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Age: 25
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Likes: GENUINE POWER EXCHANGE, training BDSM virgins & veterans alike, cerebral conversation with intelligent minds, Female Supremacy, GoddASS Worship, forced bi, punishing you for having a cock, erotic hypnosis, strap-on training, sissy sluts, extreme pain pigs, Golden & Ruby nectar training, anything that ties & binds, medical play, getting My fat Spanish ass ridden while you pull on the reins (My gorgeous long hair), spiritual sadomasochism, & your deepest, darkest, TABOO fantasies!
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Turn-Ons as a Domme: anal/slut training (prostate stimulation, gaping/stretching, strap-on, etc.) ~ BEND OVER BOYFRIEND!; BONDAGE ~ rope, leather, latex, duct tape, plastic wrap, zip-ties... anything that ties & binds!; wearing lateXXX // heavy rubber; having My stiletto heel sucked like a cock; strap-on fucking my subordinate boy toys & my sexy slave girls; having my feet, legs, pussy, tits, & GORGEOUS ASS worshiped; strict slave protocol; complete slave reprogramming/ongoing training; chastity & keyholding; tease & denial (aka cum control) ~ forced orgasms/orgasm denial/orgasm overload; face-sitting & smothering ~ ASSphyxiation!; making you swallow the fruits of your labor (...your CUM!); extreme breath play; gags, blindfolds & total sensory deprivation; FORCED BI/slave-on-slave scenes (everyone's a little gay!); spiritual, ritual, & cathartic BDSM ~ ; scapegoat ~ discipline & servitude as a means of repentance for the collective sins of the male species; HUMILIATRIX ~ I will debase, dehumanize, & verbally abuse you for your small penis, pathetic job, subpar wealth or status, mediocre looks, or anything else that you know makes you a worthless piece of shit no woman would ever fuck; FitDom & other goal-oriented training ~ I will whip you into shape! strict meal/exercise plans (or goal-setting/achieving plans), harsh punishment, and rewards for significant, proven progress; cock & ball torture (I LOVE inflicting any form of genital pain imaginable--including ballbusting); INTERROGATION (I can coquettishly seduce it out of you or use brutal, military-style techniques to get you to spill your secrets!); treating men like the dogs they are ~ collar & leash around your neck AND your cock; erotic hypnosis & trance (I am learning this skill from a top HypnoDomme!); Female Supremacy & the complete reversal of 'accepted' gender roles; tickle torture with my long nails; electrotorture; piercing, cutting, & other bloodsports; Naughty Nurse ~ from light exams (anal speculum, enemas) to heavy medical (urethral sounds, catheters) to extreme, twisted surgical fantasies (castration of male cattle, sex changes, etc.); Role-playing ~ Dommy Mommy/insolent child, Sexy & Sadistic Boss/insubordinate employee, FemDom Dictator/lowly male peasant, Sister Venus/horny altar boy, Hot Neighbor/panty-sniffing pervert or cross-dressing burglar who's been CAUGHT!

Turn-Ons as a bratty sub: rimming while stroking ("playing the trombone"); being bound, gagged, & fucked; consensual nonconsent ("rape" scenes), wearing restrictive clothing for masochism & beauty (corsets, hobble skirts, posture collars, ballet boots); being forced to cum over and over til it hurts; authentically begging for mercy; exhibitionism; being pierced & cut; being Eiffel Towered (double-teamed!); having my long hair pulled; being spanked over your knee; having my panties & stockings ripped to access the goods; getting my ass beat til it's red & hot or black and blue with raised welts and train-track bruise patterns that last a week or more (whips, paddles, switches & canes); nipple torture; being led around on a leash & shown off!

Vanilla Interests: eating pussy (My girlfriends' - my Domina's - your wife's); slowly taking every inch of you down my throat; big, trashy, HICKIES!! (giving & receiving); being ridden (fucked from behind); showing you how flexible I am // demonstrating how My daily yoga practice is paying off; being rewarded for giving great head with facials & pearl necklaces; swallowing your seed; having my big ass grabbed & small tits played with; sex in public places (the riskier, the better!)

My dark, sun-streaked hair cascades over My gorgeous Spanish ass as you enter Me from behind... You can pull it and ride me into the night, listening to my soft moans turn into screams and shudders of both pain and pleasure. As an inherently sexual creature, I am keenly aware of the similarities between a burning, red-hot ass after a spanking from Daddy and an intense orgasm given to Me by one of My many different lovers. I am a natural Dominant though, so don't be surprised if you find yourself helplessly bent over MY knee, instead!

I am Venus--indeed, I am the epitome of the Roman Goddess after whom I am named. Love, beauty, sex, carnal desire, and even victory are abstractions that are associated with My namesake, and I embody these coveted arenas with strength and grace. I am generous and unabashed with My sensuality; at the same time, I know what I am worth--I don't settle for anything less. While you don't have to be submissive to experience Me, only respectful, articulate suitors who treat Me like the Goddess that I am need apply.

Like I said, I know that pleasure and pain aren't really all that different- with that in mind, I'm looking for lovers ranging from the discerning Dominant Gentleman to the adoring slave boy to fulfill all of My wanton desires. I am a capricious young Woman who knows what She wants; even if that looks like something totally different depending on the individual I'm getting hot with! I do not discriminate based on looks, gender identity, race, weight, age, class, or status--in fact, I am more turned on by those who go against the status quo. But even those who fit into that "normal" mold have a dark side... Maybe you've been yearning to share it with Me? ;)

I am a wildly imaginative, scintillatingly intelligent, and captivatingly self-aware dark Spanish beauty. I have an academic background in philosophy and 20th century literature, which have intensified my erotic consciousness--spending so many years studying the nature of mankind and the beautiful, often scandalous words with which it has expressed itself over the last century has given Me a unique repertoire of creative tools with which to engage My lover's sexuality from afar. Of course, spending all that time with My nose in books has turned me into a horny little harlot, as well!

I am not into mindless fucking--but I'm definitely into being fucked right until My mind turns to mush! I am not shy, and I won't hesitate to articulate exactly how I would please and/or punish you using My deviant and creative mind... or spelling out what I want done to Me, to the letter. On the other hand, if you'd prefer a good listener, I would love to let you hear Me writhe, sigh, and moan as I touch My engorged, dripping pussy--or hear My reactions to whatever it is you instruct Me to do, Master. ;) Speaking of the mind -- I adore using my natural beauty, sharpened wit, cultivated intellect, and honed Feminine intuition to psychologically manipulate you through a compelling seduction. You will not be able to resist succumbing to My allure; in fact, you likely won't even realize you are falling into My spell until long after you've been enchanted, completely intoxicated by the timbre and cadence of my voice alone.

I am a studious scholar and library-dweller by day; latex-catsuit-clad Dominatrix and unapologetic sex kitten by night. No matter where I am, though, I am an insatiable erotic angel, chances are, you have something to offer that will end in soaked bed sheets ! (I am a squirter, after all.)

Cum experience me, Venus in Velvet...

Do you find yourself enraptured by Me yet? I've violated your mind, but do you long to have Me closer--so close you can smell, even taste My Divine, exotic pussy, or even My perfect, petite feet? Go ahead--indulge in your addiction & own a little piece of Me by purchasing a pair of My worn panties, nylon stockings, or a pair of aromatic (stinky) socks! My undergarments come in a variety of colours and styles: g-strings, lacy full-back panties, or even boys' boxer-briefs can be "marinated" in My juices for up to a week; for the serious foot fetishist, I can send you My knee-high wool socks after a weekend stuffed in My snowboarding boots, or I'll wear some short Adidas socks to the gym one too many times for your pleasure. I routinely ruin My delicate genuine fully-fashioned "Havana" stockings by Cervin Paris (complete with keyhole and reinforced heel/toe)... What a shame it is to throw away a $50 pair of stockings nearly every month! An adoring slave or stocking/foot fetishist should be holding them dear. Prices vary based on the item and desired "marination" time... Inquire within! **Inquire about the sale of any other items not listed here. If I can impress My essence upon an object, I can create a custom keepsake just for you!**

If I'm not taking calls, you can still email me for my schedule or instant message Me! Venus.In.Velvet on AOL Instant Messenger & Trillian

Or, keep up with My life of hedonism via Twitter: @Venus.In.Velvet

Yours, Venus~