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Age: 21
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Likes: being submissive, rough sex, role plays, story telling, sex adventures, girl on girl, threesomes.
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Hey you, this is Vanessa from YourDesires, and I want to play with you!
But first let me tell you what I like.....

Don't worry, I'll keep it short and sweet...

I like to be told what to do, I want you to pull my hair, choke me,
scratch me, suck on my pretty pink nipples... bite me, kiss me, caress me,
make me scream, make me choke...

I want to role play, be an actress in your sheets... be your dirty little

Yours and only yours, your greatest desire, I want you to tell me how YOU
like it, while I go on to fulfill all your wants and needs. Be all of your
exotic and craziest fantasies. We can talk about whatever you'd like, get
to know each other, or we can get straight to the business ... Fuck and
never talk again, either one is fine by me. I'm a business woman away from
my screen, a lady in the streets and well, a freak in the sheets...

Although I can give orders and be the boss I also like to expand my
knowledge and learn new tricks so maybe you can teach me something. ;)
We'll see....

We can take an adventure together... Your office desk, the bathroom
counter, the shower, the floor, Utopia.... We can reach ecstasy and do it
together... I can encourage you, be your motivation... TELL you how to
stroke your perfect penis, show you how to play with my freshly shaved,
freshly showered, naughty little pussy.. But if you want to know more
about that you gotta call me now don't you?

I'm pretty new to this but I am eager to talk, so please, call me and let
me be your slave...

Yours Truly,

P.S You can reach me on both AOL and Yahoo messenger at LilVixenVanessa, or write to me at: