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Vanessa’s Thoughts

Getting wet at the lake.

The weather has been absolutely wonderful lately which has me wearing the
least amount of clothes possible.

Yesterday I got a chance to go for a swim at the lake. I got out of my car
wearing a black polka dot bathing suit top and a pair of white short
shorts, I walked across the dock and jumped into the deep end. Feeling the
cold water refresh my hot body was incredible and when I came up for air
the blazing sun hit my wet body. I lifted myself onto the dock with my
nipples piercing through my top and saw there were only four other people
in the whole park, as it was pretty early in the day. Looking around, I
noticed how incredibly calm everything was and suddenly I became
incredibly aroused… I walked onto the grass near the lake and I laid
down My towel. The nearest person to me seemed to be occupied by a grill
and everyone else was far off in the distance.

Slowly I removed my shorts revealing the bottom half of my suit. I looked
around cautiously but there still seemed to be no one new in sight. I
could feel my nipples getting harder under my bikini and my pussy
dripping with desire. I lower myself onto my towel and lay down with the
sun in my face. I slowly trace my right hand from my neck, to my breast
and down into my bottoms. I slide my left hand over my left breast and
slowly I begin massaging it and gently pinching my nipple. I let my
fingers part my lips and slowly slip one into my soaked pussy. I massage
myself slowly twirling my finger inside and taking it out only to rub it
on my clit. I start to do it faster and before I know it, my face is hot,
my breath has grown short, and a slight moan escapes my mouth. I’m
trembling with satisfaction, and I’m left there laying on a towel, in the
grass, feeling the heat on my sun kissed skin…