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Hey Sexy,

Welcome to my page, my name is Valerie, and I would like to be your newest desire. The best things to know about me are that I am not shy, I love sex, and I don't judge. I like what I like and I am not afraid to ask for it both in the bedroom, and in my everyday life. I'm also a bit of an adventurer and will try almost anything once. Tell me what you like, maybe I'll like it too.

In case you need a little guidance here is a how to about my likes, because there is nothing sexier than someone who knows what they're doing ;).

I'll wear any type of lingerie you like; it's the bow and I'm your present but don't be too quick to tear it off, I've always been known to like a little teasing. I will take you all the way to insanity, but don't worry baby, I always finish what I start. When you're fucking me sometimes I like it hard, soft, fast, slow, doggy, missionary, cowgirl, reversed, 69, any karma sutra position, or a combination of the afore mentioned. I love a thick, hard, throbbing, cock in my mouth and I always swallow ;) so when you feel the back of my throat don't be afraid to let lose. Because once you've cum I will ride your face with this wet pussy; you know I always taste like candy. And in case you want me to play with a friend, I feel like you should know that pussy is my favorite meal of the day, this tongue's got skills.

Look, I don't want you to get confused, I'm not always a good girl, sometimes I like you to talk dirty to me, tell me what you're going to do to me, describe it in details, get my panties wet baby. Remind me how bad of a girl I can really be, who's your little whore? Get me off by pulling my hair and spanking me while you're behind me. Bite my neck, nipples, or lips while you're on top of me. And remember to choke me while you come in/on my mouth, pussy, tits, face, ass, and/or tummy.

Sex is my favorite. I love having it, watching it, discussing it, writing about it, filming it,-- the list goes on. I am without a doubt a freak; in the sheets, in the streets, in the restaurant bathroom, and in the back of your Chevy, but not your Ford. What Can I say? I've got standards ;) haha. All types is the kind of sex I like to have. Want to bend me over, pull my hair, and smack my ass? I'm down. Want to pick me up and fuck me in mid- air? Sounds like a good time. You want me to get on top of you and ride you until the bed frame breaks? You fucking got it. Want to flip me over and eat my pussy while I suck you off 69 style? How did you know that was my favorite! Want to eat my ass like the pretty pink cupcake that it looks like? Be my guest, but make sure you finger me while doing it.

Pleasing is my favorite hobby. There is nothing sexier than getting you to climax by fucking, sucking, or rubbing you. I'd love to lick my way from your neck down to your chest, biting gently on your nipples and licking my way down to your engorged dick. Then slowly tracing my tongue from the base of your shaft to the tip of your... Well, call me for a little more detail. I sincerely want to make your every desire come true to the best of my ability. Tell me what you like, how you like it and how bad you want this pussy. Trust me once you start phone fucking me you won't be able to stop. My moans are as addictive as my clit, that's a promise. Once you decide that you're ready to thrust your erect, swollen, dick into my tight, dripping, snatch, you better be ready to smack my ass as hard as you can. I tend to be very dominant, but I also like to be put in my place every once in a while. I can't wait for you to tell me how good this pussy is by grabbing it, pulling it toward you, and smacking it. I want to hear how bad you need to be inside me. I want you pounding me; I want to feel how bad you crave me. Don't worry, once I'm in my place I'll pull you deep inside me making sure my cunt squeezes your cock, as a little reminder of who's really in charge.

I can't wait to tell you all the ways I can get you off with these hips. I'm dying to soil my sheets because of how hard you make me cum. I want to role play with you. I want you to ruin my sexiest skirt because you couldn't help but bend me over in that elevator, after that important business dinner, and you exploded as soon as I put you in. You be my strong sexy, fireman and I'll be the frantic yet sexy little minx who you rescued from a burning building wearing nothing but an oven mitt. You like pain? Baby I will be your master of sadism. I will tie you up, gag you and whip you like the naughty little boy that you've been. I will be your mistress of seduction.

Don't forget to dress me up before you strip me down. I have always been the type of woman who will put on a show for you. There is nothing I love more than the excitement of preparing myself. When I put on lingerie, my favorite part is having you rip it off. From the tip of my stockings to the hook on my sexy, see through, black bustier. I love it when you call me to tell me you're on your way home because I know I get to play dress up. Anywhere from silk, to lace and even leather, my closet is packed with sexy outfits. You've had a rough day? Don't worry baby, I'll pull out my nurse's outfit and take care of you. You want to teach me a lesson? I can be your sweet and dirty little school girl. Oh, you've been bad? You bet your ass I'm getting out my whip and hand cuffs, after all you have the right to remain silent while this lady cop strip searches you. Whatever your wish, my closet is on command and when I'm done cumming in my panties, ask me how you can keep them. I'm your Barbie girl, dress me up before you play with me.

Although I love men, I would never discriminate against a lady... or two. The only thing sexier than a thick, throbbing cock is a dripping wet, juicy, pussy. There is just something delicious about shoving my long tongue deep into your warm cunt while playing with your nipples and making you squirm. Oh and the moaning, well that's just a plus. I'll make you cum so hard your neighbors will call the cops. I love exploring a woman's body, tracing every curve with my fingers, and my tongue. Tasting those sweet, juicy lips while sliding my hands into fun filled places. I love experimenting with toys, strap-ons, vibrators, beads, you name it. Whatever gets you off, gets me wet. When I grab my woman's ass and declare it mine the feeling is the sexiest, most dominant, cum inducing sensation ever. The way I'll suck on your titties will make you soak your sheets. So baby girl, for a good time call me ;) I'll treat you right.

I wish to explore your mind. I want to uncover your deepest fantasies and help you make them come true. Share with me your wildest dreams and I'll do my best to make them a reality. I want to help you discover your sexuality and unleash your inner freak. I want to hear you moan while you're on the brink of climax, I want to tease you until you can't bare it any longer. I want to hear every dirty thing that goes through your mind while I touch myself for you. I want you to tell me all the things you want to do to me, with me, for me. I can't wait to hear from you, call or email me at (360) 709-0100 or You can also find me on Trillian as ValerieVixen.

My cum drenched panties could be yours for no more than the cost of a few latte's, but the enjoyment of owning them will give you so much more pleasure.

Only yours, <3 Valerie