Hi, I'm Vivian for YourDesires... Call me @ 360.709.0100 (ask for Vivian) or E-Mail me @ ""
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Age: 24
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Trillian: VeryVivian4You
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Likes: Exhibitionism, Girls, Sissy Boys, Bi-boys/man on man, Role Playing, Hardcore/Rough Sex, Ear Whispering/licking, Dom/Sub, Pussy Worship, Older Men/Women, sadism, food play, tickling
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Hi, I'm Vivian for YourDesires

And I've come back to see all of my favorite little play things. Bet you thought you've seen the last of me....

I guess you can say I'm a bit of a collector; dildos, strap-ons, whips, wax, ropes, handcuffs...but especially men. I'll make you mine, obeying to my very whim. Your cock will read "property of Vivian" before we get past our hellos. Get used and abused by me is not for the weak of heart, so you have to be ready for what will be the best fuck of your life.

Every Time you hear the name "Vivian" your cock will get hard and your body will flinch, and that's if you're a good boy. Pleasure and pain is my game, and I'm so ready to play.

But it's not all action for me, sometimes you've gotta sweet talk a girl.
One of my favorite things to hear is how my pussy tastes, how it feels, and how you need it. I touch myself deep inside ruthlessly, until my fingers are soaked in my juices, then I sample myself, tasting my own sweet and savory wetness. I love to have my ears whispered in and licked, I want to hear your dirty thoughts, heavy breathing, and moans.

If you're brave enough, I don't want to meet at your place or mine, but instead I want to catch you in a parking lot, in an elevator, or even in your office. Nothing gets me off more than knowing anyone can walk in and see the mess we've made, or better yet, stay and watch.
Why stop with just the two of us? I want to watch you fuck other men for me, watch me fuck other men, or my favorite, bring one of my girlfriends to join in on the fun and double the pleasure.

If you can't stand to be without taste and scent of me, you can ask me how to get a pair of by pretty little panties.

You can message me at: VeryVivian4You on Trillian. Email me if you prefer, at

Looking forward to making you mine,

xoxo Vivian