Victoria’s Fantasies

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Victoria’s Fantasies

~You can dance! You can dance!…everybody jizz in your pants!~

This Fantasy was inspired by a call. I was instructed to watch a XXX
video. HOT.

The scenario: Here was a man stripping and dancing for a room full of
women. There
was music, though I don’t even remember what it sounded like.
For a “stage” he had a tiny square platform (like a 4’x4’ square cube)
with a pole
that extended all the way up to the cieling. He’d grind on it, and then
swing on it a little bit,
like a sexy orangutan. He swayed his smoldering loins, getting his
audience feeling playful and riled up.
He was getting erect! No surprise, He was 100% flirtatious and those
ladies went WILD for his enthusiasm. I especially remember his punchy
gestures. When he bumped his hips back and forth, his cock accentuated
the moves with twitches and flicks. I was getting insanely hot and
bothered too!

As his beautiful dancing dick grew hard, adoring ladies were dying to tip
him. (Or do something with the tip, right…?? winkwink).. They wanted to
show their gratitude. Good girls, good audience!
The striptease progressed and the girls were unabashedly diddling him. I
thought it’d be kinda fun to see them start fighting each
other for a chance to swallow his cock and get him to orgasm. At a moment
he even looked like the pleasure was making him weak in the
knees! (Having the pole to hang on to was probably a safety protocol) I
bet he was trying to play it cool,
but was almost on edge. God, what if that had been ME getting my pussy
eaten while
I’m up there dancing? What a fucking turn on to see everyone clapping and
excited. Celebrating the naked dancing man.

What I loved so much about that video is that the strip-tease turned into
an all-out cock sucking fest! I’d never seen that before, believe it or

So that’s how the fantasy began.
It was hard to sleep that night. Had to explore what a turn-on this
was for me. I
even stripped for myself in the mirror. I tried different outfits and
music. From
“errand-running” attire (pretty but casual..) to lingerie to theatrical
costumes. I posed with my hips and shoulders in these outlandish
positions.. I thought of being sultry and sexy, approaching you and
feeling the arousal and lust intensify for us both. With each piece of
garment that falls to the floor, I’m exposing my flesh and enticing you
at you sometimes. But not all the time. Unless….

What would you want?
How many people are in the room? Who are they? What are they there for? Or
is it just us? Is there any music? Does the dance end when the
song ends? Once I am completely naked, is it over?
Could it be that my dance is just initiating something else? Please?

watching the video of this man doing his beautiful thing, undulating all
over the
place, I’m jealous! I can’t stop wondering what it’d be like! I want to
know I’m turning you on with my moves. I’d die to have you describe how my
gyrating body could make your cock throb..
Guide me
into your favorite rhythms and the shapes you love.
This may be a weird question but probably not considering
The wild and sizzling terrain of xxx phone sex..


If your dick had it’s own
personal dancer, what would that dancer do?
When I’m in the zone, there’s little I wouldn’t do…
I’d get so furiously hot to see you watching me dance.

Speaking of,

There’s more to my fantasy than me dancing for you.
Let’s switch this.
During our call I want you to send me a webcam invitation.

Have you wondered what your classic striptease would look like? What would
persona be as a dancer, hmm? Be free! Get wild and inventive, you sexy
Let your hips compel you!
You may think you don’t know how to dance
But Baby I KNOW you can please me, I KNOW I’ll love watching you move your
Anything you like…
Even tapping your toe on the floor will turn me on, as long as you are
into it!
If you aren’t sure,
I’ll help you make something up! It’s easy.
on the other hand….
Maybe you’re already theatrically inclined and you just LOOOOOVE dancing

You’ve been waiting to put on a show for your sexy YD girl
Cum and let me see
EXXXactly what you mean
Going out-of-the-box is a good way to get into my box.
What do you think?