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Likes: Toys, ass worship, being spoiled, mind games, spanking, rimming, and role play.
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If you spoil me I'll spoil you. I thoroughly enjoy disciplining naughty
boys, teaching lessons they will not forget. You will feel the sting of my
wit, sadism, and evil sense of humor. I will bring you to your knees with
pain or desire. You will tremble under my sensual touch and quake under
the bite of my whip. I look forward to making you squirm. I like using
all kind of toys (dildos, strap-ons, ball gags, anal beads, and
vibrators). My favorite is the Hitachi, I like to hold it on my clit while
I'm sucking on your balls and sometimes torture your taint with it. The
intense vibrations will drive you wild. You will beg me to stop.

You will worship me, or you will be punished. I love to use my sissy boys to
get off. I want a sweet boy to belong to me so I can do with you as I

I am a master at rope play and I love to tie my pets up. Ideally you
would be tied to the bed blind folded and I will ride your face, you will
worship my beautiful ass but you can only taste it if you are good. I love
active and passive ass play. I am only happy when your tongue is fucking
my ass and I want to torture you and lick yours. If your mouth isn't
giving me pleasure it will be stuffed with a ball gag and I want to see
you drool.

The only rules I follow are my own. I am very strict, so don't disobey me
or you will endure the consequences. You are here to serve my whims,
follow my rules, and be grateful for the opportunity. Don't worry, if you
are new or curious I can train you. Spanking and paddling is a favorite of
mine. I love leaving marks on you so everyone knows you are mine.

I am a Gemini so I have a sweet side and be very sensual, if you are a
good boy you will see. I can be tough as leather or as delicate as lace. I
will be soft with you but only if you behave. I often walk the line
between control and compliance. I can submit to the special ones. Expect
me to pay careful attention to both your desires and your trepidation's. I
take great pleasure in knowing exactly which buttons to push, a good
submissive deserves their reward. I secretly love the taste of cock and
could have one in my mouth all day. I love slurping up pre-cum and teasing
your hard dick with my tongue. I want to know all of your secrets. I can
tell you mine. My panties get soaked hearing your sexy stories, I bet you
would love to sink your nose into the sweet scent of my soaking panties.
You can! Just ask me how. I love hearing your darkest fantasies and
turning them into a reality. After you play with me you won't be able to
get me out of your head and be begging for another taste.

Come find me! Get on your knees and send me an instant message at Submit2Violet on either AOL
or Trillian, Or email me directly at:


Fun date idea: You grind your face in my pussy and suck on my clit while I
online shop with your credit card.