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I'm Victoria
I believe that you've already gathered that much
I'll move on to describe the ways I will touch

Viciously sharp,
or frail
What's on your mind?
Honey, what makes you ail?
Want a caring heart?
Do you need a fresh start?
Want to splendor in pressing my legs apart?
Or coax me into allow you to hear me fart?

That's cute, she can rhyme. But how well does she suck?
Well If you love a deep-throat, then you're just in luck!

I take cock like a champ
I'll get down on my knees
You can fuck my mouth freely
however you please

Do share your role-plays,
however unique!
The sound of your voice
Equips me to speak
in ways that so channel
my gross inner freak

Go ahead and be crude
Make me feel lewd
If I bend over,
Can you spank me?
For acting too prude?

But listen here, I'm also a switch
Can you take a crop on your rock-solid dick?
Don't let me hear you moan or bitch
If I whip you and laugh
as your raw ass cheeks twitch

Should I sentence your hard on to life in a cage?
Or better yet strip you naked
and force you onstage?

Pleasure increases while your pain worsens,
I'll give you the torture you crave to immerse in

I'm a lion
I'm a lamb
Some one said that
"I'm a ham"

I'd love to be your nasty little rump roast