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My name is Trinity I am new to Your Desires. I'm excited to speak with you personally on the phone or over chat on Trillian so I may get to know you MUCH BETTER!

Dominating: you WILL submit to me; I am your Queen! your Princess! your Mistress! Your Goddess! your Everything!!! you will honor me by licking and kissing and worshiping every fucking inch of my perfect body. Your tongue will be my washcloth; you will be a very good boy and you will make sure all the cum from my partners has been licked clean after they fuck me. How do you wish to be punished? I love to dole out the punishments... or are you a brat? Do you crave funishment? I will make you beg for both!

Submission: Will You be my Daddy, my Sir, my Master? I desire to submit to Your demands and desires. May I suck Your big cock? Please? Will You make me beg to be allowed to cum for You? I can't help but want to be Your play-toy. I want to suck Your cock till You cum in my mouth and I can saver each sweet drop as it slides down my throat. Speaking of my throat, will You face fuck me and shove that big hard cock down my tight pussy throat? Will you make me gasp for air? I will look up at You with tears in my eyes as You have Your way with me. Please make me submit to Your demands! I want to see how much I can take from You!

Gangbangs: I like to be used and abused and nothing gets my wetness dripping down my legs than taking on several men. I want to be your fuck slut. I will take on as many men as I possibly can. Bring all your buddies from work, tell them what a slut and whore you have at home and how much she wants to suck all their hard cocks while they watch each other take me and use me for their pleasure, leaving me covered in cum, sweat and laying wasted afterward. Tell them I don't even need to know their names, it doesn't matter, all I need to know is that they are going to fuck and use me until they are satisfied. Will you video it too? I want you to play it back and remember what a filthy slut you have waiting for you at home. I love to take on everyone, wait until the UPS man makes his next "special" delivery!!!

Anal: My big white ass is craving your cock. I want you to fuck me hard and long. I want to beg for more, please fuck my ass, please stretch it out beyond its capacity, make me beg for you to cum so I can feel all the hot cumload filling my hole! You know you want to shove it in there and fuck me in my tight asshole then watch as the cum drips out. I bet you want to see it gape. Is that what you want? Come tell me...

Edging: I have some fun games to play with you. Some of my favorites are: Stop and Go!, Red Light, Green Light! And The Card Game! I want to play with you, I want to see how hard you can get for me, do you feel like you might be cumming? No! No! No! Not yet you don't! I am not done playing with you. I am going to make that cock beg to cum. I am going to bring you to the edge, make you beg, then pull away... not yet my pet... you will cum when I allow you to... so let's get you close again... uh... not yet... how about now? Nope!.... LOL! I will tease you; you will beg me, I will tease you, you MAY get to cum...

CBT: I want to take My cock and abuse and use it to MY amusement! I will tie it up and play some twisted games with it, you will surrender control to Me. I will take My cock and abuse and use it to MY amusement! I love to see how much it can take? How hard can those balls be pulled before you begin to scream like a fucking little girl? Had enough yet? Oh no no no... and don't even think you are going to get to orgasm...

Pegging: Come here and start by licking my hard cock. I want your mouth to feel just how big and brutal it is. Can you take it? How much of an anal slut are you? Will you be MY anal whore? Can you take all of me? Let's see... First, though I want you on all fours, that's it, shoulders to the bed, ass up in the air, just waiting to be penetrated. Now be a good little anal slut for me and spread those ass cheeks open for my big cock! I will push you farther than you've ever been before, I will stretch that tight little pussy hole. I will make you beg me to stop... but I won't! Come here and be a good fuck slut... you know you want it... but can you take it?

Bondage: I will take my rope and wrap it around your helpless little body until you writhe and beg to be let loose... but not yet my dear... first I have needs to be fulfilled... I need to immobilize you, objectify you, humiliate you... I will tie you to the bed (or other amusing furniture), making sure each wrist and ankle is tied securely with my intricate knots. My rope will hold you snugly, tightly, lovingly, as I wrap it around and around your limbs. Then I will begin to tease, to torment, to make you feel like the helpless creature you are, submitting to my joy and amusement. I want to see you encased in my ropes, begging for mercy... will I let you cum? Maybe... and maybe not. If you are a very naughty boy I will have to get out my chains...

Cock Worship: I want to take your cock and adore it. I want to gaze upon its beauty, such a perfect cock and I have it nestled in my hands, I feel its warmth, it's hugeness, it's heat... May I lick it? May I run my lips up and down the shaft so I can feel all the nuances of the flesh across my mouth. I want to lick it, feel it on my tongue... I want to lick your balls, suck them into my mouth and swirl my tongue around each one in turn. Filling my mouth with your hard cock makes my pussy drip with wetness and throb, thinking how much I want to have you fill me with that massiveness... will you please let me? May I suck on you till you cum all over my face? My breasts? My body? Where do you want it? My only desire is to worship that perfect cock!

Biting: I start with nibbles, soft, unassuming, gentle, then wait... ouch! Did you like that? Do you want it a little harder? Where should I bite? Your arms, your legs, your back, your ass, your cock... I will make you jump, squirm, yelp, yell stop... but stop isn't a safe word is it? No, it's not! Let's hear you... you are my little squeak toy and I want to hear what sounds come out of you!

Spanking: I love a good bare-handed over-the-knee spanking. Whether giving or receiving I am your girl. How do you like it? Perhaps you want to be on all fours begging for me to stop... I can and will make you do that! Or perhaps you want to be paddled? Cropped? Given the belt? What's your flavor? Come tell me what you did wrong... because I know you need discipline!

Age Play: I can be your mommy or I can be your little girl... I love to age play. I also LOVE to play with very young men. The younger you are the more turned on I get! I just love the thought of a collage-aged man letting me unbuckle his pants, then unzip them so I can slide my hand down to grab ahold of that big hard cock. You know how much you want your mommy to show you how a real woman wants it! Or I can be your little girl daddy. I love to wear fuzzy pink slippers and a baby doll nighty; I want to cuddle up in your lap while you tell me what you want me to do. I want to look up into your eyes adoringly and so you how much I love you. Will you read me a bedtime story before tucking me in?

Want to get a taste of my sweet nectar? Ask me how to get a pair of my delicious used panties!

You can get a pair of my panties then you can sniff them or use them to jack off with!

Do you like what you see? Have you also enjoyed what you have read? You can reach me by calling 360-412-8211. Or you can email me at []. Give me a call so we can start talking and get to know each other. We can chat online on Trillian - TeasingTrinity. I will be waiting.