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Victoria’s Thoughts

Lungs of a snake pit.

“I read what you wrote on your webpage. You said you were a talented whore. You think you’re talented?” I’m silently trembling as you ask me this. I’m thinking:I technically didn’t say that. I said I was in the “talented tartlet” awards. But I say nothing. I’m not that dumb, I know better than to correct you. “Answer me. Do you think you’re talented?” Who ARE you? Maybe no one is meant to know except you. If your breath were a mammal, it’d be a predatory one. A drifting serpent that makes little noise and leaves the ground beneath undisturbed, traveling as if floating, approaching it’s meal. Your breath and the sound of your voice is a soothing hypnotic experience. It’s eerie in that it is comforting while void of warmth. Your temper strikes in the blink of an eye and you are chillingly serene. The way you deliver your words is like the way a snake squeezes a strong and certain death to the one it bit. Twitching in the tightening coils. Scales and all that shit. I can’t make sense of this, can you? If you are in here reading my webpage, you know this is about you. You know who you are. You’ll kick my ass on a call, to punish me. I think you’re flattered and if I suggest that your softened by the flattery, you’ll cringe and vow to rip me a new one. And how to reply? One option is that I’d say “yes,I am talented.” But then I’ll be in for it. You’d go crazy with belittling me. Hissing profanities till smoke comes out of your nose.Or until I’ve learned my lesson that it is critical to extinguish my inner fire and purge every last conceptual morsel self-esteem.
Alternatively, I can reply: “No. I am not.” That is what I’m supposed to say. And then you’d go to town and chew me out. You’re always mean. It’s too explicit to describe. “Abusive” is kind of an understatement. You know it. I’m crying convulsively and I hear the “click” of the call being ended on your side. You didn’t say goodbye. Simple, Clean, abrupt, and rude as always. you like me, don’t you? Why else would you read this?

I’m going to share thoughts that I’ve been keeping to myself. Yesterday Miss Bryanne prodded me with encouragement. “Why not write, Victoria?” Because I’m too busy clutching my intellectual property like a disease that won’t go away. Fermenting my thoughts waiting to see if they’re edible. Maybe I’m a greed-mongering phone slut with hidden issues. oh I’m a hoarding whore. what novelty! Take a moment(please) to say “hoarding whore” but repeat the word “whore” for infinity. Until you run out of breath, that is.Say it in a funny voice. there you go, you bashful piece of slime.* If you’re doing this correctly, you should feel similar to a cartoon character. Welcome, and ask me any questions that you have. This posting showcases my ability to digress. I scored a bronze medal dildo award for 3rd place in the 2019 Talented Tartlet Award show that I just made up. Digression was my act. The show had a good turn-out. I’m surprised. In a way. some of you readers at this point are wishing this post were to magically go POOOF! and turn into something tangible to feverishly stuff your cock inside of in the same manner you like to treat your sex doll’s mouth. With an urgency that is wild and strange, instinctively brutal. “”Reading your entire post was like having my eyeballs pissed on!You KNEW that would happen you bitch!” That’s along the lines of what you’d bellow as you drill the perfect silicone gums. Again, I digressed. See, this is what happens when thought-hoarding continues unchecked. I’m letting you into my brain, it’d love to have visitors. Go ahead, rub your dick all over the interior walls and sign your name in cum while you leave a note in my constructive-comment box. See if there’s one near the pineal gland. There should be. If there’s not, I will get around to it. Y’know, the holidays n whatnot. Also, if you think of it, you might want to take a written-thought as a souvenir to put up inside your panty drawer for some post supper cock-ensconcing . HmMM?? Yours for the taking.
Wrapping it up now,
Thanks for jerking off.
Cheerfully, stirringly, nonsensically yours,
SINCERELY, Miss Victoria

~ Sleepytime-me-up Poems & Adult Talk for relaxation ~

Couch Commander

When you go to bed
then it is time
Territorially speaking,
the couch becomes mine
When the couch becomes mine
thoughts in my head
inevitably incline
me to have my legs spread
Even better if naked
The best way to recline
Cuz unless I’m mistaken
This here couch is mine.

Dick Squad Commander

Many a cock has been pledged to me
Though still, many seems like too few
So I toss and I turn
Through the night my thoughts churn
If the dicks were to leave
Could I beg one from you?

Head of the dicks, the cock in my dreams
Tells me to vanquish my fear
“The dick squad is here,
Do I make myself clear?
Don’t get too selfish. Let go of your schemes”

What a ding-a-ling

For those of us who write…
Ever have handwriting bloopers?
Like just a second ago I was composing a list of the names of girls who
are working here with me here tonight.
(So I remember who to list/not to list when a caller asks who is available
to play)
Writing down Willow’s name, I got a little hasty with the pen on that last
“w” and the shape of my letter turned out looking like a choad.
Or chode.

(Has the jury come to a decision on the proper spelling?)

Anyway, it was cute. But slow down and do a gooder job writing, write? I
mean, RIGHT?

“that victoria, she’s quite the little slut isn’t she?” *chuckles*

OH, STOP!!! I’m just playing!

I was about to leave to go back to my room.
I think I was just loitering in the doorway of Miss Madison’s
headquarters, thinking of whether or not I could quickly come up with
something funny to say or do.
You know, just for laughs.

(By the way, your cock likes laughter. Its good for the circulation. No
matter how much of a callous, numb, sourpuss personality you think you
have. The cock wants to laugh. …Right?)

My Phone Rang. I love when that happens. It’s also the most welcome and
called-for way of curbing my tendency to make shenanigans..
I began to head back to my room. I answered the call as I sauntered down
the hall away from the Miss Madison.

“Your Desires, this is Victoria”

I must’ve been far enough down the hall as to where there was enough
distance to soften or mute the sound of my voice. My enunciation must’ve
seemed distorted. Madison later told me that she heard:

“Your Desires, this is Vagina.”

I assured her that I didn’t answer the phone that way. We had a good
chuckle over the fact that I had sounded like I had introduced myself as

I wouldn’t do that.
What if…. WHAT. IF.
Masturbation Station:

We have to get creative sometimes, don’t we? ;-)
I was listening to the comedian Pete Johansson performing a skit where he
talks about his earliest experiences of masturbating. Though his family
was morally conservative, he managed to obtain visual material to stroke
himself to. It was rather easy perhaps. His mother, an artist, had a book
collection of fine art by some renowned painters.
These books contained LOTS of NUDES.
Clutching the books, he’d scamper up to his room to “study the masters”
while his mom was delighted that her boy was such a passionate art
Did you ever have to covertly masturbate? (some still do. sometimes
it’s fun that way.)
Did you use material for purposes other than it’s intended function?
VictoriA’s VictuaLs
“Well cum on down and eat me!”

Tonight’s special is the panty-parfait ~

We’ll be serving a daring white thong. String-bikini style. With a
rhinestone-encrusted bead-like attachment on each side of the “front
triangle”,(you know, the part you would see if you’re standing directly in
front of me, facing my crotch. It’s shaped like a triangle, wouldn’t you
agree?) These beads attach the main fabric to the strings that run an
arced line across my hips. They meet in the back where a little white
triangle points down, sweeping the viewer’s gaze right into my ass crack.
Served on a bed of rose petals, drizzled with a dressing of your
Do – it – Yourself
2nd hand crotch-less panties

I had an old hand-me-down sweater. It didn’t fit quite right. Too tight.
(How can a sweater be too tight? I’ll tell you. Later.) And it was a bit
short, but not short enough to be a belly-shirt. I figured what the hell
and snipped a good 5 inches off the bottom, resulting in a spare ring of
fabric, y’see? Because I cut a clean horizontal line across the belly of
So I had my belly-sweater, and then I pondered ways to make use of the
spare fabric that I cut off.

Crotch-less panties came to mind. That WOULD cum to my mind…Plus I’ve
never had a pair. So I experimented.

God it’d be easier if I could draw it out for you. I need to think of how
to explain it.
It’s not rocket science. You can do it. If not let me know. Just cut
through the ring of fabric so its now one long STRIP of fabric. Disconnect
the circle.
(say, you can also do this with a scarf!..)

Let me know if you have trouble. I’ll post the rest a bit later. ;-)
Crotch-less panties
Part II
How are the crotch-less panties cumming along?

I’ll inform you, I haphazardly constructed mine from a shred of
sweater-material. It was such a spur of the moment impulse, I didn’t even
take my size or measurements into account when I made them. I bit baggy,
they look ridiculous and confused. The ugly fuckling of crotch-less
panties. The one that sits on the sidelines and watches the other couples
take to the floor.
This pair of crotch-less panties feels too awkward to dance in.

OH but the fabric is so soft and cozy. I love that my pussy itself is
completely exposed and unprotected. I feel the air flow against my
delicate cunt while the rest of my booty is warm and covered. The
sensation is such a turn-on that I get wet within seconds just by wearing
this gentle muff-manacle.
I’ll get a nice pair someday, now that I know how much I like them..
Have you made yours yet? I’m aware that I haven’t posted the complete
step-by-step breakdown of all of my instructions, so if you’re having any
difficulty figuring out how to make them, cum give me a shout. Or maybe
you have newly inspired ideas to freshen me up with!
In any case, EnJOY!!
Erotic October

I love the month of October. The fucking is much more appreciated. Its a
way of warding off the winter blues..

Even if you live in a sweltering desert where it feels like Summer weather
24/7…being in bed with me, my legs closing you in…it feels so
soothing, doesn’t it?

Don’t get too cozy. I want it to feel eerie and electric. October is its
own monster. We’ll melt together soon enough when the weather is
depressingly frigid and everything seems dead. I’ll give you the most
pleasurable deep-throat blow job you’ll think you’ve died and gone
someplace BETTER than heaven.

But for now, feel haunted as you cautiously part my glowing inner thighs.
Feel your pulse quicken as your fingers tickle their way over the flesh of
my ass cheek. I see your cock is harder than ever, throbbing with urgency,
while the look in your eyes and the lines knitting across your forehead
tell me there is nervousness… Why darling?

You paranoid? Are my thighs glowing because there’s neon in my veins? Did
you catch a glimpse of my eyes and for a split second they looked like
fake eyes? Cold marbles?

So gently, I open my mouth, my snakelike tongue makes contact with your
neck. I flick it around..

I’d like to eXXXtend a BIG OL’ Happy October to all YD callers. I love
this month. And it’s almost Halloween! Lets get freaky.
Suma Cum Laude

suma cum a thick load

sum a lick a skinny cock
Suma like a chode

Some stories they can’t quite fit in

like this one from the house of sin-

Ms.Demi Debbie Dominatrix

Made her schoolgirls

lick her latex

With their teeth,

remove her playtex

by the string

It’s gross.

I know.

They’re disciplined and how it shows..

She graces the commode

her throne

her stage

From there we here her sing:

o’ nightingale, all dark and pale

thine oral is thy holy grail

How you blew my rod

Restored my faith in god

High ranking students explode all their jizzm

Suma cum laude
Do you need to give me a prodding before you can surrender to some sexxxy
phone play? Are you the caller who wants to know a little more about my
nature and get a sense of how our personalities jive?
How about a sneak-peak of our chemistry?
Email me to introduce
yourself! I invite you to share your story, plead a request, or inquire
about my interests. I’ll reply.
I want to help you determine if I’m your girl. Will I arouse your
imagination and inspire your fantasies?
I’d love for your erection to feel like it’s being worshiped as you play
with me on the phone.
The most irresistible pleasure is when I feel you enjoying your time with