking for a snack? Glass of ice water? Yes, thats it, he
has ice water in his hand. But I dont think he plans on drinking it.

As he slips into the bed, his cold fingers brush over my backside. I
shiver, and he says he has something for me. I roll over towards him and
pull the blanket back just a bit to take whatever he has for me. Just
then, the ice cube drips one single drop onto my nipple……
Nothing quite like lace, dark hose, pink nails, and black heeled boots on
a man. That’s how I like to dress my sissy boys. And parade them around
for me to look at.

I have chatted with many. I enjoy body worship, male, female, oral,,,,,
all kinds. But the best are Web cam calls. Being a phone slut can have
many different perks. And being able to watch and direct every move of my
Sissy boys is the best.

I prefer blond hair on dark skin, brown hair on light skin. I like the
contrast. Longer hair, so they have to flip it back out of their face, or
brush it back with their hands.

Black lingerie is my preference, but a little pop of color. Maybe a
ribbon in the lace. A bow on the sides of their hips. Or even better a
bow in their hair. Makeup is also a must for any date. Bright hot pink
lipstick. It MUST match their nails. MMnnn… so nice, so pretty.
Its icy outside. The cold seeps into your clothes. You pull the blankets
closer at night, to keep out the chill. But why do I keep thinking of that
ice on my skin? On my hot, smooth skin sliding into my shirt. The
contrast between the warm blankets, the steaming hot bed, and that chunk
of ice so close to my nipple, its torture.
Sissy boys. Lace. Pink. So pretty. So happy to serve. So willing to let
me dress them up and bend them over. Grab the pretty ribbon from their
hair and tie their hands up with it. Make them bend over in front of me
and grab their ankles. Snag those cute little panties and pull them down,
I have an 8″ friend I would like to introduce you to……
The cock and ball torture device is just sitting here next to me. It
looks like an egg masher. But we all know what its for. Stainless steel.
Round circle on the bottom with spikes sticking up. And the press,,,, so
shiny. The screw ominously gleaming in the light. Asking to be wound
down, to press down hard on such sensitive parts. And the padlock to keep
it in place,,,, mmmnnnn…… makes me wet thinking of putting it on you
to play. Call me, tell me what glorious toys you have, and we will Play.
Do it. Do it NOW.
CBT. That was a new one for me. I had no idea some men love to have
their cock and balls trained/tortured. I had always thought soft, sexy,
play with it. This has opened up a whole new world.

It usually starts out light. A bit of thumping. Tapping it on a hard
surface. Harder. HARDER. I want to hear it thump. I want to hear you
wince, pull in your breath. That’s it. Nice.

Now I want you to pull on it. I don’t mean softly. I mean with some pull
behind it. Its getting hard,,,, You can pull harder than that. I want it
to feel like its being pulled off. Now hold it there. For at least a
minute. Is it burning yet? Do you feel the heat building up?

Now thump it back on the table. The glass table. Its a cold hard
surface. Almost as hard as your cock is getting. I have so many plans
for you. This is just the warm up. I wont stop until you beg me to,,,
and even then maybe not.
Standing, staring, wondering. An entire closet of panties to pick from.
They are all so cute. So slutty, so hot. How do you choose?

I will wear them for you. When you call me for phone sex, I will wear
them when we talk dirty. The black ones, with lacey sides and sheer back?
You can tell me to slide them off my hips, and touch myself. The hot
pink thong? I can wear it all day and they will have my scent on them, I
can send them to you. The white cutsie ones with little red polka dots?
Daddy can spank me when I wear those…..

An entire closet full of desire. Full of fantasy. Each pair can be
anything you choose it to be. Pick one, and your Phone slut will parade
around the room. Run my fingers under the elastic,,, slide them down my
hips,,,,, Right into an envelope, just for you.

You know you want to. Choose, what wonder will it be today?
I can hear him screaming in the background. I smile. He wanted it to
hurt. He wanted me to make him smash his cock. I had him place it on the
desk, lay it out flat. The book was just there sitting right next to him.
I had him pick it up, hold it about 12 inches above it. Then I had him
tell me how much he wanted it. How much he wanted me to make him drop
that book. Then I made him wait. Told him how I might not let him. How
I may make him hold it there for 10 minutes. When he started to beg,,,

I said DROP IT. In a few minutes, he will be able to pick the phone back
up. I cant wait for him to tell me how that felt.
The panties were hung on the mantle with care,
in hopes that St. Prick, soon would be there.

The phones are all charged, the toys are lined up,
Libido is heightened, and I have booze in my cup.

Lube on the nightstand, batteries at hand,
We jump into bed, oh where WILL your dick land?

A good time will be had, for you and for me,
it takes but a call, when you do, ask for me!!!
Holiday decorations are up. Christmas trees, Wreaths, Boughs, Bows,
Garland and Tinsel. All of the naughty thoughts I have had all year that
Santa has been keeping such careful track of are now centered around how I
can incorporate all these decadent decorations into my dirty play. Ho Ho
She loved to watch him. Sitting, standing, shaving, just being there.
But what she really wanted to watch was him touching himself. It is
erotic to her. He knows exactly what he likes and she learns from
watching. The sight, smell, sounds, all of it is hot as hell,,,, and then
she touches herself…
The air is cool, sharp. I am only wearing a pair of panties, thigh high
hose, high heels, and a collar. I am tied at my wrists above my head. I
have been bad. I am being whipped today. But I smile. I hear him come
into my room,,,,,, slowly stepping behind me. I can hear the whistle as
the whip comes at my thigh.
He likes it mean. During adult phone sex, there are no limits. He likes
me to make fun of his small cock. He likes me to tell him he doesn’t like
pussy even though he is married. He cant fuck his wife without doing her
up her ass. He calls his night flirt because he can share these fantasies
with me. I will enjoy them WITH him. And enjoy being so mean to my
little pet.
Can I do it? Can I really take over? I want to be in charge, I want to
be bossy. Tell them what I want. Not what they think they want. Being a
Phone flirt I want to give them PERMISSION to touch me. Not take. I will
be forceful. They will grovel at my feet for my time. If you call my
phone sexline, will you kneel? Will you beg?
Its cold. The air blows thru my clothes like ice, but I am so warm on the
inside it doesn’t matter. My inner fire burns bright as I lightly run my
fingers over my hard nipples. Being a phone sex slave keeps me hot and
bothered 24-7. Night flirts are a different kind of girl. Every thought,
every movement is to please you, to make you feel good. To get YOU off.
I enjoy getting you off. Will you get me off too?
The holidays are here. ALL the decoration are up, and its getting colder.
Are you ready to live your phone fantasies? With the heaters on, I can
still walk around in my panties, sliding off my bra and dropping it to the
floor. But I leave my boots on. I like the heals, the leather rubbing my
skin behind my knee, the feel of the hose sliding under it. A cold breeze
moves thru the room and my nipples harden, waiting to be touched. Will it
be you? Call my phone sex line, I NEED you….
The phone is ringing. I can see the lights before hearing the ring.
Adult phone sex is so exciting! I couldn’t have a better job if I had
tried. Earning a living while having sex on the phone is a dream come
true. Not knowing who is calling, if its for me, or if its for one of the
other phone flirts,,,,

I hope its for me,,, I want to play
Today, I want to do something nice for my man. Being a phone girl is very
educational. I learn a lot at work how to please a man. Today, I will be
the good little girlfriend when he gets home from work. I may be a phone
slut during my work, but tonight, I am all his. I will be all dressed up,
ready in my cutest outfit, nails done, hair pretty, everything he likes to
see. I will meet him at the door, present myself to him, let him inspect
me from head to toe. And then shut the door.

I will let him walk me to the couch and spin me around to see everything I
have prepared for him. But then, I push him back so he sits. Slowly start
rubbing his neck, shoulders, work my way down his chest to his pants. Oh
my, what a sight! I play with the bulge starting to raise up under his
pants. As I unzip and take him in my hands he groans. My mouth is aching
to be on him. Slowly, I lower my face while I am looking UP the entire

I can see the hunger in his eyes, eagerly anticipating my tongue…….
Today, I want to do something nice for my man. I will be the good little
girlfriend when he gets home from work. I will be all dressed up, ready in
my cutest outfit, nails done, hair pretty, everything he likes to see. I
will meet him at the door, present myself to him, let him inspect me from
head to toe. And then shut the door…….
I thought I knew a lot about sex. I really believed I had experience and
have been around. After only a week of being a Phone sex girl, I have
come to realize I knew nothing! There are so many things I can learn
about. Just this week I listened to a man masturbate while I told him how
good he made me feel while I play with myself. A man wanted to hear me
cum but withheld orgasm from me for over an hour while he tortured me with
pleasure. I have heard there are so many kinks out there I cant imagine
them all. All I know is I want to be the best phone mistress I can, and
hear about every one of those kinks. Night flirts RULE!
A long day of phone sex has its good points. I am fully satisfied by all
the excellent lovers I have played with on the phone. Hearing their
orgasms, knowing my voice was what made them cum, the powerful pleasure
that brings me makes me wet for more. As I lay in bed thinking of all the
huge cocks that were stroked for me on the phone, I cant help but slip my
finger in my wet panties. I have a small cock coming over, waiting to play
The other night, I was feeling like a little playtime was in order. I
have a playmate that JUST fits the bill. I REALLY was wanting to be
touched, and he came to the rescue even over the phone. Our freeplay was
in a Dom/sub dynamic, and I REALLY needed to be told what to do… Our
night started with him telling me to write “Sir” on my right hand, and
that would now be his hand. I had just bought a new Magic Wand and was Wet
with excitement to try it out. “Sir” was now in charge…….