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Age: 27
Cup Size: 34b
Trillian: CrazyForZoey
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Hey I'm Zoey!
I'm new at YourDesires & i want to make your dreams come true!

I'm a fucking brat - but I'm also the sweetest thing next to a face full of cum.
Let me finger myself while you jack-off - our calls would be so awesome.
Tell me a secret and I'll tell you mine.
Are you as naughty as me? Lets exchange stories and we'll see.

I'd love to fuck 24/7 but unfortunately i have to sleep at some point (:
I love sex, thinking about your hard veiny cock pressing lightly against my clit , honestly send shivers down my spine.
I wish you could cup my pretty pink pussy in your hand and instantly feel how wet you've made me.

There's nothing better than that hard cock thrusting in and out of my tightly kept pussy.
Nothing better besides maybe a good ass fucking.
Lets play a game? what do you like?
I want you to grab me by the hair and take control, tell me what you want, as you start to fuck my little asshole i start to scream and you shut me up by slamming your hard filthy cock in my mouth.

Speaking about mouths I've been told i give the best head ever.
putting my full smooth lips around the tip of your dick as you being to moan is the best!
Looking up at you to see what you are doing makes my heart race so hardcore.
I cant wait for you to cum, to let your load go all over my body, once you do that i cant help but to play in your ejaculation rubbing it all over my perky tits and my face i literally love cum!
I love girls too.
Everything about them from how they look to how they smell, taste, feel, talk, walk, just everything a chick does is sexy.
I tend to be the more domineering one with the ladies but don't get it twisted i still like to sit back and get my pussy ate, while i hold her beautiful hair in my hands and tell her what a good job shes doing.
Want me to play with my toys?
I love anal plugs, and vibrators and dildos.
The minute i see one i imagine spreading my pretty pussy lips with my fingers and as they separate I insert my pink dildo. my body begins to shake and i fuck myself faster and harder until ...
I get my vibrator and really begin going to town.
Maybe my glass plug excites you like it does me?

Get a hold of me on Trillian: CrazyForZoey

oh & also :)
You can get a pair of my panties & you'll always have my scent.
Did I forget to mention i can squirt- so if you're into having a pair of my wet panties, ask me how you can!

Cant wait for you,